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Justice For Veterans and Victims Of Ayudando Guardians in New Mexico

FEDERAL AGENTS AT the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as well as FBI Agents speak in veiled terms about the secret DEA unit that shares intelligence from the National Security Agency and other organizations with law enforcement for use in criminal investigations. They call it the “Dark Side.” The Special Operations Division receives raw intelligence from the NSA’s surveillance programs, including from the mass surveillance programs revealed in documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden. DEA agents and FBI Agents then analyze the surveillance data and disseminate leads to other federal and local police nationwide. But the information comes with a catch. Law enforcement can’t use it to secure search warrants or in any way reveal the intelligence community as the source of their leads. Instead, they must find another way to justify their searches and broader investigations. An egregious example of this law enforcement tactic occurred in 2004 when, through intercepted phone calls and their own subsequent surveillance, the DEA discovered that Ascension Alverez-Tejeda was transporting drugs from Los Angeles to Washington state in his car. To search the vehicle without revealing the phone calls as their original source, DEA agents set up an elaborate ruse. Alverez-Tejeda and his girlfriend were stopped at a traffic light. As the light turned green, the car in front of them started to move and then stopped quickly. Alverez-Tejeda braked in time, but a truck rear-ended him. As Alverez-Tejeda inspected the damage, police arrived and arrested the truck driver for drunken driving. Officers instructed Alverez-Tejeda and his girlfriend to drive their car to a parking lot, leave the keys in the car, and sit in the police cruiser for processing. Just then, a car thief jumped into Alverez-Tejeda’s car and drove off. Police recovered the car, obtained a search warrant, and found cocaine and methamphetamine. Other than Alverez-Tejeda and his girlfriend, every person involved in this piece of theater was a DEA agent or local police officer: the person driving the car in front of Alverez-Tejeda’s, the “drunk” truck driver, even the supposed car thief. While a federal judge ruled that the DEA hoax violated Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure, an appeals court overturned the ruling and described this abuse of Alverez-Tejeda’s constitutional rights as “relatively mild.” Or take the Newly indicted open case into Otto Rousseaux Castellanos, Luis Tobanche ,Tekisha Rousseaux Castellanos or Jason Garcia similar to the above mentioned cases. The convoluted and secretive process of building a case to obscure the use of underlying intelligence, known as “parallel construction,” is meant to protect the intelligence community’s sources and methods, according to internal DEA documents. It also often deprives the accused of a fair shot at defending themselves in court because some of the evidence against them is not made public. In the US criminal justice system, judges typically bar the prosecution from introducing evidence the government obtained through illegal activities, a doctrine known as “fruit of the poisonous tree.” By dodging this rule, the concealment of investigative practices through parallel construction could also remove a crucial incentive for the authorities to obey the law, Covering up how evidence was originally found deliberately hoodwinks defendants and judges, severely weakening constitutional fair trial  “If the government is allowed to violate the US Constitution’s protections and then cover its tracks, this could undermine human rights for people whose liberty is at stake, or anyone else subjected to illegal government surveillance or other unlawful procedures.” Which brings us to case in point for just cause of parallel construction in New Mexico. Sharon Moore and Son Christopher Moore Confidential Sources Of Unreliable Hearsay Information To the Government, therefore not allowing for the victimized Veterans and Disabled Victims of The Ayudando Guardians Embezzlement Case of New Mexico to Receive adequate Justice from our trusted and respected Judicial system. The FBI is allowing Sharon Moore the former owner and co-conspirator Of Ayudando Guardians The former largest Non Profit Guardianship and Conservator in the state of New Mexico to keep the current home she lives in. The home has a current estimated value of over a Half A Million Dollars. The Home located at 6621 Cypress Trail in the prestigious upscale Tanaon Community is the third and the last home she purchased with the embezzled funds of the veterans and disabled victims from her now defunct company. In her signed plea agreement with the government she is allowed to keep that Half A Million Dollar Home. The Government agreed to have Mrs. Moore forfeit the other two homes she currently owns which really serves no purpose to the victims anyway being that both those homes are in foreclosure. Not only is this upsetting to myself as a member of the community and a current activist for justice and a current victim of FBI Harassment but it is very upsetting because to say the least my daughters grandmother was a client at this firm and because of them she has not a penny to her name, so with that being said, We The People ask The FBI these very important questions......... 1. Why did you allow Sharon Moore to keep the last home she purchased.? 2. The Government also made her put this home up to secure her bail they wouldn’t even release her from Custody without putting this home up for collateral. Is this true? 3.Why did you only select to take the two previous homes she owned being they were in foreclosure already? 4.Why Is the government allowing her such a huge break being she allegedly stole $ 4 Million Dollars? 5. Is it true you also released Sharon Moore Off of Pre- Trial Supervision Early? If Yes why? 6. Sharon Moore currently works for a call Center that takes reservations for a hotel so she again has access to the community’s private information with no supervision? Can you explain why? 7.With the Government allowing her to keep The Half A Million Dollar Home she owns wouldn’t it have made more sense to sell it and have given some of the victims their money back? Or could they have lived in it since some of them are homeless and without funds? 8. Is the Government doing anything to assist these victims with getting their lives back together? Or with their daily living needs? Shelter ,food , housing, clothing 9. We also have heard through numerous resources that Sharon paid Her Attorney $80,000 Dollars to retain his services. Is that true? If so where did she acquire these funds? “Mrs Moore’s Attorney is Jason Bowles Former Assistant District Attorney for White Collar Crimes Such as Mrs Moore’s not to Mention he is the current owner of New Mexico’s Number One Cannabis Store with former BCSO Sheriff Darren White” I would also like to shed light on the fact that I was there at the table when Jason informed Sharon that she would have to work with the FBI and give them some information on some people and very good information if she wanted a deal or in Jason’s word if she wanted to stay out of prison. Whatever the case Sharon definitely needs to take responsibility for her actions and quit trying trying to play the victim when clearly their are real victims, in this nonsense crime of hers and the government needs to stop their shenanigans and do what’s right and quit trying to drag other people into it. Justice, in its purest form, relies on truth – but within the snitching community, truth is a rare commodity and can be the first casualty in a system that seems more interested in obtaining convictions than dispensing justice. Prosecutors eager to close a case often reward criminals with sentence reductions for inaccurate, manufactured or questionable “evidence” or testimony against another offender, As for Sharon Moore this is indeed the case. This links are just a smidge of what I have had to experience over the past year and a half so the government can work on giving Sharon a deal.    

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Petition to US Government ;Chris Collins 27th district, Donald J. Trump

Freedom for a real hero

Timothy Payne is a veteran who served in the Army for 10 years .He lost his legs fighting for the freedom of many now  lost his freedom in an unlikely events. He lived in Raleigh NC and has a business of leading people he called Chosenleadership. He wrote a book on how he thrived through the tribulations he experienced in life. He was trying to reach out to people to motivate them through speaking engagements and would drive his van independently to various States where he was invited to speak, like Schools and Churches. He found new faith during his transition which put a strain on his relationship with his family but the rejection of his father deeply affected him .His family has been a stranger to him for years and he tried to connect and seek guidance from his father when he drove to Buffalo NY prior to his arrest but instead this event caused him to be incarcerated for a couple of days and was transferred to VA for mental evaluation  and locked up in a psych ward.  Watching the news on how they took away his wheelchair from him is inhumane and it breaks my heart deeply.It wasn’t right at all. The right freedom ,right protection and the right support are all the rights that he deserves  and to be free from an uncomfortable situation he was in right now.He wants nothing but ears to listen to from his family.He wants nothing but to motivate fellow veterans and others to be inspired to live everyday and to overcome the challenges in every situation. He is a useful individual in the community and has a lot to offer to help others despite his disabilities he gained from serving this country. He is not a perfect man.But I have not seen him being a threat to himself or to anyone.He is in-fact a vulnerable one.I remember how he rolled his wheelchair crossing the street and this car coming just didn’t care about who he would hit while driving so I tried to protect Tim from that car so it would hit me first before him because his life worth more than mine. He inspires a lot of people and I don’t. I’m just one of those people he taught how to live life with courage.     Please check out his website to hear his side of his story.

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Petition to United States Congress

Give Disabled Vets the same rights as all Disabled Workers

All workers in the United States are protected if they sustain a workplace injury or illness. This includes civilian federal employees. This does not apply to people actively serving in the Armed Forces, because it would be logistically impossible. But it also does not apply to military Veterans. Military Veterans are not generally deployed outside the United States, so there is no excuse to treat them differently than all other American workers (Citizens, Resident Aliens, Non-Documented Aliens). All these other workers are allowed many rights when dealing with workplace injuries and illnesses that result in disabilities: Timely treatment An injured/ill worker or former employee can seek medical treatment when the symptoms are noticed, and if the injury or illness can be linked to employment, the worker or former employee is covered.  A veteran seeking medical care from the Veterans Administration must first prove eligibility. This can often mean proving a service connected disability. This process can take anywhere from 90 days to multiple years. Treating physician is allowed to diagnose injury/illness An injured/ill worker or former employee can seek medical treatment from any licensed provider. Once the provider decides on a diagnosis, it is considered to be fact, and while it can be challenged by the employer or former employer it is assumed to be correct until disproven. A injured/ill veteran can submit any diagnosis they have, to include a diagnosis from a licensed provider employed by VA healthcare on official VA healthcare records, and can be turned down for benefits unless an additional provider engaged by the VA benefits group approves of the diagnosis. Assumption of innocence An injured/ill worker or former employee with a diagnosis from a licensed provider for an injury or illness that could be attributed to their work or the environment of their work is assumed to have been effected by the current of former employer where the injury or illness occurred based on the workers statement. A veteran seeking Veterans Administration benefits for a diagnosed disability, must prove that the injury or illness was caused or made worse by the veterans service. While the military has some records, and will share them with the veteran, there is often no annotation of incidents unless hospital level medical treatment (often not available) was sought immediately. The veteran is assumed to not have a service connected disability until they can prove it to the satisfaction of the VA benefits organization. Protections against settlement delay An employer or former employer of an injured or ill worker is programatically prevented in delaying case completion by a disinterested third party. Additionally, the injured/ill worker or former worker can take civil action to seek penalties for intentional delay. The Veterans Administration controls the entire process of granting/awarding benefits. There is no penalty to the VA for delays in this process. Delays can result in the termination of the request, from lack of resources, petitioner passes away, etc.  Please do not think that this problem is rampant in the entire Veterans Administration, this problem is specific to the Veterans Administration Benefits Administration (VBA) group. The VBA has an entire manual of rules for dealing with disabled veterans, and yet the system is horribly broken. Claims are delayed by years in many cases. This system cannot sustain itself. Disabled veterans are over-represented in these key areas: Homelessness Less than 10% of the adult US population are veterans More than 12% of the Homeless population in the US are veterans. Suicide Veterans are 150% more likely to commit suicide than non-veterans. Providing these veterans with the validation, healthcare, and benefits that they earned could help reduce veteran homelessness and suicide. The VBA is horribly backlogged dealing with applications for disability benefits, and now that they will be required to reassess the men and women who served on ships during the Vietnam war and have illnesses connected with agent orange exposure, it will just get worse. The process could be streamlined by granting the four rights that everyone else has to the veterans.  Please sign this petition, and let others know about it.

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