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Demand our Elections are Free of Foreign Influence

We hear tirelessly how much we should all be concerned with foreign influence in our elections. We are spending untold millions in investigating Russia's meddling in our elections. We are told this influence is a threat to our democracy. Foreign influence in our elections is indeed a threat to our democracy. Why then, aren't we protecting our ballot box procedures with as much intensity as the Mueller probe? States such as, but not limited to, California, New York, Illinois, Texas, Virginia all allow individuals to either obtain some form of identification, usually a drivers license, that is then used and permitted to be used to vote in our elections without proof of citizenship. Or, they simply don't require proof of citizenship in the name of "discrimination." So, are we supposed to discriminate against foreign influence in our elections only when we feel it benefits us?? No, demand that our election results are true representations of the will of the American people. Demand a law and/or constitutional amendment be passed to mandate all states obtain proof of citizenship before issuing identification of any kind, or, that proof of citizenship must be presented at the ballot box in all elections which could influence federal law in any way. i.e. Senate races, Presidential races, Governor races etc. After all...foreign influence in our elections is a threat to our democracy!  Supremacy Clause anyone? "2018 Lawsuit: 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania"    

Julie Emmett
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