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Petition to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

Stop Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare killing animals for their cafe

"My own view, and that of every decent minded person, is that no animal should be caused to suffer at all for any reason." Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins, MBE, founder of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, East Sussex. Sadly Miss Raymonde-Hawkins died in 1998 and those in charge of her sanctuary now serve meat, dairy, egg and fish in their café.  Since Raystede is also an educational centre, inviting families and school parties to learn from them how to be compassionate towards animals, serving animal products in their café is sending a confusing message, one which is very detrimental to the cause. Visitors look to Raystede for an example of how best to be kind to animals. If they see that Raystede condones animal farming they will not be likely to question it themselves and millions of animals will continue to be bred for the butcher's knife at the sanctuary supporters' bidding. If Raystede served only plant-based food in its café then it would send a clear and consistent message:“There is no need for animal protein in the human diet and therefore eating it is done only for pleasure. Animals suffer horrifically for the meat, fish, dairy and egg industries and since hurting animals for pleasure goes against everything Raystede stands for, it will not serve animal products in its café.” We therefore ask that those in charge of Raystede demonstrate their compassion for ALL animals by refusing to sell products of animal cruelty on its premises.  Please make the cafe vegan.

Edward Burbank
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Petition to Indian Parliament, Vegan Society, Dominic rabb MP, Liz Truss MP, Philippines parliament, Indonesian Parliament, Sri Lankan Government, Vietnam Parliament, Myanmar parliament, Import coconuts, United Nations Environment Program, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), President of the United States, Tesco, MORRISONS, Sainsbury, Mike Coupe, aldi, Waitrose, Walmart, Target, Jeremy Corbyn

End Monkey Cruelty and labour: Stop captive, abused Monkeys being used to pick coconuts

We have reached over 300 signatures! I can't thank you all enough <3 I am so happy that 200 more people know this is going on and can help stop this barbaric and medieval practice  Monkeys are being used to pick coconuts all over Asia. This must stop! We need to lobby the governments, importers and retailers of coconuts to firstly raise awareness of the use of animal labour to show this isn’t acceptable to the general public.  Supermarkets must stop selling these products in the UK, Europe and North America. Eventually, supermarkets must stop selling these coconuts globally so monkeys are no longer condemned to a life of misery and this practice is ended forever.   PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. WHETHER THEY SUPPORT THIS CAUSE OR NOT THEY SHOULD KNOW HOW THEIR FOOD IS PRODUCED. Remember this isn't just coconuts themselves but coconut milk, and by-products used in curries, cakes, biscuits. Also, remember coconut milk is used as a replacement for dairy in vegan products.   For many vegans eating food produced without harming animals is a priority and the main reason for their lifestyle choice. Coconut milk is often used as a dairy replacement and therefore being able to verify coconuts are cruelty-free is essential. The aims of this petition: the UK bans all imports of coconuts picked by monkeys The EU bans all imports of coconuts picked by monkeys North America bans imports of coconuts picked by monkeys The vegan society and vegetarian society certify coconuts and coconut products picked by humans   All UK supermarkets stop the sales of coconuts picked by monkeys Supermarkets globally must stop selling these coconuts and using them in their products Lobby Asian government for tighter animal cruelty legislation and to retire animals in work  The UK, EU and North American governments  should lobby Asian countries to outlaw this practice   Top producers of coconuts:                                       Production in tonnes 1.Indonesia                  21.566 million 2. Philippines                 15.67 million 3. India                           10.2 million 4. Sri Lanka                     2.099 million  5. Brazil                            1.973 million 6. Thailand                     1.38 million 7. Vietnam                        1.128 million 8. Mexico.                        1.005 million  9 Papua New Guinea.      0.93 million 10 Tanzania                       0.577 million  Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and China are also among countries use Monkeys to pick coconuts   I have moved back from Asia recently and many Thai people care deeply for animals. But often plantations have several monkeys and it is normal to keep monkeys as pets in cages and on chains in rural areas. Often Asian citizens struggle to make a change due to governments dismissing the use of animals in the industry as traditional, cultural and normal. There just isn't the legislation in place and when there is it is lax legislation where words like 'cruelty' are not defined. This means there are never, or very rarely prosecutions. Coconuts are a big export product and in Thailand, for example, you see people selling coconuts everywhere. Often owners of big plantations have local political connections so things don't change- there are too many financial interests involved. We live in a global age and we can support our friends in Asia by showing our disapproval by petitioning and stopping supermarkets in the UK selling these coconuts and coconut products. Many won't even by aware animal labour is used. If European and American companies stop buying these products then things will change. A BIG PART OF THIS CAMPAIGN IS EDUCATION FOR INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES AND GOVERNMENTS. Let's get this on the radar of those in power as an issue the public care about and want to see recognised and changed.  AND CHANGE IS POSSIBLE-Elephants have been retired from logging in Thailand so the more who sign the petition the better the chances we have to show governments and companies we don't want unethical products made with cruelty    A good resource to learn more can be found here: Nathan J. Winograd states: 'Agile and adept climbers, pig-tailed macaques are acquired as infants by trainers who find them in the wild, shoot their mothers to steal the baby primates, chain them by the neck and train them to climb trees and pick coconuts through the use of terrible brutality. They are trained into submission with whips and beatings. This includes forcing the monkeys to develop strong back leg muscles so that they can stand upright, an unnatural position for these animals, by hanging them by their neck for hours, even overnight, to develop strength.' Please be careful with the products you buy. Monkeys are intelligent creatures and deserve better than this  further info can be found : Coconuts aren't vegan:   Please sign the petition to raise awareness and help end this barbaric practice. I WILL BE MAKING A PETITION ON THE UK GOV WEBSITE AS THIS IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT YET IGNORED TOPIC. PLEASE KEEP SIGNING  

Charlotte Mackenzie
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