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Petition to The Walt Disney Company

Lucasfilm, give Went2Play permission to develop a IJ: Fate of Atlantis Special Edition!

   It has been 25 years since Lucasfilm has released the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis! This game was a big success immediately!    Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein have created a great story with a perfect film visualization and story telling. Lucasfilm talented artists such as William Eaken, Avril Harrison, Mike Ebert, Sean Turner, Peter McConnell and many others joined together and have created a masterpiece, which has been unforgotten!    Went2Play which has been founded by Patrik Spacek and his team has decided to work on the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition. Patrik says: "We have re-created all assets to make them detailed, colorful and reach expecting quality. We are trying to keep the colors and style back in 40s. With a good balance between realism and cartoon visualization we have reached the retro look. We are also using game engine which fit for our game and we are polishing every detail, animation, sounds and music! Special Edition is not just about the new artworks and music, it also brings up a new elements to the game-play like a story, items, artifacts, CG videos and players have option to use it or not.    Team: We are professional game developers, who has got many years experiences in all visualization areas, story telling and music. We are 3D generalists and do not require a large team to make any project happen successfully! That also means, we don't need a huge budget to keep the quality very high.      Our goal is to bring up classic titles to a new generation! and create a high quality remakes of any legendary game, which nobody has attempted yet. Please, look at the screenshots, videos and If you love it, help us to obtain the permission for full game production! Screenshots: Videos: We are not here to let the legend fall, we are here to bring it back to life and let you enjoy it on big screen! P.S. This petition has been created to show interest in this project and mainly make big companies reconsider their old policies to open door for Independent developers that does make same or better quality for much smaller budget.The biggest problems of those studios are If they own old video game licenses and they don't have any plans to make a sequels or remakes, they should allow Independent developers to obtain the licenses.Those companies are drowning great classic games and digging them down into the grave of forgotten. Sell it or Share with those who deserve.

Patrik Spacek
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Petition to Square-Enix, Tetsuya Nomura, Hajime Tabata

Resume production on "Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of the Future" with or without Hajime Tabata

ProblemWhen Hajime Tabata made his departure from the company, Square Enix decided to halt production on three of the four planned DLC episodes for Final Fantasy XV in 2019. This is a show of irresponsibility that cannot be allowed, especially after Tabata had already claimed to want to make it up to the fans for FFXV's narrative problems and tie up loose ends in it's story. Square-Enix can't just get our hopes up and crush them into pieces like that! Source: would strongly suggest the company resume production on the three cancelled episodes under a new team, with or without Hajime Tabata's direct assistance. Even better if the original FFXV director, Tetsuya Nomura can help out as soon as Kingdom Hearts III, another hotly anticipated project of his, gets golden, even if it means delaying development on Final Fantasy VII Remake until at least 2020. I am also willing to organize a crowdfunder through my Patreon account, or some kind of charity event, and donate the proceeds to Square-Enix to help them recuperate from their recent financial difficulties, which should speed things along. I heard they lost $33 million because of a new shift in focus, and helping them get that money would be a huge step in the right direction. If and when the sign count reaches 500 and above, then you may donate money through here.At this point, I can only pray that Square-Enix can reverse this unsatisfactory decision of theirs just because Hajime Tabata left, and give us the Final Fantasy XV experience the world deserves.Personal storyI am a long-time Final Fantasy fan acting on the interests of my fellow fans. I also wrote a fan fiction story about Final Fantasy and Bionicle that I hope Tetsuya Nomura will be impressed with, if he can take the time to read it, and and allow me to put my story writing skills to use for Square Enix's benefit. It's called Bionic Fantasy.

Shareef Haddad
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