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Petition to Rt Hon Winston Peters, Rt Hon Winston Peters

STOP 1080 Poison Drop, near Tira Ora Estate, New Zealand. People andAnimals Live here...

Tira Ora is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Volunteers from New Zealand and 20 different countries in the world visit Tira Ora each year, to get a 1st Class opportunity to live close to Nature, drink from our river, and hunt, fish and eat from the land. Bird watching and photography is superb. We protect the following birds from 1080 Poison: Endemic birdsBellbird/KorimakoFantail/PīwakawakaGrey warbler/RiroriroNZ Falcon/KāreareaNZ Pigeon/KererūParadise Shelduck/PūtangitangiTui/TūīVariable Oystercatcher/Tōrea PangoWeka Native BirdsAustralasian Gannet/TākapuBlack-Backed Gull/KaroroBlue Penguin/KororāMorepork/RuruNankeen Night HeronPied shag/KāruhiruhiPukeko/PūkekoRoyal Spoonbill/Kōtuku NgutupapaSilvereye /TauhouSpur-winged PloverWelcome Swallow/WarouWhite-Faced Heron/Matuku Moana Introduced BirdsBlackbird/Manu PangoCalifornia QuailChaffinch/PahiriniGoldfinchGreenfinchYellowhammer We also have horses, llama, ostriches, donkeys, poultry, dogs and cats who all drink from the river. Please STOP the 1080 Drop scheduled for our area, because we are a Global Exchange Community, and Wildlife Sanctuary, full of Native Birds at present. 1080 poison misadventure will ruin our established lifestyle. 1080 poison KILLS Birds. 1080 Poison KILLS Dogs, and other mammals. There is no antidote for 1080 Poison.

Annebeth Riles
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Petition to Community Assessment Program, Bureau of Environmental Health

PFAS Blood Testing for Residents of Westfield, MA Exposed to Contaminated Drinking Water

Our community has learned that four of our wells that supply municipal drinking water have tested positively for significant levels of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These four wells draw drinking water from the Barnes aquifer, from which the communities of Southampton, Easthampton, and Holyoke also draw drinking water. The contaminants are believed to have entered the aquifer as a result of fire training exercises held between 1950 and 1987 at Barnes Air National Guard Base, which is located above a portion of the aquifer. This petition is to request accurate characterization of our Community's exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances through blood testing (specifically PFOA, PFOS, PFBuS, and PFHxS). We would like to know if and how the concentrations of these chemicals in our bodies are decreasing over time. As a community, we do not know the dosage or duration of our exposure or what, if any, related health outcomes we could be experiencing now or in the future. We ask that the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Bureau of Environmental Health agree to take on this project under the cooperative agreement with the Agency for Toxic Substances Disease Registry, and help our City's residents understand what their level of exposure has been, and whether or not any significant patterns in health outcomes exist. We cannot undo our exposure, but we can approach the situation directly, scientifically, and with public health as our first priority. Please help the residents of Westfield, Massachusetts accurately characterize their exposure and their risk with blood testing for PFAS.

Westfield Residents Advocating For Themselves
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