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Little Caesars and Papa John’s: Take a Slice out of Cruelty—Offer Vegan Cheese!

I recently worked inside one of the largest dairy factory farms on the East Coast, one that touts its innovation as the first in the country to implement machine-milking of cows, known as “robo-milking.” Yet the horrors I documented at Mason Dixon Farms as a Compassion Over Killing undercover investigator reveal the much darker reality of this massive dairy factory. At Mason Dixon, which supplies to Land O’Lakes and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the largest milk marketing cooperative in the US, I witnessed violent abuse of mother cows on a regular basis, including workers kicking cows in the face or udders, jabbing cows with their elbows, bending and twisting their tails, and even punching them for fun. One time, I even saw a cow who was too weak to stand up being electrically shocked over 100 times. On this massive factory farm, 2,500 cows live in hazardous conditions, often getting stuck on large water troughs, unable to free themselves, and falling. Cows even walk in water contaminated with formaldehyde, which workers often handled without proper protective gear. I also watched as terrified cows were turned completely on their sides by an enormous machine, and then they had all four legs restrained so that their hooves could be sawed down in a frightening process. While this facility is not in the Papa John’s or Little Caesars supply chains, the cruelty I documented at Mason Dixon is, sadly, not an isolated case. Footage like mine has revealed time and time again that suffering is inherent in the dairy industry—from newborn calves being ripped from their mothers shortly after birth for the veal industry, to exhausted mother cows being trucked off to the slaughterhouse when they’re no longer producing milk. These haunting images are the sad reality of Big Dairy in America. Fortunately, however, millions of consumers are now waking up to the cruelty—as well as the health and environmental hazards—behind every carton of milk, and are increasingly choosing dairy-free options. Sales of dairy alternatives are soaring, even outpacing those of dairy itself, and the market is projected to reach $35 billion by 2024. But pizza giants like Papa John's and Little Caesars have yet to take a stand against the misery behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers an alternative: vegan cheese. So while pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, Lebron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are shaping the future of pizza by offering dairy-free cheese options, Papa John’s and Little Caesars are lagging behind. As leaders in the pizza industry, Papa John’s and Little Caesars have an opportunity to make a meaningful change for consumers and cows alike through a simple addition to their menus. Please join me in urging these chains to take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese. In solidarity, “Ross” (Compassion Over Killing undercover investigator) (*this language was updated from an earlier version)

Compassion Over Killing
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Petition to Wendy's, Todd A. Penegor, Kurt A. Kane, Abigail E. Pringle, Leigh A. Burnside, Liliana M. Esposito, M. Coley O'Brien, Gunther Plosch, Laura D. Titas, E.J. Wunsch

Tell Wendy’s To Carry A Plant-Based Burger Nationally!

When I was younger, I used to love going to my local Wendy’s for a frostie and a burger. However, now that I am in college and more often in a situation where I need to grab a fast bite on the go, I am not able to enjoy any meal options at my nearby Wendy’s because my diet has changed to exclude options that involve animal cruelty. I would be more than happy to become a regular customer at Wendy’s again if Wendy’s were to catch up to their competitors at Burger King, Carl’s Jr, and Hardee’s in carrying a plant-based burger for customers to enjoy. Sign and share to ask Wendy’s to join 2019 and offer a Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods burger throughout its national supply chain! A plant-based burger would not only be better for animal welfare, the environment, and health, but also great for business at Wendy’s. Beyond Meat recently went public with investments and raised nearly a quarter of a billion dollars while also soaring 163% from their original IPO (the biggest increase for a US company since 2000). There has been rapidly increasing consumer demand for a plant-based burger and Wendy’s is falling behind the times and missing an enormous opportunity by not offering any plant-based meal options in a year when 39% of consumers in the United States say they are actively trying to incorporate more plant-based foods in their diet. Restaurants including TGI Fridays, Qdoba, Dunkin’, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, and Subway, are offering plant-based meat as a way to be more accessible and tap into the growing demand and popularity of plant-based eating. At A&W for instance, the Beyond Burger boosted yearly sales by 10% and sold out in several locations on the first day. And Burger King launched an Impossible Whopper nation-wide after just months of piloting it.  Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the animal welfare, environmental, and health issues tied to meat consumption and are looking to eat their meals in ways that are better for the planet, for animals, and for their health. Wendy’s has an amazing opportunity here to catch up to the times and to their competitors. Tell Wendy’s the time to act on consumer demand and trends by carrying a plant-based burger is now!

Lana Weidgenant
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