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Petition to Middle Earth Enterprizes, Warner Brothers, Warner Brothers

Middle Earth, fully open world (similar to Skyrim.)

I'm sure you have talked about this recently, with shadow of mordor and shadow of war. Those are amazing games, but I and many other Middle Earth (lord of the rings/the hobbit) fans would love a game (not MMORPG) that is a RPG. A game where you can choose a race (including evil), level up, have quest and have it be open world. Where you can run around and do whatever you want to do. A Middle Earth game that can stand against the Elder Scrolls Franchise. I remember being so excited about the white counsel. I would check it out on my computer every day to see the progress, but it was canceled. Shadow of Mordor/War is a very nice taste of what developers can do. Do a different era, it would be perfect for DLC (new regions or races etc) but sell a season pass with it, it would make game of the year easily. Have a great story, have massive battles, and bosses. With each race you see their side of what the story maybe. All of us Middle Earth fans want to explore the expansive world Tolkien has made. And I'm sure he would want us to do that. Learn the history, fight epic battles, fight in wars, you could even make it 4 player co-op. If the companies that are in charge of Middle Earth games, I promise you would make the game we (as fans) need, and I promise It would be a game no one would return. It could even beat out Bethesda if done right (or even work with Bethesda to make it the best you can do). If done correctly it'd be the game of a lifetime of fun and memories. Fighting orcs, drakes, necromancers, elves, men, troll, giant, and even more incredible characters Tolkien made for us to enjoy. On my bookshelf I want to see "The Wither 3, (this Middle Earth game) shadow of mordor/war, and skyrim. The games I cherish and love exploring and having a great adventure every time I play.  For those involved thank you for those who sign thank you  Make ONE GAME TO RULE THEM ALL    

Garrett Childers
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Petition to Bioware Montreal, Electronic Arts, Ian Frazier, Mac Walters, Michael Gamble, Casey Hudson

We want a proper Romance Scene For Vetra In Mass Effect: Andromeda

Certain squadmates had higher quality romance scenes than others, such as Cora, Peebee, and Jaal. Vetra Nyx was to supposedly have a sex scene with Scott Ryder. An audio file was found, and revealed that it was cut, as it was not heard in-game. This disappointed many players, including myself, when she was neglected, as most other squadmates had some revealing scene. If the audio file was meant for the rock climbing scene, then you should re-purpose it for a extended romance scene, one for both Scott and Sara Ryder. For an excellent example of how you could pull it off, try reading this script! Written by "GarrusVakarian2153" The current scene left an empty pit in my stomach, only wanting more from it. It also didn't make since as to why there were kissing sound effects, even though Turians lack lips, making it impossible. Anyway, this would only benefit the game, and have players grow even more attached to Vetra. There has never been a nude Turian shown before, and now would be a good time, given the new engine. Give the fans a proper scene, and put it into the game, through a patch, or perhaps in a future DLC. If a sex scene wasn't added due to fear of people getting disgusted, then you are afraid of nothing, people play the Mass Effect games for its compelling story, great combat and relationships with aliens, clearly we aren't afraid of something different or alien. Lets show BioWare we want this, and lets make this happen!

Sheldon Guerra
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