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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Congress: Back Direct U.S. Talks with the Taliban to End the War in Afghanistan

On July 15, the New York Times reported that the Trump administration has told its top diplomats to pursue direct talks with the Taliban to end the war in Afghanistan. The Times said the shift stems from a realization by U.S. and Afghan officials that the administration’s Afghanistan strategy is not making a fundamental difference in rolling back Taliban gains and from recognition that people in the United States and in Afghanistan are tired of the war.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that there would be no precondition for talks and that everything would be on the table for discussion, including the removal of U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan. The Times reported that unlike previous diplomatic efforts to end the war, the U.S. military is now fully on board, noting that Gen. John W. Nicholson, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, was instrumental in initiating a recent cease-fire. Past efforts to end the war in Afghanistan through diplomacy have been undermined by opportunistic political opposition in Washington. Those who wish to prolong the 17-year-war will now likely oppose direct U.S. talks with the Taliban to end the war. Those who want to end the war must speak up now for direct U.S. talks with the Taliban to end the war, because that is the only way the war will end. Urge Members of Congress to speak up now in support of direct U.S. talks with the Taliban to end the war in Afghanistan by signing our petition.

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Nancy Pelosi: Renounce Ties to Trump’s “Regime Change” Policies in Iran

It’s neither moral, legal, nor good for Americans for the U.S. government, including Members of Congress, to support violent "regime change" in other people’s countries. As Republican Rep. Ron Paul said: the U.S. needs to get out of the business of trying to pick the leaders of other people’s countries. U.S. “regime change” policies have caused endless, costly wars that have harmed the interests of the majority of Americans, and have harmed the interests of the majority of people in the countries whose governments the U.S. overthrew. Are the majority of Americans better off today because the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953? Are the majority of Iranians better off? Wouldn’t it have been better to let Iranians figure out by themselves what kind of government they wanted to have, instead of having the CIA organize a coup that has embittered relations between the U.S. and Iran until today?  Look how upset so many Americans have been about the idea that the Russian government might have interfered in the 2016 election in the U.S. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that most Iranians would resent the idea that the U.S. government should pick their leaders? Unfortunately, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, despite her “progressive” reputation in some quarters, has not yet won this basic insight. Pelosi is backing the MEK, the same controversial Iranian exile group that John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani are promoting. This group was on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations until Hillary Clinton removed it following a well-financed pressure campaign that involved paying U.S. politicians to support the MEK. [The petition photo shows the aftermath of a political assassination in Iran by bombing carried out by the MEK.] The MEK has been widely denounced as a personality cult which doesn't allow its members to leave. And it fought alongside Saddam Hussein’s forces during the Iraqi invasion of Iran. That’s why independent analysts see the idea of promoting the MEK as “the Iranian opposition” as completely preposterous – the MEK has no popular support in Iran. Nancy Pelosi’s support of the MEK isn’t new. But her actions are happening in a much more dangerous context now. MEK supporter and Iran regime change advocate John Bolton is Trump’s National Security Advisor. MEK supporter and Iran regime change advocate Rudy Giuliani is another close Trump advisor. By standing with John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani, Nancy Pelosi is helping lay the groundwork for Donald Trump to start a direct U.S. shooting war with Iran on behalf of his Saudi friends. Urge Nancy Pelosi to distance herself from Trump’s dangerous “regime change” policies in Iran by signing our petition.  

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Petition to The Vice President of the United States, Samuel Thompson, Donna Simon, Christopher Bateman, Leonard Lance, Phill Murphy governor of New Jersey

Take Action to Reshape the World to Improve Our Lives

1,000,000 is the signature goal.  This petition is global. Our objective is to win the war. For the war on terrorism let the soldiers from that country deal with them instead of wasting money on American soldiers around the world. Also greed like in businesses, government and insurance is part of the problem the economy went out of shape and so many cuts in general. War has also hurt the economy. People aren't all insured for damage on their property and housing issues too as there are many reasons we're signing this petition. Also issues with insurance claims like on public places or homes.    It's not just making the world and country great. There's poverty going on as a reason for signing this petition. The war in the middle east has caused sequestration.    We have goals in our lives to want to accomplish and that's an important reason to sign this petition. We have hopes and dreams in even our future as this is an important thing on this petition.   This petition for us all helping each other out on things. Let's have confidence in signing this petition and be confident on this petition. This petition is in need of confidence. Politicians don't completely have the power to change those things but this petition is to go to all those around the world that do.   Years of war in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein is what it is the most that got us in a mess with both budget and economy crisis and all kinds of cuts in general of as what this feels like. This petition is mostly so much affecting us. The economy was in the worst shape in the great depression in world history and this petition is also on the economic recovery. If it has recovered before after the great depression it should again. This is almost anything to take action for and anyone to send the letters for reshaping the world. I send this to Americans as well as we need to take responsibility for our own actions.This petition is supposed to go to people that can do things about those situations and in control of all that stuff that this petition is about so it's not just to politicians. There is American greed as well as corporate greed in the world and that's part of the problem with the economic downfall. This is mostly on the economy in bad shape. It's not just oil companies greedy that affect us. We know from the bad economy allot of work hours get cut or businesses cut short on employees. Let's even take action to get the unemployment rate to the lowest we can get. It's also that budget cuts are said to be bad for the economy but the economic crisis and financial crisis world wide appears to trigger budget cuts to become common. We have had the global financial crisis as well in those past years. This petition is to take action for reshape from that as well. Part of it was that the economy was discovered to be in bad shape. This petition is also for taking action on recession.   There have been college prices ridiculous as well and having to raise prices of things because of high gas prices as of 2008. That's ridiculous. Colleges might not be greedy but many things are having prices even too high. Part of signing this petition is for helping the poor in the world. Maybe even fares and tolls are ridiculous. As of again this petition goes to all the people in control of that as of the target of this petition being to Americans but could be forwarded to people all over the world. This petition goes to all people around the world in control of the prices of gas and oil as well. This is to all those in control of those prices all over the world. This petition is for tax cuts as well and there are states with ridiculous property taxes.   There are other businesses greedy. There must be other things than greed in businesses or ridiculous prices of things upsetting the economy. There had to be budget cuts and there are hours of workers being cut along with maybe salaries. Even businesses having to cut short on employees. The job issues and issues with joining emergency services are more important than issues with driving schools.  There had to even be budget cuts. Cuts on things were getting common in 2007. There was the global financial crisis in 2007 as this petition is also for taking action on that. There might as well be cuts on businesses doing business in the recession and cuts on educations. We know that businesses lost business to high gas prices, the economic issues and even anything else affecting us with even businesses gone out of business. This is a bit about undoing so much damage that the Bush/Cheney administration had done just. There has been allot of blaming the Bush/Cheney administration for the economy out of shape and high gas prices as George W. Bush was in oil businesses. We want to have this petition to the people in control of things. Part of the problem on the economy crisis is that prices of things are too high and it's not good for business as it could chase away customers. So much greed and stupidity in the world to how the economy is in bad shape. This is the reason is goes to Americans. It's like the people in control of the situations like even car insurance as well. This petition is also to go to any of those in control of the prices of gas. Maybe as long as cars run on gas there could be more support on fuel efficient cars and cars running on the better alternatives than gas. There should even be airplanes, helicopters, boats, truck and buses fuel efficient along with other motor vehicles. Maybe even all those other motor vehicles along with cars have the better energy sources than gas. This is even about getting the prices of gas to the lowest they can get to or anything on the lowest the prices can be. There are waiting lists on things. It's not just to get lessons to drive cars or commercial vehicles but issues with joining emergency services and the unemployment rate is at the highest. This could happen in highly populated areas that driving schools for cars have too many on the waiting lists to get everyone on waiting lists. Not all driving schools in the world have waiting lists but so many private driving schools have long waiting lists. There have been enrollments affected by the bad economy as driving schools can't accept enrollments usually. Most people in the world use common sense as first time driver's license applicants with learner's permits learning to drive use driving schools and driving schools easily get affected by economic issues. It's common sense or many of us use common sense as first time driver's license applicants with learner's permits to have behind the wheel with a driving school for being safer to learn to drive and car insurance reductions. It’s not just the behind the wheel lessons that are on waiting lists of driving schools as we believe. There could be almost anything on waiting lists for driving schools. Also there should be more people to get qualified to train people with special needs to drive and all driving schools in the world should cater special needs and they’ll get more businesses. There is the Americans with Disabilities Act and laws against discrimination. This petition goes to all those who can do something about this. The ADA has been signed by George H. W. Bush in 1990 but amended by George W. Bush in 2008. There are many reasons for longer waiting lists on special needs people on driving lessons.   Let's take action to improve our lives when signing this petition. You others could share this with people you know to get them to sign if they can. You people should comment on petition signatures what you are taking action for or just leave comments on the signatures to this petition. This could fit in more signatures whether or not those petitions reached their signature goals. There are oil companies greedy and selfish and we consider it price gouging and profiteering. Also this is to help in putting things back together in the economic recovery as we are all affected in different ways by the economy out of shape. This petition is even on sharing thoughts and concerns with politicians. This petition isn't all about undoing damage of the Bush/Cheney administration. This petition is mostly about the economy. This could take years for the economy recovery as this petition is mostly on the economy. It's longer then thought on the economy in bad shape. There are other things than ridiculous prices of things to upset economy. We know that there have been banking issues and stock market crashes. Things even go rare in the economic crash. This could even take years of our lives to recover from years of the economy in bad shape. This petition is under politics since there are politicians to send this too. It's not all on politics. It would be helpful to put comments in signatures and what you are taking action for when signing this petition. This petition is being linked with petitions that are what this petition is about so only 1,000 signatures are needed and this petition should still be open after reaching the signature goal for more signatures as it might help. There are people with certain jobs to not share this petition with and you others could share this petition with people you know to get signatures on it. This is also for help putting back together things from the economy crisis that's longer than we thought. This could happen anywhere being affected by the economic downfall. This is on any of the situations affecting us in the past years of when this petition was created. This petition is also from on an economic recovery we could also take action to put things back together from the economic downfall. This petition could take time for success.  It's better to use initials or don't display name for safety when signing the petitions. You could share this with other people you know as long as they could go on this site. Those are people with jobs related to this petition that shouldn't sign it and you people could share this petition with people who could sign it. The jobs where to not sign this petition if you don't have to stay off of petitions sites are gas stations, oil companies (they are targets of this petition), colleges or car insurance. Signing this petition and even much signatures might as well be helping faster or as fast as we can in fixing things like reshaping the economy and putting things back together from the economic downfall.   It's happened before after the great depression so it should happen again and not come true as a prophecy of the 1987 movie the Running Man based on a book starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that Jesse "The Body" Ventura was also in as by 2017 in the story the world economy collapsed.   What else on this petition like examples of ridiculous prices of things are medical insurance and the food with drinks at the movies along with tickets. Gas prices and car insurance prices are a part of what this petition is on. So many things on ridiculous prices like going to college.   There are many things on ridiculous prices to why we're signing this petition. This petition is on other links below.                                                                                                         Here’s the group to it all…    This is for the thing on   Reshaping the World Petition   Pledge to Reshaping the World Police training is more important like figuring waiting lists going longer in police training as of education cuts. There's a coffee party facebook group that's budget and economy. As of war as that's part of the problem for a budget and economy crisis and the real part of the problem we should let the soldiers in the countries over seas deal with the terrorists like Al Queida and ISIS. Our soldiers should be in our country rather than all over the world like funding them and their supplies. Our soldiers should only be on our land in the fight against organizations like ISIS. We have economic recovery as our goal.          

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Petition to Michael Fuchs, Matthew Stock, Tricia Andrews, James Boglioli, John Fisgus, Dennis Priore, Dawn Snyder

Honoring Major Andrew D. Byers

Honoring Major Andrew D. Byers Proposal:We propose to name the Clarence High School pool after Major Andrew D. Byers, a distinguished Clarence Swimming Alumnus.  Doing so will honor and commemorate how he lived and the example he set through his bravery, character, and the ultimate sacrifice he made in defense of our nation. Clarence alumni swimmers and divers often return to the pool to visit the team and share stories, provide advice, and enjoy the camaraderie. The students gain insight and inspiration from these alumni visits. Andy will never be able to share his brave story and rich insights with current and future swimmers, so we propose doing so on his behalf by memorializing him in a noted place in his life: The Clarence High School pool. Naming the pool after this beloved husband, son, brother, dear friend, distinguished student athlete and selfless guardian of our nation’s freedom will provide an example for future generations of Clarence swimmers and students. Andy’s Story:Major Andrew Byers (US Army Special Forces) was killed in action in Kunduz, Afghanistan on November 3, 2016 while conducting a ‘Train, Advise, and Assist’ mission with Afghan special operations forces. Byers was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for selflessly running into a kill zone to retrieve a fallen Afghan comrade, for maintaining positive control of a 59-man force during a seemingly hopeless situation, and for sacrificing his life by leading from the front to rescue his men. By putting himself in harm’s way to selflessly save his comrades, Andy died in a manner consistent with the way he lived. Those that knew Andy best were not surprised by the accounts of the selfless valor he displayed that day. Andy’s strength of character was apparent to those he interacted with throughout his life. His peers and friends would often tell others how he served as a shining example of the very best that Clarence High School has to offer. Andy especially shined in the pool as a four-time All-American Swimmer and team captain. As detailed by his swim coach Eric McClaren, “It was Andy’s distinct ability to lead and to motivate the people around him that set him apart from others. He was a role model from the first day he walked into the pool. Even the upperclassmen would tell you that Andy was the driving force behind our team. It is no coincidence that Andy’s class never lost a dual meet in his entire high school career.” Andy was known to have the strongest work ethic on the team and an unmatched drive to not only be his best, but to help others around him realize their true potential. While Andy was a formidable example of strength, he also possessed genuine kindness and compassion when interacting with those who needed some encouragement. Andy was welcoming to all. Andy excelled in academics at Clarence and participated in student council and the yearbook committee. Despite his many achievements, Andy remained the same modest person his peers came to know. After graduating from Clarence, Andy attended The United States Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated 12th in his class of 972. Following graduation, Andy joined the Green Berets, successfully completed Jump School, and became a ranking officer of a High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) Parachutist team. Andy had a distinguished military career, highlighted by a posthumous award of the Silver Star, the United States’ third highest decoration for valor in combat. In addition to receiving the Silver Star, throughout his distinguished career, Andy was awarded the Purple Heart, three Army Commendation Medals, Army Achievement Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Campaign Star, Iraq Campaign Medal with Campaign Star, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, Combat Infantryman Badge, Expert Infantryman Badge, Parachutist and Military Free Fall Parachutist badges, the Ranger tab, and the Special Forces tab. The fellow alumni of Clarence High School are honored to have Andy as an alumnus. There are no words to properly encapsulate the quality of Andy’s character, but Coach McClaren comes closest with “exceptional.” Andy was a beloved husband, son and brother, a dear friend, distinguished student -athlete, and a selfless guardian of our nation. Naming the Clarence High School pool after Andy is a permanent and tangible way to honor him, recognize the way he lived his life, and enables his story to serve as an example for future generations of Clarence students. Be thou at peace Andy. May we forever honor your bravery and sacrifice. Please find further details of Andy's heroics in the article included below:

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