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Petition to CDC’s NCEH/ATSDR Director Dr. Patrick Breysse, Dr. Ileana Arias, Senator Michael Bennet, Senator Cory Gardner, Rep. Doug Lamborn, Governor John Hickenlooper, James N. Mattis, Alex M. Azar II

Include Colorado Communities in new National Health Study on PFAS Water Pollution

Colorado residents in Security, Widefield, and Fountain have been​ ​exposed​ ​to​ ​toxic​ ​Perfluoroalkyl​ ​Substances​ ​(PFASs) ​in their drinking water for an unknown period of years, and have a right to​ ​know ​how much of these chemicals they carry in their bodies. PFAS exposure has been linked to numerous health problems, including cancer.  The 2018 Federal Defense Budget directs the CDC Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to conduct a national study on the cumulative health effects of PFAS exposure, and to include a minimum of merely 8 out of 100+ military communities with toxic PFAS water contamination. The Peterson Air Force Base toxic PFAS contamination site impacted the drinking water of over 60,000 residents & military families, making it the largest impacted military community. Therefore, we, the undersigned, ask that you contact​ ​Dr. Patrick Breysse, Director NCEH/ATSDR, and Dr. Illeana Arias, Director, Division of Community Health Investigations, to request the inclusion of the affected communities near Peterson Air Force Base in the national health study, including, but not limited to voluntary​ ​PFAS​ ​blood​ ​serum​ ​testing​ and​ ​longitudinal​ ​health monitoring for all residents.​

Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition
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Petition to Project Rural Water

Provide awareness and support for California and American rural water crises.

Our mission is to provide awareness and educate others that a lot of communities, even in America, lack clean drinking water. Rural communities in the United States often lack access to clean drinking water. Our picture resembles regions of America contaminated with nitrates (red dots) and TTHM (purple). Nitrate is a chemical that is beneficial for plant growth that could cause eutrophication of water sources. The excess amount of nutrients from nitrates could explode algae and phytoplankton growth leading to algal blooms depleting these bodies of water of oxygen necessary for organisms that naturally cleanse water. TTHM (Total Trihalomethanes) are byproducts of chlorine's chemical reactions with organic material in water. TTHM may cause cancer and disrupt human endocrine systems. The map does not include the many other hazardous contaminants like cholera, lead, and mercury. By signing this petition, you are helping advocate our mission and acknowledging the fact that rural communities around the world are struggling to access clean drinking water. We are requesting that the upcoming California State 2018-2019 Budget be changed under the Natural Resources and Environment Protection by increasing the amount being spent on Drought and Drinking Water Expenditures. $94 million dollars a year are currently being spent, however, that is not enough as many people living in low-income, rural areas still do not have the access that the budget seeks to provide them with. We are requesting that the amount to be increased from $94 million dollars to $200 million dollars. The additional $106 million dollars should be allocated to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). The DWR seeks to establish permanent drinking water solutions and they currently only receive $14 million dollars of the budget, and the SWRCB provides grants for drinking water/wastewater solutions and they currently receive only $8.6 million dollars of the budget.

Project Rural Water
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Petition to Rt Hon Winston Peters, Rt Hon Winston Peters

STOP 1080 Poison Drop, near Tira Ora Estate, New Zealand. People andAnimals Live here...

Tira Ora is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Volunteers from New Zealand and 20 different countries in the world visit Tira Ora each year, to get a 1st Class opportunity to live close to Nature, drink from our river, and hunt, fish and eat from the land. Bird watching and photography is superb. We protect the following birds from 1080 Poison: Endemic birdsBellbird/KorimakoFantail/PīwakawakaGrey warbler/RiroriroNZ Falcon/KāreareaNZ Pigeon/KererūParadise Shelduck/PūtangitangiTui/TūīVariable Oystercatcher/Tōrea PangoWeka Native BirdsAustralasian Gannet/TākapuBlack-Backed Gull/KaroroBlue Penguin/KororāMorepork/RuruNankeen Night HeronPied shag/KāruhiruhiPukeko/PūkekoRoyal Spoonbill/Kōtuku NgutupapaSilvereye /TauhouSpur-winged PloverWelcome Swallow/WarouWhite-Faced Heron/Matuku Moana Introduced BirdsBlackbird/Manu PangoCalifornia QuailChaffinch/PahiriniGoldfinchGreenfinchYellowhammer We also have horses, llama, ostriches, donkeys, poultry, dogs and cats who all drink from the river. Please STOP the 1080 Drop scheduled for our area, because we are a Global Exchange Community, and Wildlife Sanctuary, full of Native Birds at present. 1080 poison misadventure will ruin our established lifestyle. 1080 poison KILLS Birds. 1080 Poison KILLS Dogs, and other mammals. There is no antidote for 1080 Poison.

Annebeth Riles
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