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Congress Do Right By Disabled Veterans

In the early part of the Global War on Terror the United States military utilized a practice to discharge soldiers who were exhibiting PTSD by misdiagnosing them with various Personality Disorders or (something you are born with compared to occurring as a result of service in the military) Or in some cases discharging troops for "bad conduct" when signs of PTSD were present. As part of the discharge process, these troops were told that their mental health issues were not the military's fault which discouraged the filing of Disability claims and they were also told in many cases that they could re-enter service after two years back in civilian life. For thousands upon thousands of soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, this practice also discouraged proper treatment of the mental health conditions that they suffered from.  According to Veterans Administration guidelines, Disability benefits can only be backdated to the date that a veteran files a claim OR the day following release from active duty if the claim is filed within a year of discharge. The problem though is that with the misdiagnoses and subsequent lies about reentry into the service many of the veterans discharged under these practices were ultimately discouraged from filing their claims for mental health until well after that one year window from discharge had passed which is a great injustice to these veterans. Congress has already admitted to the issue of these bad paper discharges by directing the discharge review board to liberally allow for discharge upgrades and concessions have been made in granting of benefits in the first place. Unfortunately, they have been perfectly content with allowing the lost benefits of these men and women to sit in their coffers. Ultimately the goal of this petition is to ask Congress to do the right thing by these veterans by allowing for a statute change that will allow those who were discharged under personality disorders or other bad paper discharges who have subsequently proven PTSD or similar service-connected disabilities to have back pay and effective dates reinstated to the day following discharge from the armed forces at whatever rating they have been deemed to fit. While this action may come at a cost to the budget the fact is that it is the right thing to do as a nation for our soldiers that were scarred by service and then subsequently scarred by this dishonest and misleading practice. While money will never fix the betrayal that was perpetrated on troops who only wanted to serve their country and who found themselves with nothing but wrong directions; this act by Congress would go at least some distance in healing the harm caused.

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Put a Stop to Voogling Veterans

Put a stop to Voogling Veterans. What is Voogling? Voogling a veteran and/or the veteran's family members is committed by anyone who has access to the VA's computer system and uses the VA's computer system to view a veteran's information without first having authorization from the veteran. Many people are familiar with the term "Googling" a person, which means scrounging up any information that might be on the internet about that person. However, at the VA, thousands of people have access to (most) a veteran's very private information with only a few strokes of a keyboard. The scary part is that the VA forgot to build in cybersecurity measures to prevent and stop unauthorized access. Essentially, veterans have more privacy and control on social media than they do at the VA.  Take a look at these staggering facts: 1) The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a history of veteran medical record and sensitive personal information privacy violations; and  2) The Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a report April 2016, in which the VBA had not integrated proper audit logs in VBA’s new system called Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS); and  3) VA failed to establish satisfactory system requirements in VBMS that would ensure that accurate audit logs were created; and  4) Veteran medical records and sensitive personal information data sit at the root of all privacy and security user training and access controls not being properly implemented nor adequately monitored.  A clear violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and its’ enforcement; and  5)  OIG discovered VBA cannot detect if an employee without proper access authorization has improperly accessed a veteran’s file, because VBMS is not compliant with audit log procedures per required Federal Information Processing regulations; and  6) OIG reported that the security vulnerability is due in part because the Office of Business Process Integration did not create system requirements in VBMS to assure audit logs could accurately pinpoint security violations; and  7) The VA is required by several regulations (e.g., Federal Information Processing Standards Publication) to develop, sustain, and retain audit records to supervise, analyze, and report on inappropriate access of information systems; and  8) VA’s own VA Handbook states that information systems are required to create detailed audit logs that can help recreate a data security incident and/or breach as well as restrict certain VBMS user’s system wide, to include Tele-Work without the proper authorization access level from accessing certain claim files; and  9) VA must establish a level of visibility that will provide VBMS system security monitors the ability to detect unusual behavior and the necessary tools to quickly identify and respond to any unauthorized user access, thus ensuring system integrity and user access authorization level is compliant with all regulations and procedures;   Veterans cannot do this alone and that is why they your help with seeking legislation to change applicable regulations that will ensure VA programs containing Veterans’ Electronic Medical Records and Sensitive Personal Information restrictions are in place with appropriate security system monitors to deter any unauthorized users from accessing veterans’ information, have functional and accurate audit logs that can pinpoint security violations, as well as, compliant with existing laws and regulations minimizing any ambiguity and ensures adherence and accountability.

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