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We, the American people, do not condone a war with Iran.   We asked that the situation caused by President Donald J. Trump by solved diplomatically.  On January 3rd, 2020, President Trump Violated 50 U.S.C. War Powers Resolution by launching an airstrike WITHOUT congressional approval. Putting out nation, and the world in jeopardy. We ask the House of Representatives to take action and consider adding the following to the articles of Impeachment for removal of Donald J. Trump as president for: -Violation of the War Powers Resolution Title 50 U.S.C., and Article I of the Constitution for launching airstrikes without congressional approval. -Participation of Kidnapping and Human trafficking at the southern border, by stealing/separating migrant children from their parents, and putting them into detention centers and then into the US adoption system without the consent of their parents. -Violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of the President, Donald J. Trump and his agents, have abused the powers of the Presidency for his own personal financial gain -Illegally using U.S. military forces to occupy and pillage the oil reserves of Syria. -Recklessly abandoning nuclear agreements putting the nation in peril. In these and other ways, President Donald J. Trump has proven he is unfit for office, and therefore The American people call for his immediate removal from office in a non-partisan manner. We ask the congress to act swiftly to stop President Trump for further damaging the United States of America. Signed, The American People                    

Christopher Noland
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Petition to Nancy Pelosi, Charles E. Schumer, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Stop War with Iran

A crisis in the Middle East is escalating extremely fast.  The Trump administration ordered a military attack that killed Iran's top military commander, Qassem Soleimani, and now tensions in the region and between the U.S. and Iran are more urgent than ever.  This action by the Trump administration has pushed the United States closer to an unnecessary and illegal war with Iran. And it's on top of Trump's incendiary and dangerous tweets about the U.S. military being “cocked and loaded” to retaliate against Iran even further. There is no greater urgency than right now, and we need you to get loud. Add your name and tell Congress to act immediately to stop a catastrophic war with Iran. If this sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve seen this build-up to war before. The Trump administration is, almost verbatim, using the same playbook used by Dick Cheney and now-National Security Advisor John Bolton in the Bush administration to stoke a devastating war with Iraq in 2002. We all remember how well that turned out, and we can’t let it happen again. Congress can and MUST stop the Trump administration from drumming up a war with Iran — and we need to dramatically increase the pressure on our representatives to act before it’s too late. Add your name to this petition to tell Congress to make STOPPING WAR WITH IRAN an all-out urgent priority NOW.

Win Without War
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Petition to Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Tim Kaine, Mayor Levar Stoney, Jamie O Bosket

Return War Horse Statue to its Place of Honor

"On September 17, 1997, the Virginia Historical Society unveiled The War Horse, a memorial to the 1.5 million horses and mules that died in the Civil War. Designed by Tessa Pullan of Rutland, England, and given by Paul Mellon, the statue stands in front of the historical society's building on the Boulevard in Richmond, Virginia". Sadly, this is no longer true, as this spectacularly beautiful, bitter sweet, and well-lit horse has been moved to the parking lot as an after-thought.  He has been caught in the cross-fires of yet more human drama.  While it is good and  high time the nation is addressing the wounds of the Civil War and Racism: this horse, though a monument to civil war horses, is truly a monument to all the beasts of burden that die doing the human race's ugly work of war.   He represents the sacrifices all animals make for humans in so many devastating ways and with so many dire consequences. I am so moved by this statue, and like many, so saddened to drive by the museum on our newly anointed Arthur Ashe Boulevard (formerly Boulevard) and find him missing.  The first time I walked up to him and read his placard, I cried. We implore the Virginia Museum of History and Culture to restore this gorgeous statue to its rightful place of honor.  Imagine, too, how stunning to lie eyes on the War Horse and his sacrifices, then drive by Rumors of War by Kehinde Wiley, that honors the sacrifices of the enslaved Africans.   Thank you for taking the time to sign this, Rebecca D'Angelo      

rebecca d'angelo
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