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Petition to Miro Weinberger, Noelle MacKay, Chapin Spencer, David E. White, Brandon del Pozo, Eileen Blackwood, Sharon Bushor, Max Tracy, Sara Giannoni, Kurt Wright, Chip Mason, Karen Paul, Adam Roof, Jane Knodell, Dave Hartnett, Joan Shannon, Richard Deane, Ali Dieng

Save 242 Main: Legendary Teen Center and USA's Longest-Running All Ages Punk Rock Venue

242 Main has brought a community of young adults together where they can fearlessly share what matters and learn to respect each other. It’s Burlington's voice for diversity in art and the human experience, fostering social bonds and confidence. It’s launched many young people on creative paths that led to fulfilling lives. 242 Main is an institution led by our city’s youth and nurtured into a national landmark. It has a treasured history of inclusivity and a triumphant legacy of being the nation’s oldest, longest-running all ages punk rock venue. 242 Main has championed the growth of young adults who are confident, critically-minded, and engaged with their peers and community. It has fostered generations of creative community-minded citizens and is an irreplaceable resource. We see Mayor Weinberger, our city department chiefs, and each of our City Councilors, as citizens sharing our vision for a healthy, participatory city that respects diversity, inclusion, empowerment, civic engagement, and creativity. We understand that deferred maintenance has jeopardized all the programs inside Memorial Auditorium, where 242 Main lives. We ask that as you resolve the structural issues with Memorial Auditorium by repairing or redeveloping the building, please keep 242 Main in its current location, operating as a teen-led program that can continue its legacy of serving Burlington’s youth in its uniquely powerful and historic way, providing an outlet for their creative and social vision. Please make this ‘community benefit’ a priority within the redevelopment process. This will make our community stronger by demonstrating that we all share an inclusive vision and a spirit of living up to our responsibilities to each other and the meaningful things we’ve built together.  (Photo by Tim Snow, @TimSnowPhoto)

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Petition to Louis Porter, Vermont Fish and Wildlife Committee, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board Members, Senator Tim Ashe, Representative Mitzi Johnson, Representative Carolyn Partridge, Representative David Deen, Robert Starr

Kill the Contest, Not the Coyotes

Vermonters Needed to Spare Coyotes From Senseless Death A statewide coyote killing contest is scheduled in Vermont for the entire month of February 2018. This heinous activity is being sponsored by Series11 Sporting Goods and the Weston Rod & Gun Club. This is nothing more than a killing spree just for the "thrill" of the kill. Not only are these crude “contests” allowed, the contest "winner" who kills the most coyotes (highest accrued weight) will be awarded the 1st prize of a gun and will have “bragging rights.” These killing contests are not based on sound wildlife management or conservation practices. It is disappointing that such contests are not already prohibited under Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s hunting regulations. It is a positive step that the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department acknowledges in their 2017 coyote position statement, Coyote Control and Hunting Contests, that “In recent years, competitive coyote hunting contests have been held by hunters. The Department does not sponsor, promote, or encourage coyote hunting tournaments.” and that “Coyote hunting contests are not only ineffective at controlling coyote populations, but these kinds of competitive coyote hunts are raising concerns on the part of the public and could possibly jeopardize the future of hunting and affect access to private lands for all hunters.” The full position statement document can be found here. Eastern coyotes (Canis latrans) mate for life. Adult males and females are the core of the family group. Often, the family group will include young of the year, and may occasionally include yearling coyotes from previous litters. It is tragic to imagine what the devastating effects of a mass killing would have on a coyote family. A 2005 news article covering a VT coyote killing contest may be read here. Wooded areas specifically will pose very real risks to your safety and that of your pets during the month of February if this contest is not stopped. Domestic dog breeds which closely resemble coyotes are at highest risk of being injured or worse. Please keep your dog near you and on-leash while you are in the woods or even avoid the woods if possible. Consider posting your land to make it legally off-limits to coyote hunters. All Vermonters concerned about this killing contest should take these immediate actions (Vermonters only, please): Sign and share this petition with other Vermonters on social media or by e-mail  Put a post on your local Front Porch Forum asking others to sign this petition. If not already a forum member, you can sign up for free here: Ask Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department Commissioner Louis Porter to use his position to eliminate coyote and other wildlife killing contests: Contact your legislators asking them to support legislation to stop coyote killing contests and the open season on coyotes. Find them here. Coyotes need your help to put an end to this and future coyote killing contests. Can they count on you?   

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