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Petition to Alex Padilla, Michael Waltz, Rena Bitter, US State Department

Save Team 11

A unit of Afghan counter-IED specialists, Team 11, quite literally cleared the way for the Army Green Berets and Navy SEALs they partnered with. Their technical expertise and familiarity with Taliban tactics was indispensable as they detected and disabled IEDs (usually by hand) in advance of US forces. Many American Special Operators, myself included, are alive today because of Team 11. The vast majority of Team 11 was not fortunate enough to be on the flights out of Kabul: Including their families, there are more than 130 of these allies of the US still in Afghanistan - and in the face of the Afghan winter, most will be out money and food in a very short time without our assistance. ​As if their affiliation with the US military was not dangerous enough, Team 11 are Hazaras - an ethnic minority that has suffered extensive persecution at the hands of the Taliban. It's difficult to imagine a higher-risk group in Afghanistan. It is a moral obligation to provide for the health and welfare of our Afghan allies and assist wherever necessary to see them through the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) application process. They volunteered to do the most dangerous job in Afghanistan to further the interests of a nation they've never known. And did so purely on faith: Faith that we would be there for them when times got hard. ​We must ensure that their faith in us, as Americans, was not misplaced and fulfill our moral obligation by providing Team 11 refuge in the United States. Sign to ask the State Department and Senator Padilla, Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, and Border Safety to fulfill our promise and get Team 11 safely to the US. With or without the US Government's support, we are doing everything we can to provide aid; check out our efforts at or donate to our fundraiser. We are providing point-to-point aid to help 130 people survive the famine, and have raised $30,000 so far. Now we are looking to expand our efforts to encompass other Counter-IED Teams as well. Teams 12,13, 19 and many more need our help as well. As a fellow former Green Beret, we at Team 11 ask Representative Michael Waltz to lend his support to our effort. 

Team 11
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Petition to U.S. Senate, Dan Brown, Kathy J. Byron, Lee Ware, Mike Cunningham, Timothy Hugo, Bill Eigel, Jason Holsman, Daniel Marshall, III, Jacob W Hummel, Robert B. Bell, Israel D. O'Quinn, Jamilah Nasheed, Bob Onder, Ron Richard, David E. Yancey, John Joseph Rizzo, Caleb Rowden, Margaret B. Ransone, Dave Schatz, Scott Sifton, Wayne Wallingford, Michael J. Webert, Paul Wieland, Tony O. Wilt, Christopher T. Head, Jeion A. Ward, Mark L. Keam, Eileen Filler-Corn, Kaye Kory, Joseph C. Lindsey, Lamont Bagby, David J. Toscano, Steve E. Heretick, Michael P. Mullin, Jeffrey M. Bourne, President of the United States, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, U.S. House of Representatives

Stop Forcing Mail-Order Pharmacy as the Only Option of Coverage

Patients' lives depend on choice. **Since starting the petition, I have realized that there are many issues other than temperatures with forced mail-order pharmacy.  Mail-order pharmacy is very loosely regulated. There are life-threatening delays, lack of face-to-face relationships with pharmacists for people with chronic conditions, and rapid closures of our independent pharmacies; although, a recent study showed people prefer independent pharmacy (2018, Gill).  *************Our Story************* Our son received a life-saving liver transplant at the age of 2 from a 3-year-old little girl. His life depends on the potency and effectiveness of chemotherapy or immune suppression medications every 12 hours to prevent his body's immune system from fighting off his transplanted liver. In the past mail-order pharmacy delivered his liquid oral medications in nothing but a plastic envelope on a 102-degree day on a hot enclosed non-temperature controlled UPS truck. Shortly after, he went into liver rejection which could have resulted in complete liver failure or death. I speculated that the medication could have been too weak after the delivery of medications in high heat. I vowed to never again risk his life with mail-order pharmacy. Recently, we were mandated or forced to only use mail-order pharmacy in order to receive coverage for his life-saving medications.  The package arrived in only a bag on a hot day without an ice pack. I now know that the hot non-temperature controlled enclosed delivery truck and mailboxes can reach temperatures up to 120-170 degrees. His labs elevated again afterward. My son wants to know, "Why would they do that?" I contacted the manufacturer, who performs the testing, who informed me that both of my son's medications should be discarded and considered less potent once stored above 86 degrees as higher temperatures and freezing could both result in lower potency.  I contacted the mail-order pharmacy who refused to replace or take back the medication. They said the law & USP Pharmacopoeia allows them to ship up to 104 degrees, although the manufacturer states it is not proven safe at these temperatures. However, I have received communication from USP Pharmacopoeia who writes guidelines for storage, and they also said that the mail order pharmacy should follow the manufacturer's guidelines of 59-86 degrees for storage. Again, the trucks reach up to 170 degrees which is much hotter than 104.  I contacted the FDA, who states that the mail order pharmacy should be using the manufacturer's guidelines that have been proven safe. Since the mail-order pharmacies are regulated loosely by the State Board of Pharmacy, not the FDA, there was nothing that the FDA could do.  I made over 30 calls to the insurance company begging for them to please let us pick my son's medications up at the local pharmacy at which they are filled. My son's physician wrote an appeal and his transplant team has stated that they have tried to voice their concerns about this issue with their pediatric/child patients and no one is listening! The insurance company still denied the doctor's appeal for us to pick up my son's medications in the safest way. It was not until the Media became evolved that the insurance company budged.  I felt helpless and have united with many other pharmacists, physicians, patients, mothers and fathers, and caregivers who feel the same way. Helpless. Mail-order of prescription drugs should be a choice, not the only option of coverage.  Mail-order pharmacies may appear to save money, but when my son ended up in the hospital after taking medications that could have been compromised by having lower potency, the cost of the rejection was thousands of dollars. If his liver would have fully failed, the cost of his liver transplant for just 5 days (he was in the hospital for 5 weeks) was over $1,000,000. The lax regulation and oversight may save money on prescription drug plans but may come at an increased cost to the health plan itself. Also, keep in mind the endless waste of medications that automatically are sent regardless of whether or not patients need them. Also, people with chronic, complex conditions, should always have the option of face to face interaction with a pharmacist who knows their complex needs and medical history. The pharmacist and patient relationships are crucial to the successful outcome of the patient's overall health. Taking this away is harmful to patients and be more costly to our already stressed healthcare system. Only allowing mail-order pharmacy for coverage is unethical and irresponsible. I share stories on my social media sites every day of patients who are suffering from a lack of choice.  We need your help to make mandatory mail-order an option, not a mandate.  YOUR URGENT SUPPORT WILL SAVE LIVES! THANK YOU!! WE APPRECIATE ALL OF THE SUPPORTERS, CAREGIVERS, & PATIENTS.  Thank you,  Loretta Boesing, Founder of Unite for Safe Medications You may make a tax-deductible contribution to support our advocacy here Email: Facebook Page: Issues with Mail Order Pharmacy @justamomwholovesherson Twitter: @BoesingLoretta The greatest way that you can help is by sharing this petition & gathering 2-3 people in your community who are having issues and speak to your legislatures.    Reference: Gill, Lisa L. “Consumers Still Prefer Independent Pharmacies, CR's Ratings Show.” Product Reviews and Ratings - Consumer Reports, 7 Dec. 2018,

Loretta Boesing
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Petition to DPAA , Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, US Navy, Pentagon

Identify the Unknown Sailors from the USS Arizona

An Open Letter from the Families and Surviving Members of the USS Arizona BB39, To the DPAA, You may not know us personally, but we are direct family members, extended family, and surviving members of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona, and believe me when we tell you… We. Know. You. We were totally and completely aghast at the department’s decision to group inter the unknown bodies that perished on the USS Arizona that day, without being identified. How in good conscience  could the department even consider such actions? Did these men not die for our freedom? Did they not risk their lives and pay the ultimate sacrifice so that our country could live in peace against two regimes that sought to enslave Americans? By interring them without identification you are not only branding them as not worth the time and effort of identification essentially stripping them of their only identity, but you are DIRECTLY depriving family members, relatives, friends all the way down the line, closure, an ending to their loved one’s stories. These families have no idea where their loved ones ended up, but an UNMARKED unknown grave in the middle of Punchbowl Cemetery in Hawaii. With your current decision on the table, these family members have absolutely NO say on whether they want their loved ones cremated and placed aboard the USS Arizona. What if they have a family plot, and a 19 year old sailor wished to be buried next to his mother, father, brother… You have currently taken that choice away from them. It’s just plain WRONG. These 85 men that are currently in Punchbowl Cemetery deserve to be known. Every day, we see progress being made in the field of genetics, DNA and identification. Why can we not put this to use in the case of the USS Arizona unknowns? Why is the USS Arizona not being given the same respect and honor as those who are currently being identified with the USS Oklahoma? The DPAA has already identified sailors from the USS California, and USS West Virginia, but all of a sudden the USS Arizona isn't worth it?  We beg the DPAA to reconsider their double standard of operations and identify ALL the unknowns who were aboard the USS Arizona. Give them the same respect and honor as we have with countless other unknows in the past. They sacrificed their freedom, their lives, and we cannot stand idly by while the DPAA dishonors great men. USS Arizona Survivor Ken Potts “These are my shipmates, my brothers, my family. Let their families decide where they go. Identify MY shipmates and lay them to rest with identity, dignity, and honor. The DPAA should be ashamed of themselves, what the hell are they thinking.” USS Arizona Survivor Lou Conter “Family comes first, and I agree with Ken, let their kin decide where their loved ones go. No one, not even the government has a right to bury them without first identifying them. Once we know who they are, seek out the wishes of their family.” Please reconsider your actions. Signed Direct Descendants, Family, Relatives, Friends of USS Arizona Survivors.

Nikki Stratton
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Petition to Department of Veterans Affairs, Denis McDonough, U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Maria Salazar

Permanently Stop Abusive VA Dog Experiments

UPDATE (September 2018): U.S. Congress and the President enacted a law extending restrictions on VA's dog experiments through 2019. Read more here. --- UPDATE (March 2018): Following your efforts, U.S. Congress enacted a law to de-fund the VA's dog experiments for 2018 and placed dramatic restrictions on the practice. Read more here. We're still working to end this waste and abuse for good! --- As U.S. military veterans, family members, and active duty members, we’re sickened that the Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) has been using taxpayers’ money to purchase, breed, abuse and kill dogs in wasteful experiments. The VA’s painful and deadly experiments on dogs are a betrayal of these loyal animals who literally save soldiers’ lives on and off the battlefield. These projects also waste resources desperately needed to provide veterans with care and services.   According to news reports and the non-profit White Coat Waste Project, some of the V.A.’s current projects involve: giving mixed-breed puppies heart attacks (Richmond V.A.) cutting into beagle puppies’ brains (Milwaukee V.A.) damaging dogs’ spinal cords (Cleveland V.A.) With the support of 75% of taxpayers and a coalition of influential Democratic and Republican lawmakers, in March 2018 Congress enacted legislation that cuts funding for and drastically restricts future dog testing at the VA. Now, please join us in urging the VA Secretary to PERMANENTLY end this waste and abuse.   William Barko, US Army Ret.John Blaha, USAF Ret.Stan Benton, USN Ret. and USAF Ret.Bruce Bryant, US Army Ret.Chris Burand, US Army Ret.Gary Cantara, USAF separated, honorable dischargeWilliam Coll, US Army Ret.Michael Donahue, USNWayne Hair, US Army Ret.Ed Hernandez, USMCWill HubbardJennifer Johnson, USN Ret.Dr. Isis Johnson-Brown, US Army Ret.Ken Phillips, US Army Ret.Robert Reed, USAF Ret.Diane Solomon, USN SpouseTyler Spires, US ArmyVirginia Joy Stovall, USN Ret.Lyn StrangstadDanell Tomasella, US Army Ret.Nancy Warner-BrownJennifer Wilsbacher, US Army Ret.Merrie Wilson, USAF Ret.

White Coat Waste Project
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