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Petition to Marcos A. Crespo, Andrew M. Cuomo, Charles "Chuck" E. Schumer, New York Governor, New York State House, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, New York State Senate, Nydia M. Velazquez, Hakeem S. Jeffries, New York City Public Schools, Adriano Espaillat, Jos_ M. Serrano, Gustavo Rivera, Jos_ Rivera

Protection Of Minors Against Gang Violent Assaults Committed By Adults On Minors Act.

On June 20th, 2018, 15 year old aspiring police officer, Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz was tragically murdered by knives & machetes in the Bronx by 12 gang affiliated, (now) indicted adults in a case of mistaken identity.  The brutal killing of “Junior” has sparked a #StandWithJunior movement that has transcended beyond the Belmont section of the Bronx & touched people’s hearts & lives for support around the world. Together the world watched through cctv surveillance videos posted on social media how “Junior’s” murder began by what New York State, Criminal Penal Codes classifies as a “Gang Violent Assault”, charges of which have been applied to the indicted.  Definition: New York Penal § 120.06.  Gang Assault in the Second Degree A person is guilty of gang assault in the second degree when, with intent to cause physical injury to another person and when aided by two or more other persons actually present, he causes serious physical injury to such person or to a third person. Gang assault in the second degree is a class C felony. New York Penal § 120.07.  Gang Assault in the First Degree A person is guilty of gang assault in the first degree when, with intent to cause serious physical injury to another person and when aided by two or more other persons actually present, he causes serious physical injury to such person or to a third person. Gang assault in the first degree is a class B felony. Note: Class B Felony’s yeid a maximum sentence of 25 years.  Lesandro Guzman-Feliz was & has been affectionally known as “Junior” not just by name, but in this case by age; & together, what the world witnessed was a Gang Violent Assault, committed by adults, and inflicted on & leading to the murder of a 15 year old JUNIOR, a minor, a teen, a child, with a bright future ahead of him.  Definition: jun·ior ˈjo͞onyər/ adjective —- 1. of, for, or denoting young or younger people. synonyms —- younger, youngest "the junior members of the family"noun —- 3. a person who is a specified number of years younger than someone else. We the people propose & call to action the effective petitioning & enactment of  JUNIORS JUSTICE ACT:  The Protection Of Minors from Gang Violent Assaults, Committed by Adults & Inflicted On Minors Act.  In the JUNIORS JUSTICE ACT, we seek to protect all “Juniors” (Minors) from becoming victims of Gang Violent Assaults by proposing that when a Gang Violent assault is committed by an adult and inflicted on a minor, the 1st degree charge yield a CLASS A felony, & the 2nd degree charge yield a CLASS B felony and be held in the same Strict Liability Crime standards as Pedophilia & statutory rape where the offender doesn’t have to necessarily have to have knowledge of the victim being a minor —- simply committing the gang assault on the minor alone would be a violation of the proposed law —-  Definition:  In criminal law, strict liability is liability for which mens rea (Latin for "guilty mind") does not have to be proven in relation to one or more elements comprising the actus reus (Latin for "guilty act") although intention, recklessness or knowledge may be required in relation to other elements of the offense. The liability is said to be strict because defendants will be convicted even though they were genuinely ignorant of one or more factors that made their acts or omissions criminal. The defendants may therefore not be culpable in any real way, i.e. there is not even criminal negligence, the least blameworthy level of mens rea.  If you #StandWithJunior join us as we #StandWithJustice and effectively petition for and enact the #JuniorsJusticeAct; penalties of which may serve as deterrents from gangs not only committing Gang Violent Assaults On Minors, but Deter gang recruitment of minors because of the higher penalties enforced on crimes committed on “Juniors” (Minors).    David Estrella of the StandWithJunior & StandWithJustice Coalitions.  

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Petition to Senate, U.S. Senate, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Marco Rubio

Stop selling weapons

Recently , there has been a series of attacks to schools in the country which involve teenagers having full access to weapons. The most recent one being in Texas , in which 10 innocent people died . 2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than to service man. Just in 2018, 22 school shootings have taken place. As a student this terrifies me. It is hard to believe that other children of my age or even younger , who are starting their life and starting to live their dreams suffer of this type of cruel acts.  It’s unbelievable how even after all of the shootings that have taken place this year and in the past years the government has not done anything to stop this from happening in the future . We cannot let this happen again. We cannot keep losing children. We cannot keep on forgetting about what has happened and act as if nothing rreally happened.   I understand that the U.S economy is based off of selling weapons of all kinds .  But , is money more important than the country’s lives ? HOW MANY MORE? Slaughter after slaughter. The inaction of congress has become a green light for shooter to keep doing their horrible acts .  It is necessary for Congress to start doing something. We cannot continue to live this life. Not knowing when and where will the next shooting take place. We cannot be afraid anymore. It is not too late to make a change. Congress needs to pass laws that keep deadly weapons away from our communities and makes schools safer.  We also need to start testing the mental health of people who own / are trying to buy weapons  due to the fact that most of the shooters have been diagnosed with mental health problems .  This petition does not mean that the right for people to own guns for self defense needs to be taken away . This petition was created to stop the sell of weapons to people who are not being tested for mental health or their capacities to own a gun , also to stop teenagers (people younger than 21) from buying weapons. Most school shootings have been done by teenagers .    “As long as the government continues to allow guns for any person in America , the NRA will allow anyone to hold a gun” - LL

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Petition to Honorable Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. and The Supreme Court of the United States of America

Petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to Amend/Repeal 2nd Amendment of the Constitution

Only 27 words is the Second Amendment... But it is perhaps the most misinterpreted portion of the entire United States Constitution. Few will argue that the Second Amendment is about an archaic arms-bearing issue relevant to the 1790s. But 225 years later, the Second Amendment has been applied to sanction the use of modern-day, war-grade weapons by civilians. As a result, tragedy and chaos has been rained upon the entire present civilization. The question is:  How can we continually deem that the Second Amendment yet applies appropriately to the United States' needs and standards in 2018? It's ludicrous and mind-boggling that we would expect it to. We the People are convinced that when the Constitution was drafted, the Founders could not have possibly imagined the type of modern, military-grade and assault weaponry currently in use -- M16s, AK-47s, AR-15s, Uzis, multiple-round magazines -- compared to the crude weaponry used over two centuries ago. Nor could they have imagined these high-powered weapons would be used by private citizens, who would be able to purchase with increasingly-less regulation such weapons to use on other private citizens, on every thoroughfare, in every venue, of the country it birthed; We are certain that the Founding Fathers could not possibly foresee they would be made scapegoats for outright slaughter centuries later, or that 'you have blood on your hands' would revert back and be attached to them because of the bloodshed of so many innocents; We are certain the Founding Fathers couldn't possibly portend the use of its Second Amendment to SANCTION the slaughter of Kindergartners-to-high-schoolers, college students, teachers and administrators in their classroom by other children... Or a pastor and his parishioners attending Bible Study in Charleston. Citizens enjoying a movie in Arizona. Las Vegasans exulting in an outdoor concert. Worshippers on a Sunday morning in Texas. Patrons dancing in a Florida nightclub... And countless citizens of the United States of America dying violently, unexpectedly, and untimely deaths at the hands of other citizens feeling empowered by the NRA and other such groups, who have distorted the original context of the Second Amendment to endorse mass slaughter; We realize the Second Amendment is outdated in period, language, perception and meaning. And are sure the Founding Fathers anticipated the rapid growth of this great new country and considered that certain Articles of the Constitution, over time, would be necessary to amend to suit the period. They undoubtedly trusted their progeny to possess the wherewithal and good common sense to do so. Finally, the Supreme Court of the United States is the last line of defense against the continuous bloodshed in this country by unscrupulous, desensitized gun zealots. THEREFORE, We respectfully call upon the Supreme Court of the United States of America to amend or rescind the Second Amendment of its Constitution in a manner that would consider, understand, and be consistent with not only the present time or period -- but also the TIMES in which we live...

Deborah Mason
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