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Petition to Kingston Council, Kingston & Sutton Shared Environment Service

Improve the safety & environment for residents and visitors to 5-9 St Mary’s Rd, KT6 4JG

Hello,  I’m looking for your support in improving the environment and safety outside our homes on St Mary’s Road.  The management of 5-9 St Mary’s Road have already helped by fixing signs to the building walls and now Kingston Council have said that they are willing to make vehicle restriction changes for us if we, the residents, want this change to happen.  Of course, any changes will go through the formal council process with appropriate notices placed and a consultation period.   Please ask all members of your household to sign the petition and together we can improve the area.  Thanks for your support! Objective To improve safety of residents, pedestrians and other road and pavement users by aligning the vehicle restrictions outside 5-9 St Mary’s Road, Surbiton, KT6 4JG to that of the roads in the immediate surrounding streets. This will include upgrading the current single yellow lines and also restricting parking directly in front of the fire exits, entrances and access points to properties. Background Due to the vehicle restrictions in the affected area differing to the immediate surrounding area, it is attractive for shoppers using Victoria Road  (especially Sainsbury’s supermarket) to use the area for short term parking, waiting and turning.  There have been a number of “near-miss” incidents involving both pedestrians and vehicles due to the areas heavy vehicle usage.  Vehicles also come round the corner at speed and are not aware of the entrances or pedestrians when parking and reversing. Affected Area Description The area affected is the service road opposite Surbiton Plaza connected to St Mary’s Road and has the following at its boundaries: ·      Pedestrian entrance to the residential flats 5-9 St Mary’s Road ·      Fire exit / alternate entrance to the residential flats 5-9 St Mary’s Road ·      Car park entrance to 5-9 St Mary’s Road ·      Rear access to the Victoria Road Shops (Snappy Snaps, Nail Salon, Shoe Menders) The area is part of the Surbiton Controlled Parking Zone ‘S’.   Alternative Parking There are many parking alternatives in the area which include: ·      30 minutes of free street parking ·      Free parking in the Sainsbury’s car part with a £5 spend ·      Pay and display street parking ·      Pay and display car park on St Philip’s Road ·      Surbiton Station Car Park

Russell Longley
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Petition to Chris Grayling, Humza Yousaf, Fergus Ewing

Simplify the National Speed Limits!

Speed limits aren't as straightforward as you might think! A scary number of motorists are being caught out with speeding convictions because they're completely oblivious or bamboozled by the fact that speed limits on roads can vary depending on what classification your vehicle falls under. If you drive a Van or LGV/HGV you should be aware that the national speed limit is 10 miles an hour less than other vehicles on single and dual carriageways. However, if you drive a pick up truck or a car derived van, it can become a very grey area. Even the police sometimes struggle to define which speed limit is applicable to these vehicles, and the advice provided by the department for transport has been singularly unhelpful. Instead of trying to establish whether or not a complex series of rules and exemptions apply, what we'd like is the law to be updated for so called "dual purpose vehicles" and other commercial vehicles including vans and car derived vans, as the current legislation is outdated and not fit for purpose. Our suggested change would be for the national speed limit to be standardised to 60mph on single carriageways and 70mph on dual carriageways for all vehicles that weigh less than 3.5t (driveable on a standard 'B' licence), and the lower speed limits to only apply to vehicles over 3.5t (requiring a 'C1' or 'C' licence & above to drive) or vehicles towing a trailer (requiring a 'B+E' licence). This change would: - simplify the current legislation - modernise a law written 30 years ago for old vehicles using drum brakes, and taking into account advances in safety technology like disc brakes, improved stopping distances and ABS on modern vehicles - increase safety on roads by allowing the traffic to flow better - reduce driver frustration and the number of vehicles dangerously overtaking on bad roads (especially on roads like the A9). - allow businesses to move more efficiently across the country, reducing carbon emissions and delays - Reduce driver fatigue by reducing the number of hours spent behind the wheel each week, hopefully in turn reducing the number of accidents each year involving tired commercial drivers

Ben Law
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