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Did you know that the starting pay for a cadet (a private) in the California Highway Patrol is $5,717.00?Did you know that as of 2017, the starting pay for a private in the United States armed forces is only $1,633.50?Did you also know that the starting pay at McDonalds, Burger King, Jack in the Box is $1,920.00 per month? Our goals. So why the difference in pay?Why are our veterans only receiving the same pay as an employee at McDonalds, Burgers king, or Jack in the Box? Did you know that since establishing the California Highway Patrol in 1929, only 226 officers have died in the line of duty?Did you know that since 2003, at least 268,000 veterans have died in the line of duty?So what career is more hazardous? Our goals. Too, every night a California Patrolmen and an investigator with the Federal Bureau of investigations goes home to their family and sleeps in a nice cozy bed with a roof over their head.Yet often our veterans may not see their families for up to a year or more, and never have a roof over their head. More frightening is the question: why is it that we live in a Country that requires its citizens to raise money to help disabled veterans?Isn't the full and complete care of our veterans the responsibility of the President and the nation that asked our veterans to lay down their lives for the Country? Our goals. If you care and want more for our veterans, please join our in our efforts to reward our veterans by ensuring equal pay, and equal benefits. Too, we are looking for like minds.  If you are interested in being a part of our efforts as a volunteer helping to broadcast information, help with publications, and writings, and various other duties, please email me with your contact information to  Thank you. Please note.  The petition that we will eventually send to the President and those of the Senate and Congress will reflect primarily that which can be reviewed at OUR GOALS.  However, until we have heard from each and every individual who signs this petition what they feel that message should be, our PETITION will be in a constant state of change.  Only after we have reached 100,000 signatures, will we send out a draft for your approval and eventually the final PETITION.  In the meantime, thanks for your help and support.  And if you have ideas, please don't hesitate to write us with them.

HG Antonio Di Giovanni
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Petition to Honorable Robert Wilkie

Reinstate medical privileges for surgeon and American hero Dr. Russi at the Roseburg VA.

Reinstate medical privileges for Doctor Scott Russi at the Roseburg Veteran Affairs Health Care System in Oregon, and set the record straight about his distinguished career as a highly skilled, compassionate surgeon and an American hero.    Enough is enough.  For far too long, the U. S. Veterans Affairs Department has ignored fixing its beleaguered health care system. In 2017, the Roseburg VA was deemed the worst VA Hospital in the country.  It should be bad enough that the Roseburg VA Hospital is poorly mismanaged and the VA needs to fix it head on. But maybe even more egregious, is the VA’s silent attack on the stellar reputation of Dr. Russi, a Board Certified surgeon with a distinguished military career, serving 29 years active duty in the U.S. Air Force. He was deployed five times as combat surgeon and once as a hospital commander. Those who have served with Dr. Russi, often refer to him as “Dr. Angel,” because of his bravery, heroic acts and human kindness.                                           After retiring from the military as a colonel, Dr. Russi eventually took a position at the Roseburg VA’s clinic in Eugene, Oregon. Roseburg VA was in desperate need of qualified surgeons. He wanted to continue to give back to our country’s veterans and be a contributor to improving the overall health care provided at Roseburg VA.   He was hired in 2017 and thirty days later he was fired. Without warning or grounds, and at a coffee shop no less, a supervisor informed Dr. Russi that he was being fired. Since then, the VA has not provided any reason or evidence for his abrupt dismissal, nor has he been given an opportunity to challenge the VA’s decision.    Meanwhile, toxic leadership remains intact at the Roseburg VA and sadly the quality of care continues to remain substandard. The men, women and families, who have served our country, deserve far better from the American people. This is simply not acceptable.   Dr. Russi’s colleagues and patients are outraged. Please join us and sign this petition to the Honorable Robert Wilkie, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Like his title implies, it is time for the Honorable Secretary, and the vast organization he represents, to do the “honorable” thing. Give Dr. Russi his job back and make sure our veterans receive the highest quality health care they deserve.   Stop the line.   

Stop the Line
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DEFEND 225,000 ELDERLY DISABLED VETS: VA Individual Unemployability (IU) Demise for FY18

SIGN THIS PETITION TO SUPPORT 225,000 ELDERLY DISABLED VETERANS!!!! I am a disabled Marine Corps combat Veteran. I put forward this CALL FOR ACTION on behalf of the countless WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War Veteran brothers that could be negatively affected by proposed changes in the 2018 Federal Budget surrounding VA Individual Unemployability (IU).   We are requesting that the proposed changes to IU NOT BE ENACTED.  Our nations' disabled Veterans that are at or reaching retirement age and who have sacrificed and given so much to our country should not be put in positions of compromise or, potentially, of HOMELESSNESS when at their most vulnerable.  They certainly DID NOT do the same when asked to serve and to go into harm’s way! The Executive Budget Proposal for FY 2018 includes changes to VA Individual Unemployability (IU) benefits to fund the expansion of the Veterans Choice program.  While Veterans Choice is a great program used by many us Veterans it should not be expanded at the expense of those severely Disabled Veterans receiving IU when at retirement age. IU provides Veterans who are between 60% to 90% disabled with pay at the 100% disabled rate due to their inability to be gainfully employed because of their service connected disabilities.  The proposal in this budget would be to retract IU benefits when Veterans reach the minimum age for retirement of 62 and, therefore, being eligible for social security benefits. WE NEED TO IMPROVE VETERAN BENEFITS AND NOT REDUCE THEM! This is problematic because: 1)    Veterans receiving IU have been forced from the workplace due to their service connected disabilities and have not accumulated the same Social Security benefits as someone who was able to be gainfully employed for their entire work eligible life. 2)    These same Veterans have not been able to save either through personal savings or employer sponsored retirement plans as if they would have been able to had they been gainfully employed. 3)    Most Americans who are not disabled Veterans are not able to retire at the minimum retirement age of 62 so assuming that disabled Veterans would retire at this age is inequitable. Disabled Veterans who suffered serious and disabling injuries while serving our country COULD BE at a SIGNIFICANT DISADVANTAGE during the later years of life should this proposal be adopted. SAY NO BY SIGNING THIS PETITION!    

SGT Wilson RD
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