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Petition to Project Rural Water

Provide awareness and support for California and American rural water crises.

Our mission is to provide awareness and educate others that a lot of communities, even in America, lack clean drinking water. Rural communities in the United States often lack access to clean drinking water. Our picture resembles regions of America contaminated with nitrates (red dots) and TTHM (purple). Nitrate is a chemical that is beneficial for plant growth that could cause eutrophication of water sources. The excess amount of nutrients from nitrates could explode algae and phytoplankton growth leading to algal blooms depleting these bodies of water of oxygen necessary for organisms that naturally cleanse water. TTHM (Total Trihalomethanes) are byproducts of chlorine's chemical reactions with organic material in water. TTHM may cause cancer and disrupt human endocrine systems. The map does not include the many other hazardous contaminants like cholera, lead, and mercury. By signing this petition, you are helping advocate our mission and acknowledging the fact that rural communities around the world are struggling to access clean drinking water. We are requesting that the upcoming California State 2018-2019 Budget be changed under the Natural Resources and Environment Protection by increasing the amount being spent on Drought and Drinking Water Expenditures. $94 million dollars a year are currently being spent, however, that is not enough as many people living in low-income, rural areas still do not have the access that the budget seeks to provide them with. We are requesting that the amount to be increased from $94 million dollars to $200 million dollars. The additional $106 million dollars should be allocated to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). The DWR seeks to establish permanent drinking water solutions and they currently only receive $14 million dollars of the budget, and the SWRCB provides grants for drinking water/wastewater solutions and they currently receive only $8.6 million dollars of the budget.

Project Rural Water
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Petition to Oklahoma Water Resources Board, Judy Grellner, Mike Sanders, Steven K. Mullins, Richard Grellner, A.J. Griffin, Oklahoma Commissioners of the Land Office, Donald Trump, Mary Fallin, James Inhofe, James Lankford, Frank Lucas, Darcy Jech, John Enns, Roxanne Pollard, Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Mick Cornett, Gary Richardson, Dan Fisher, Todd Lamb, Gary Jones, Kevin Stitt, Connie Johnson, Drew Edmondson, Chris Powell, Joseph Moldonado, Rex Lawhorn, Alta Mesa

Stop selling groundwater for oil and gas fracing!

We as residents, farmers, and ranchers depend on groundwater for their homes and their livestock. The Grellner family acquired School Land from the Commissioners of the Land Office and are drilling wells there a taking vast amounts of groundwater to sell to oil and gas companies. Neighbors are already experiencing lowered water pressure and dry wells!  In addition to pumping out large amounts of groundwater they are storing water from the Cimarron River in un-lined ponds which will contaminate what groundwater is left. Please help us get the word out and stop this unnecessary waste of our water! Ask the Grellners and Estack LLC to  1.       Reduce the number of wells and the amount of water  to be pumped. 2.       Line all ponds and/or pits. 3.      Meter the wells and the amount of water sold and to send copies of the meter reports to all concerned parties 4.       Not to use “staging” pits or ponds for mixing river water with fresh water without metering amounts of fresh and brackish water, both in and out. Line all pits/ponds with and inspect the liners and send monitoring reports to all concerned parties. 5.       Stop pumping/selling of groundwater during drought conditions based on drought monitor report.  Ask the OWRB to perform a groundwater study.  Demand our legislature change the water resource laws in Oklahoma. Require metering  and monitoring of all non-domestic wells as other states such as North Dakota and Colorado do. Encourage or require all oil and gas companies to use recycled frac water. Require notification of landowners within the area actually affected rather than just the 1/4 of a mile from the well that is currently required.

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