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Petition to Enrique Peña Nieto, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Jaime

Investigate into Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

REOPENING A CLOSED PETITION BY GLOBAL MARCH FOR LIONS!   All we want is honesty and clarity from Black Jaguar White Tiger. So in starting this petition we hope to gain some answers, as so far BJWT ignore. We will not allow young people and celebrities to be duped into believing that cub petting and playing with big cats is right. It's WRONG. Very wrong.  READ THIS TO EDUCATE YOURSELF & OPEN YOUR EYES TO WHAT IS HAPPENING...   Questions many people are uncertain about... ARE YOU BJWT REALLY RESCUING YOUR BIG CATS? WHY DO BJWT ALLOW PEOPLE TO PET/PLAY WITH YOUR BIG CATS? ARE BTWJ REALLY RAISING AWARENESS OF THE PLIGHT OF BIG CATS? HAVE BJWT DE-CLAWED SOME OF THEIR BIG CATS? WHY DO BJWT BLOCK ANYONE QUESTIONING THEIR FACILITY? CELEBRITIES, WHY ARE YOU BEING IRRESPONSIBLE BY SHARING IMAGES/VIDEO OF YOU SELFISHLY PETTING?   BJWT are a "Foundation/facility" established and located in Mexico by Eduardo Serio. Their website - Read this report on BJWT - Eduardo Serio from your photos and videos, it seems you are a "Kevin Richardson FANBOY".  Eduardo Serio CONSTANTLY posts videos and photos of his interactions with big cats. He and BJWT allow "celebrities" and the general public to play and cuddle and ABUSE the big cats WITHOUT ANY proper education, conservation work, research or work displayed that they are working for greater protection for big cats. If anyone reading this believes petting big cats, in particular small motherless cubs is remotely ethical... you are wrong. QUESTIONS ARE YOU REALLY RESCUING YOUR BIG CATS? An answer many of us are given (from their "fans") is based on Mexico "banning" circuses from breeding. Yet BJWT seems to have CONSTANT arrivals of newborn lions and tigers, often days old cubs. If breeding has been banned, then these "rescues" seem to be pre-arranged with the breeders, to then take the cubs in, meaning breeding is still happening.Are BJWT therefore, reporting these breeders to authorities and what are they doing to help clamp down on this breeding?Or, are BJWT breeding themselves? We don't know as there is a dark cloak over BJWT.BJWT confirm that they house MALES and FEMALES TOGETHER and that they are on NO CONTRACEPTION.. how irresponsible is that?!  ARE BTWJ REALLY RAISING AWARENESS OF THE PLIGHT OF BIG CATS? Throughout the BJWT website and social media platforms, there is no photographic or video evidence of any rescue (like that you would see from the likes of FourPaws International, Animal Defenders International (ADI), Big Cat Rescue and many other genuine rescue operations).In fact all you see is Eduardo Serio and visitors to the BJWT petting and playing with their big cats.A hashtag on their social media posts does not constitute as education and awareness. Nor does it mean BJWT are doing any genuine rescue or work for big cat legislation or greater issues.BJWT do not appear to show any sign of working TOGETHER with the government as they say. In fact, they displayed a government document recently, which happened to not even include any mention of BJWT, strange?BJWT do not display any partnerships with local or international associationsBJWT do not have any details on their website regarding big cat statistics, research, articles or any other work for big cats.BJWT does not appear to be represented at any major governmental decision process, such as the US push for Cecil's law and the European Union demand for a trophy importation ban to imports of lion and other big cat parts..BJWT do not even call for greater big cat protection, neither on their website nor in their social media  Are BJWT not simply a private petting zoo??   HAVE BJWT DE-CLAWED SOME OF THEIR BIG CATS? There are reports that you de-clawed 1-2 of your cats, please confirm this BJWT  WHY DO BJWT ALLOW & ENCOURAGE UNETHICAL CUB PETTING? If BJWT are against the ill-treatment of big cats, then why do they play with them? Human hands on big cats isn't a natural thing in the first place, in fact it tames them even more to man than necessary, allows harmful oils to be transferred from human hands to the cat's skin Playing with big cats is not advised as there is a potential danger to the person from attackBJWT seem to enjoy attracting celebrities to "come play with our babies - these celebrities are then helping create a seriously unhealthy situation, whereby they then post their "petting a lion cub or tiger" video or photo, thus attracting their fans to do likewise, this then creates a larger issue that we see today... cub petting and the excessive breeding and exploitation of big cats.You "celebrities" and anyone petting big cats are part of the problem big cats face today.. BJWT are culpable for that by allowing this petting to continue  PEOPLE CALL BJWT A "SANCTUARY", THIS IS WRONG A true sanctuary by definition DOES NOT allow any interaction with their animals as they consider this to be a harmful unnatural practiceBJWT are accused of breeding and having improper birth control for their big cats - again this goes against the fundamental operations that a true sanctuary works towards - no breeding and no petting  WHY DO BJWT BLOCK ANYONE QUESTIONING THEIR FACILITY? Myself and many others have expressed concern to BJWT and have genuinely asked for evidence to counter all of the above ... sadly I and others have been blocked from their social media, preventing BJWT from answeringI and many others have emailed our concerns and questions to BJWT directly - thus far, those emails have gone unansweredIt's clear BJWT do not wish to answer genuine questions  CELEBRITIES, WHY ARE YOU BEING IRRESPONSIBLE BY SHARING IMAGES/VIDEO OF YOU SELFISHLY PETTING? High profile people have a duty to act responsiblyVisiting BJWT and partaking in cub petting and playing with big cats is unethical and ABUSEBy sharing images & video on your social media, you are creating a sham and a continued deceipt towards your fans and followers by leading them to believe that cub petting is ethical when it isn't. Shame on you Celebrities.Putting hands on a captive big cat benefits only one.. the selfish YOU  We simply wish to have answers, as genuine people who are extremely concerned as to where Black Jaguar White Tiger's big cats are coming from and to their current state of abuse from cub petting. Why do BJWT hide? Time for answers and clarity which will hopefully make us all understand better. However at this moment, BJWT are condemned as an unsafe, innaproriate and abusing facility based on current evidence and lack of, combined with their silent behaviour resulting in us having to start this petition to try and gain answers. Sign and share this petition if you also would like a clear explanation and the condemn those who share the unethical practice of cub petting, that leads to even more cub petting and exploitation. Thank you everyone who have researched and drawn attention to this matter... NO ONE should be petting and playing with lion & tiger cubs for their own gratification - not even "celebrities".

Andrea @AYVEEGAN Diaz
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Petition to Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, Luigi Bonini, Chris Carr, Adam Brotman, Aimee Johnson, Rosalind Brewer

Starbucks: Take the Next Step and Offer a Vegan Food Menu!

Starbucks was one of the first national coffee chains to offer soy milk, and in the past year, the company has also added coconut milk to its menu as well as announced the expansion of its Animal Welfare-Friendly Practices. In light of these positive steps forward, Starbucks should continue its progress by taking the next step: offer vegan food options!      Right now, a growing number of consumers looking for dairy-free coffee beverages can turn to Starbucks for soy milk or coconut milk – but that’s where Starbuck’s menu falls short.  Plant-based food options are limited to oatmeal and a few pre-packaged fruit-based snacks. By expanding its food menu to include hearty meat-, egg-, and dairy-free options such as vegan muffins or a protein-packed breakfast sandwich, Starbucks would give existing customers more choices while also reaching out to a new customer-base. This simple change will allow so many more customers to add a breakfast item with their coffee, stay for lunch, enjoy a pastry, or grab some food to go. Recent market trend research shows that vegan eating is hitting the mainstream. A recent restaurant industry journal noted that “Millennials are increasingly interested in vegan cuisine, and more than 60 percent consume meat alternatives.” Consumer interest in plant-based food and drink has become so widespread that Starbucks acknowledges that its decision to add coconut milk was based on customer requests – it was one of the “most popular My Starbucks Ideas of all time!” Other national chains similar to Starbucks are already responding to the consumer interest in plant-based options. For example, in addition to dairy-free milk for coffee, Le Pain Quotidien’s menu features several hearty vegan options from breakfast through dessert, Au Bon Pain has a daily vegan soup, and Einstein Bros Bagels offers hummus or peanut butter toppings for bagels. It is clear that consumer demand is shifting towards healthier and more humane foods, and Starbucks has taken the first steps to respond. Now it’s time for the company to take the next step -- and take the lead -- by offering a substantial plant-based food options.  Starbucks has already shown that it listens to consumer requests, so please sign this petition to let the company know that you appreciate the dairy-free milk options, and you’re ready for a vegan food menu!

Jane Velez-Mitchell and Compassion Over Killing
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Petition to The mods of /r/food, /u/Spez

Make the subreddit /r/food allow the word 'vegan' in post submissions!

What the problem is: You can NOT include the word 'vegan' when posting to /r/food, a subreddit which all new users are initially subscribed to. What does /r/food say?: /r/Food currently says: "We are a general food sub and do not endorse any dietary regiment over another. We do not allow users to promote their dietary lifestyles or anything politically related here. There are other subs for that."  What do petition signers say?: Just as the phrase 'Mexican food' attracts people who like to eat spicy tacos, the word 'vegan' attracts a wide variety of consumers of vegan products, many whom are not dietary activists/advocates. In this demographic are people who may have to adopt a restrictive diet, often a vegan one, as they have food allergies or a preexisting medical condition; other times, people adopt a restrictive diet for religious and/or ethical reasons. So overall, we are NOT asking /r/food to support animal rights legislation and activist vegan propaganda! We just want users to be allowed to use the descriptor word 'vegan' as this word enables users to easily distinguish between posts and would bring a unique variety of posts to the homogeneous 'meat/dairy' posts currently present on /r/food. Why not you just post to /r/Vegan?:  Users shouldn't have to be redirected to another subreddit which is a subset of a larger community and has a smaller demographic with different interests. Suppose I place a dad joke on /r/Jokes. Would it make sense for a mod to redirect my dad joke to /r/dadjokes even though dad jokes are also allowed on /r/Jokes? French food is a subgroup of food. Vegetables are a subgroup of food. Vegan food is a subgroup of food.

Harold Hechi
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Petition to Cynthia Chase, David Terrazas, Chris Krohn, Sandy Brown, Richelle Noroyan, Cynthia Mathews, Martine Watkins, Bruce McPherson, Ryan Coonerty, Jeff Rosell, Martín Bernal, Dr. Arnold Leff, Keith McHenry, Abbi Samuels

Support the right of Food Not Bombs to share free food, info and ideas in Santa Cruz

Petition in support of the right of groups like Food Not Bombs to share free food, information and ideas with the community in public spaces of Santa Cruz, California. We the undersigned support the right of groups like Food Not Bombs to share free food, information and ideas with the community in public spaces of Santa Cruz, California. There has never been a more important time for people to share free nutritious meals, information and ideas with the public. Political and economic instability threaten the future of our environment, our civil liberties, our safety and our community. Encouraging a change in society through public gatherings with literature, signs and a message that we have many hungry neighbors is a constitutionally protected First Amendment right. We endorse efforts to alleviate hunger and build public support to create a society of abundance and peace, where no one is forced to live on the streets or seek food at a soup kitchen. We also appreciate how the groups sharing free food pick up the litter after their meals leaving the area cleaner than they found it. Gifts of compassion and love are always an unregulated activity, never requiring permission from government officials. We ask you to support these rights and join in the effort to end hunger, poverty, war, exploitation and the destruction of the environment.

Keith McHenry
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