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Petition to John Stratton, Tami Erwin, Pat O’Bannon

Verizon Cell Phone Coverage in the Tuckahoe, Virginia and surrounding areas

Tuckahoe District and surrounding neighborhoods,   ***Update 5/29/2018- New Facebook Group created in order to upload and make public all communications with the County and Verizon.  We encourage you to join! ****As an update to this petition, we have received media coverage from two local news stations Channel 6, CBS and Channel 8, ABC.  We are actively reaching out to the Executives at Verizon Wireless. Please read below for more information. About 2.5 years ago we moved into Gaslight Neighborhood in the Tuckahoe District. We've consistently experienced cell phone coverage issues which include but are not limited to; dropped calls, unable to receive calls, unable to get a dial tone, echoes and static.  Like many, I work from my home office and my cell phone is my primary phone. Recently I came across a post on the NextDoor app that had many responses from people in our area dealing with the same issue.  I had no idea so many were impacted!  I thought we were in a small dead zone.  I’ve decided to create this petition to see if Verizon will provide one formal response and potential solution to us all.  From what I’ve read we are all calling Verizon and getting varying responses. Most recently I called Verizon on April 16, 2017.  I was informed that the Tuckahoe area is considered a "marginal" area of coverage.  The customer service rep could show we have plenty of towers accessible but went on to explain that some of these towers have likely not received the updates they need.  He was unable to tell me if or when they might be updated.  The only resolution offered was allowing us to leave our contract without penalty.   This petition is to accomplish the following: 1) To determine how many people in our area are paying for Verizon Wireless and receiving marginal coverage.  This petition will provide visibility. 2) To alert FCC and find out what can be done to remedy the issue. 3) To alert Pat O'Bannon, Tuckahoe District Board of Supervisors, how widely impacted our community is by this issue. 4) To engage with our neighbors to collaborate on ideas and suggestions. 5) To offer Verizon Wireless an opportunity to give a formal response and a proposed solution. If you are experiencing the same problems, please consider signing this petition. Please share this with your neighbors and help gather signatures. Sincerely, Andrea Berkshire

Andrea Berkshire
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Ajit Pai, Federal Communications Commission, Donald Trump, U.S. Senate

We The People Demand That FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Resign!!

We, the people of the United States of America, are requesting the swift resignation of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Of the 23.5 million comments left with the FCC regarding net neutrality, 98.5% of the unique comments strictly opposed Chairman Pai’s anti-Title II plan. An analysis performed back in November estimated that more than 7.75 million comments on the FCC’s website were also linked to fake email addresses generated by In addition to that discovery, more than 400,000 came from Russian email addresses. *To find out if your name was fraudulently used in the abuse of the FCC’s public process, click here. The same Russian schemes that interfered with our presidential election process were also at play in the corruption of the FCC’s public process. The threat to end net neutrality isn’t only about telecom corporations profiting hand over fist. This is also another rung on Trump’s ladder in his rise to dictatorship. Donald Trump has openly, and quite vehemently, waged war against the free press for refusing to engage in his gaslighting tactics and his appointment of Ajit Pai as FCC Chairman is yet another bullet in the chamber—waiting to be fired. Killing net neutrality makes Trump, the FCC and their bed-buddies at the largest telecom corporations in the nation, a force to be reckoned with. The rollback of net neutrality would be a violation of our First Amendment in that telecom corporations would have full carte blanche to exercise prioritization of content; using algorithmic functions that amplify their interests over the people’s. This is nothing more than censorship re-branded. While exiling consumers into lower tiers of access, the rollback of net neutrality gives telecom giants the authority to block access to free information that could potentially expose corrupt systems. Despite the alarming discoveries of corruption within the FCC’s public process, the real threat of citizen censorship and plans to deny access to free information— Pai has blatantly disregarded our concerns while moving forward with his plan. Ajit Pai’s role as FCC chairman is also a direct conflict of interest. According to the leadership guidelines posted on the FCC’s website; none of it’s commissioners can have a financial interest in any commission-related business. As the former lawyer for Verizon Communications Inc, Pai is carrying out their bidding through his recent appointment as FCC chairman. Over the past 9 years, Verizon along with Comcast, AT&T, and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association spent $572 million lobbying federal lawmakers to support their interests surrounding net neutrality. Not only was Ajit Pai on their payroll, he stands to benefit from his proposed plan, (assuming he isn’t currently) once his term is up. He is the plant, shill, and puppet to the telecom gods. What makes matters worse is that Pai’s plan lacks real regulatory guidelines and depends on an ‘honor system’. As outlined in his plan, the repeal would switch regulatory authority from the FCC to the Federal Trade Commission, even though the FTC’s chairman said the agency lacks the expertise, authority, and manpower to respond to abuses. Telecom corporations would ultimately be left to self-govern; while potentially abusing consumers with little to no threat of consequence. New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman, FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, and 28 senators have asked the FCC to delay the net neutrality vote until investigators have enough time to look into the theft of millions of Americans’ identities; some even deceased. In addition; the following states will be joining New York in suing the FCC to defend Net Neutrality protections: California Oregon Vermont Washington Delaware Hawaii Iowa Illinois Massachusetts Kentucky Maine Maryland North Carolina Mississippi Pennsylvania Virginia THIS IS AN ATTACK ON DEMOCRACY! Please sign and share this petition and stand in solidarity with aspirers, students, creators, innovators, story-tellers, influencers and agents of change from all over the world! Let’s keep net accessibility fair and equal; beginning with the call for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to resign! He is a threat to our social and economic well-being and he must be stopped!

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