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Petition to Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Hilda L. Solis, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Sheila Kuehl, Janice Hahn, Kathryn Barger

Let’s Stop Wasting Stormwater!

Let’s stop wasting water that can be reused. Let’s stop sending pollution to the ocean. Let’s stop harming wildlife with our trash. 80 Billion gallons of rain water are wasted each year in L.A. County. Please urge the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to start treating runoff as a resource—not a nuisance. L.A. County receives over 100 billion gallons of rain water on average each year. Our current stormwater system captures only 20 percent of this water resource. Where does the rest go? This wasted water flows through streets, storm drains and rivers directly into the Pacific Ocean, taking with it oil, trash and plastic pollution, fecal bacteria, and other contaminants. These pollutants pose a serious health and safety risk to anyone who visits the rivers, streams or ocean, and to any animal that lives in these habitats. Securing our water future can’t wait. Today, 85 percent of L.A. County’s water is piped in from locations up to 400 miles away. These critical water lifelines for millions of Angelenos are at risk from drought, earthquakes and other natural disasters. In addition to ongoing efforts to conserve water at home, we must also come together as a community to conserve our rain water. Only 11 percent of L.A. County’s water supply comes from stormwater. We can triple that amount with more local rain water capture and treatment. Innovative nature-based, water quality stormwater management projects, including rain gardens and green alleys are sprouting up in neighborhoods across L.A. County. Treated stormwater can be used in place of drinking water for irrigation, or to replenish our groundwater resources. These projects all function to increase water supply, improve water quality, decrease flooding and provide new green space, particularly in disadvantaged communities. We must invest in nature-based, water quality solutions to decrease our water waste, improve environmental and public health, and create over 7,000 new green jobs in the process. On July 17, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will decide whether to place a public funding measure on the November 2018 ballot that could raise $300 million for nature-based, water quality projects. Make your voice heard during this critical decision-making process.  Sign this petition with Heal the Bay to tell the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to add a Stormwater Funding Measure to the November 2018 ballot.  We are a proud member of OurWaterLA, a diverse coalition of local community leaders and organizations united to create a strong water future for Los Angeles.

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Petition to Eric Garcetti, LADWP


The LADWP plan to terminate irrigation on 6,400 acres in Long Valley (Crowley Lake) would stop 30,000 AF of water from being spread for cattle range and wildlife habitat (Bi-state sage grouse). The volume of this water would fill 65 Rose Bowls. This is an unconscionable act by the City of Los Angeles that undermines the multi-stakeholder agreement to manage the sage grouse and a blow to Owens Valley ranches that have depended on Long Valley for summer range for 100 years.  Shepards hot spring is one of at least 7 natural hot springs that attract people to the very unique geothermal region that is the Long Valley Caldera. Los Angeles and its Department of Water and Power (LADWP) plan to dry up approximately 6,400 acres of grazing lands, riparian land, and wetlands in this part of the Long Valley around Lake Crowley. The hot springs themselves may survive LADWP’s proposed de-watering, but the wetlands and meadowlands around them will dry out and die. This will likely cause dust problems, heightened fire risk, and significant loss of habitat. No one has conducted environmental impact studies to determine the impact of cutting off 30,000 acre feet of water annually on the aquifer below Long Valley. If the ground water levels in the aquifer go down too much, that could dry up some of the hot springs. Please sign this petition and let Mayor Garcetti know that DWP's consistent bullying of the Eastern Sierra ( Mono & Inyo Counties ) will not be tolerated.    

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Ensure Privately Run Water Utilities Meet Higher Standards

Johnson Utilities fails to provide quality water and water management to its customers in San Tan Valley, AZ. Over and over again they are found in violation of water quality violations, poor customer service, sewage spills, faulty equipment and more. The ACC has found that their infrastructure wouldn't pass the standards of the surrounding Municipal water systems in the surrounding towns of Queen Creek and Florence. The town of Queen Creek noted that it would take millions of dollars to bring Johnson Utilities up to meet their municipal standard. The residents of San Tan Valley have been facing the following fears every day for at least a decade: Do I have enough water pressure to shower for work?  Can I give my kids a bath?  Can I do my laundry?  If there is a fire, will my house be saved or will there be no water to save it?  Will I be able to sell my home if there are so many water problems?  Will there be another sewage spill in my subdivision?  Is my water free from e. coli and nitrates?  Why does my laundry room always smell like sulfates? Can I drink this water?  Can I brush my teeth with this water?  This private utility squeaks by providing water services at the bare minimum of the state requirements. The residents of San Tan valley & Customers of Johnson Utilities want the state to raise the minimum private water utility requirements for management, infrastructure to reduce the number of violations, & maintain consistent delivery and water quality. The questions above should be eliminated as daily stressors from the Johnson Utilities customers. 

Amy Gerrish
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Petition to U.S. Senate, John Barrasso, James Inhofe, Shelley Capito, John Boozman, Roger Wicker, Deb Fischer, Jeff Sessions, Jerry Moran, Mike Rounds, Joni Ernst, Dan Sullivan, Tom Carper, Ben Cardin, Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeff Merkley, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Edward Markey, Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein

Demand A Strong EPA For Our Bays

Let’s not trash the EPA. Reject Scott Pruitt as its new chief. Members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works recently boycotted the vote for Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s nomination to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  This comes as widespread, bipartisan concerns are being raised about Pruitt's record of challenging the core mission of the agency he’s been asked to lead. Many question Pruitt’s future commitment to protect public health, enforce the law, and hold corporations accountable to maintain healthy water, air, and land in their business practices. Pruitt has sued the EPA on behalf of regulated industries more than a dozen times in an attempt to weaken regulations such as the federal Clean Water Act. These regulations form the bedrock of our work at Heal the Bay and our sister organizations across the nation. They are hard-fought gains that were direct responses to past disasters. We cannot go back. A silenced, weakened EPA is a threat to our Bays. The U.S. Senate will vote on the appointment of Pruitt as EPA chief in the coming hours amid growing concerns about a broad directive from the new administration to censor EPA research, indefinitely. As a trusted ocean and watershed advocate, Heal the Bay is guided by the best science, not emotion. Over the last 30 years, we have seen first-hand how the EPA and its partner organizations can improve public health for Angelenos through environmental policies and regulations. A weakened EPA means turning back the clock on our critical programs in Greater Los Angeles that monitor beach water quality, prevent unsafe consumption of locally caught fish, protect our dwindling wetlands, and keep our streams and watersheds healthy to buffer communities from climate change. Scott Pruitt won’t do it. Our vital work is far from over. Sea level rise poses a real and immediate threat to many U.S. cities that are unprepared to adapt to the impacts of climate change. We need strong EPA leadership and funding now more than ever. These issues affect us all.  Sign this petition urging the U.S. Senate to reject Pruitt’s nomination for EPA chief. Tell our elected officials to maintain strong EPA funding for programs that affect our Bays nationwide. Call your local senators directly in the next 24 hours to make sure your voice is heard.  

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