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Petition to Valve

Valve: Please make Game Activity a showcase and give a way to pick your profile badges.

Please make "Recent Game Activity" an optional showcase and give users the option to select their 4 badges currently on display. Having the ability to customize your Steam profile is one reason many users such as myself still use Steam. I do not even play any games; I stay around to chat with people and come up with pretty Steam profile designs. I also spend time looking for awesome game badges to craft in order to make the colors on my profile blend nicer. While the current system is certainly is an improvement, it still restricts users from being able to fully express their creativity and style. You are forced to have 4 badges on display, and they become updated every year or each time you buy a new game. It would mean a lot if I could actually choose the 4 badges on my profile, without worrying about them getting ruined randomly. In fact, this said lack of ability keeps me from buying new games, because I don't want to mess up my profile I put a lot of effort into. In addition, for years now, tens of thousands of users have abused a small bug related to editing the "steam_appid.txt" on certain games in order to clear their game history. There are many guides for this - such as this one with over 30,000 views: On March 10, 2018, the bug was partially patched, but not even a day later, thousands of Steam users had already found a new exploit to clear their game history. Clearly, this small (although seemingly silly) and unintentional gimmick means a lot to a lot of people. So my question is: why not just make recent game history an optional showcase? It fills up your profile with a bunch of games -- especially when you're using artwork showcases or other showcases. A lot of people don't even use showcases for this reason alone, because the profile page becomes too long and bloated. If, as a replacement, you need something to fill the void on people's profiles, then make a minimum limit of 1 showcase, but that showcase doesn't have to be recent game history, although it can certainly be the default. And why not let us choose our badges? We want to be able to customize our profiles fully. Without restrictions. Without being forced to look for silly workarounds or bugs. Heck, there is even an entire subreddit dedicated to customizing your Steam profile - This minor change would make a lot of us love Steam more; and make Steam more than just a gaming platform.

Ally Delacroix
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Petition to Steam Development, Gabe Newell

Valve please enable steam web store full site HTTPS support

EN: Steam used to have Full Site HTTPS, and then however they disabled it, in a way that force users to access steam store over plain HTTP. In 2017, more and more web companies are switching to HTTPS -even personal blogs are HTTPS only now- and steam is still using unencrypted plain HTTP. Plain HTTP leaks personal info. Because it's not encrypted at all. Anyone on the connection route can easily see (even modify) the traffic data. Some ISPs add Ad in the HTTP web content and collect users metadata. Steam client web store is almost unusable these days in China because plain HTTP can easily trigger keyword censorship which breaks the connection (TCP RST Packet). As a result of this censorship users are getting code 10x errors. As users there isn't any workaround: using VPN with Steam client is strictly prohibited, for good reasons. The only solution is HTTPS. We need HTTPS. It can keep the connection stable. It's also a good move to protect users' personal info as well. CN: Steam 从前有全站 HTTPS,但是后来他们取消掉了。所以用户们只能使用 HTTP 来访问 Steam 商店。 在 2017 年,越来越多的互联网企业都开始使用 HTTPS,甚至个人博客也在用,而 Steam 仍在使用未加密的 HTTP。 HTTP 会泄漏用户信息,因为传输内容没有任何加密,路由上的任何人都可以查看甚至修改传输内容,一些 ISP 在 HTTP 网页中植入广告、收集用户信息。 在中国,近期 Steam 在线商店几乎处于不可用状态,HTTP 会触发审查机制,引发连接中断(TCP RST Packet),使用户持续遇到 10x 的错误信息。 作为用户,并没有什么解决方法,使用 VPN 是严格禁止的,唯一的解决办法就是 HTTPS。 我们需要 HTTPS。HTTPS 可以维持连接稳定不被审查、并且可以保护用户数据。

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