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Petition to Claire McCaskill, Police Chief Jon Belmar, Police Chief Thomas Jackson, Mayor Francis Slay, Police Chief Samuel Dotson

Require Ferguson and St. Louis County and City police officers to wear body cameras

My name is Courtney Curtis. I’m a native of Ferguson, Missouri. I’ve spent my whole life in this community. Now, I am fortunate enough to represent our community in the State Legislature. But I’m still a young black man who has encountered problems with the police. Five years ago, while waiting for a college friend of mine in his gated community in Kansas City, I was handcuffed, had my car searched against my will and was almost arrested. My crime? Sitting on the back of my car, working on my business plan, while waiting for a friend. I filed a complaint. No action was ever taken. Fast-forward five years. I was pulled over for supposedly having a broken tail light. After the police officer runs my ID, he comes back and says the tail light is back on. Must have been a short, he says. Three days later, an unarmed Mike Brown was killed in the street. One incident brushed under the rug, another goes horribly wrong. The killing of Michael Brown made me sick. But what keeps me up at night is that it will happen again unless we do something. We can’t bring Michael Brown back – but we can make sure his death is not in vain. It is up to us to do something. That's why I'm asking for the St. Louis County Police Department, the St. Louis City Police Department and the Ferguson Police Department to require police officers to wear cameras. We're simultaneously going to file legislation requiring police officers all across Missouri to wear cameras. Sign this petition to support our cause and help get these bills passed. Attaching cameras to the police officers' uniforms would come with many benefits. The cameras would cost a few hundreds dollars each and would: - Provide greater transparency and a constant third party witness.- Enhance police and citizen motivation to act lawfully and truthfully.- Lessen the chance of deadly force being used by police.- Increase citizen's trust of his/her police force thanks to recorded actions. Police departments are using or testing on-body cameras and they're reportedly reducing police misconduct. When the Rialto Police Department in California adopted cameras, the number of complaints filed against officers fell by 88 percent and the use of force by officers fell by almost 60 percent. There are still so many things unknown about Michael Brown’s death it’s astonishing. And still more change is needed for a true eradication of the types of problems that led to Michael’s death. But one thing we can control and do right now is to create accountability – for both police and citizens – with a digital record of what happens when a police officer interacts with a citizen. Vest cameras won’t solve all of our problems – but they will be a good start – and will create an accurate record of what happens. The trust between my community, others and law enforcement is broken. Until all police departments have cameras in place, the trust will continue to be broken. Let's join together and ask for that trust to be restored with this first step. Councilwoman Erby and I are asking for your signature on this petition so that we can continue to push for Ferguson, St. Louis County and St. Louis City police to adopt cameras, then start the process of enacting body camera legislation in Missouri. 

Courtney Curtis
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Petition to The National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall, Craig W. Floyd, John Shanks, William F. Weber, Karen Tandy, Brad Brekke

Add Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Sebena's Name on the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in Washington, DC

The nonprofit organization in charge of the National Law Enforcement Memorial have "delayed" their decision to include Officer Jennifer Sebena's name on the National Police Memorial Wall until 2014 because of the manner in which she died. Police Officer Jennifer Sebena of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (near Milwaukee) was killed on duty when she was gunned down by her husband right by her squad car this past Christmas Eve. It should not matter how she was killed or by whom. The fact is that she was on duty at the time of her death and she should be honored the way many before her have been. I have relatives who are police officers and I care deeply about their commitment to protecting and serving our country. I have also been helping create memorial pages for fallen officers all across the country. That's why I've created a Facebook page to honor Officer Sebena called "Remembering Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Sebena (  I am also founder and creator of "WEAR BLUE every Saturday for Fallen Police Officers" on facebook ( where we Wear Blue on Saturday's to Honor & Remember Fallen Officers. "They are the 1st responders before the 1st responders.. They are the ones coming through pouring rain and falling trees.. They are the ones charging through that door, not knowing what is on the other side.. They are the ones who jump into freezing water to save you.. They are the ones who will do anything, including laying down their life, just for you.. This is why we Honor & Remember Fallen Officers with this page.." I believe Officer Sebena deserves to be included and remembered on our national memorial wall in Washington, DC. I hope you agree and sign. Read more:

jason asselin
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Petition to Chris Christie, Chris Christie

Protect Paterson by creating a greater police presence

Mr. Governor: The recent murders of a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old to senseless violence have shaken our city to its knees. As a life-long resident of Paterson, I am deeply concerned about my community right now. I love my city and I only want what is best for it. I have 2 children that I want to see grow up to be productive individuals. I want to see all of Paterson's children grow up. That won't happen unless we do something to protect them. It is heartbreaking to read stories about all of the killings that are taking place and the violence that continues to take over the streets. The streets of Paterson have become a war zone, and violence has been a serious issue in our city for too long. City leadership has failed to protect the residents of Paterson. Fear is gripping our community and we need someone to step in assist us. Governor Christie, we are calling on your administration to take any and all steps needed to curtail the violence in our city. According to Neighborhood Scout, Paterson has a crime rate that is higher than 91 percent of all New Jersey's cities and towns. Research has found that Paterson is safer than 13 percent of cities in the US. Governor Christie, you have turned a blind eye to us up here in Paterson while you tour around the country fundraising, but that cannot continue any longer.  We need increased police presence in our streets. We need mobile sub-stations that can provide around the clock patrolling in all areas of the city. We need you, Governor, to provide funding to assist in this effort. We refuse to live in fear anymore. We want our streets to be safe for everyone. We need immediate intervention. We are calling on you to do whatever it takes to assist us in stopping the violence. Our children are our future, and if we sit back and allow them to die in the streets, there will be no future here. Again, we are asking for immediate action to be taken to save our city from the violence that continues to plague our streets daily...

Corey L Teague
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