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Help Veteran with Cancer Caused by Serving our Country Receive VA Benefits

Our family friend, Dan Parks, is a U.S. Navy veteran that fought throat cancer. He was discharged from the military, partially, to end his exposure to ionizing radiation during his work in a weapons and ammunition facility. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is denying his claim for disability benefits – despite letters from the VA’s own doctors stating that Dan’s exposure likely caused his cancer. Dan needs your help to get the VA to change their decision before it’s too late. Dan was stationed at Naval Submarine Base New London, where he worked with ordinance. During his time at the base, he was also exposed to ionized radiation. Fast-forward a few decades later and has Dan suffered from throat cancer. He now has to plug a hole in his throat to talk; a side effect of the cancer. Dan’s discharge paperwork from the Navy includes a stamp saying he was being discharged, in part, due to the radiation exposure. Multiple doctors with the VA have written letters saying there is a better than even chance that the cancer was caused by Dan’s radiation exposure during his time in the Navy. But the VA has denied his disability claim. The reason? They say there’s no proof he was exposed to radiation in the Navy. As Dan says, “If the VA won’t accept their own doctors, where does a veteran turn?” Dan’s been fighting for benefits for three years. He filed an appeal, but the VA won’t review it for another 18 months. Time is running out. He needs access to life-saving treatment before it’s too late. Please sign this petition calling on the VA to accept their own doctors’ assessments and grant Dan Parks needed health benefits due to the radiation exposure he endured while serving our country.

Stacy Philllips
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Women Who've Served Deserve a National Female Veterans Day

My family has a long tradition of military service, including my father who served in the Marine Corps when I was young. Because of their example, I take great pride in our country and respect those who have served. Yet as a young woman, and Girl Scout, I find it disheartening that the contributions of our nation's two million female veterans are often overlooked. When we think of military service and combat, we often only think of men as veterans. However, 300,000 women have served in Afghanistan and Iraq since the terror attacks of 9/11. More than 1,000 of these heroes were injured in combat. Many others live with the hidden wounds of their service. When these women return home and seek the benefits they are due, their status as veterans is often questioned. This has led to higher suicide and unemployment rates compared to the men they have served alongside. Not only are we shortchanging these women, we are missing out on the opportunity to draw upon their leadership and example. As a nation, we can and must do better than this. By creating a National Female Veterans Day, we can help promote greater dialogue and understanding of the role women have played in the defense of our nation. This petition does not suggest the creation of a new federal holiday, nor is meant to take away from Veterans Day. This separate day of recognition can serve as an educational opportunity for young Americans to learn and become inspired—and for our brave women veterans, a day to be proud of their sacrifice and commitment.

Emily Kille
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