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Petition to Sheffield City Council

Sheffield City Council: don’t sell off Birley Spa Bath House!

Birley Spa is a grade 2 Listed Victorian Bath House situated in a wooded ravine with a garden, large pond and grounds in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield. It is also part of the Shirebrook Valley nature reserve. It has in the past received £500,000 in funding from the Heritage National Lottery and South Yorkshire Forest Partnership. This funding allowed for the renovation of the Spa building in order that it’s large hall could be used by the local community and the Victorian plunge pool would be available for public heritage tours. Local people have happy memories of attending wedding receptions, events and a wide variety of activities at Birley Spa. The grounds are a haven for wildlife and a quiet, peaceful place to visit in a bustling city. People spent their childhood here playing there. Local schools are wanting to visit the site and view the plunge pool as part of educational visits. In recent years, Sheffield City Council, who own the building, have allowed it to fall into disrepair and lie unused. On 14th June 2018, a concerned member of the public wrote to Sheffield City Council about the poor state of the building and grounds. He received the shocking reply that the council were preparing to sell it privately. On 16th July 2018, after another enquiry to Sheffield City Council, the head of Regeneration and Planning confirmed that Birley Spa was not up for sale, nor had it already been sold. On 20th July 2018, local councillor fails to respond to our request to view the building and our offer to negotiate. On 25th July 2018, the councillor responsible for the city’s heritage,  states that a developer may be involved with Birley Spa. Sheffield City Council have not consulted the public over the proposed sell-off or assessed the impact on the Shirebrook Valley Nature Reserve. No thought had been given as to how public access to the site may be affected. Local people are very upset about the possible sale of  Birley Spa and want to see the community room brought back into use and the site properly maintained. The Friends of Birley Spa want to negotiate with the council with a view to bringing the building back into use for the local community and to see the public heritage tours restart. This is an unique site with grounds that could be restored and has potential for all kinds of activities, old and new. It is also part of a Nature Reserve which should be protected for public use.        

Friends of Birley Spa
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Petition to Watford Borough Council, Rabi Martins, Stephen Bolton, Aga Dychton, Richard Harrington MP, Paul Baxter

Save 73 and 75 Clarendon Road, Watford!

Proposals have recently been put forward to demolish two of the last remaining Victorian villas in the centre of Watford. In an area that has been aggressively developed, they are one of the few reminders of Watford's historic past - something we are now in danger of losing - and the time to act is now. What's the story? These properties were built in approximately 1865, when Clarendon Road was first developed, and were originally grand Victorian villas. Clarendon Road would have been filled with houses just like these, but over time, the rest of the buildings have been knocked down and replaced with unimaginative modern office blocks.  Residents of the houses on this road included Alphonse Legros, a French painter whose works are now exhibited at the Tate, the V&A and the British Museum.  73 and 75 Clarendon Road are now the last remaining villas on the street, and are the only reminder of what was once here. Due to their architectural and historic importance, the Council have designated these properties as "locally listed", which means that they should, where possible, be preserved.  The Council state that, "of all the grand Victorian villas that originally lined Clarendon Road, [these properties are] almost the only [survivors] and [are] correspondingly of value", and that they add "architectural interest to Clarendon Road". TJX Europe Limited (who operate as TK Maxx) have applied to demolish these buildings, and replace them with a modern office block to accommodate their European HQ. Their planning application can be found here: Why does it matter? Because Watford's historic buildings are, slowly and steadily, being destroyed. Developers are now justifying the demolition of these buildings on the basis that the few that remain "no longer represent the character of the area". What does the campaign aim to achieve? We are seeking to prevent the demolition of these buildings so that they can continue to be enjoyed for many more years to come.  What can I do? Sign this petition and make your feelings about the proposed development and demolition known. If you wish, you can also formally object to the planning application by visiting this website: What happens next? The Council will make a decision on TK Maxx's planning application. A decision is due by 18 January 2017. TJX Europe are also holding a public consultation on the proposed development at the Clarendon Road Holiday Inn on Friday January 20, between 3pm and 8pm, and Saturday January 21, between 10am and 2pm. 

Amy Parr
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