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PURPOSE: To show the Chatham County Board of Commissioners that the people of Chatham County are against the Chapter 22 Revised Ordinance for the following main reasons: 1. Vaccination and Licensing Requirements – Rabies vaccination minimal age SHOULD be determined between owner and a licensed veterinarian not at three months2. Tag to be attached – Dangerous to leave collars with tags on dogs. An ID Card may be more helpful3. Fees – veterinarians should not be required to collect license fees and taxes for vaccinations. This procedure would increase their operating expenses which would be passed on to their clients4. Impoundment of Unlicensed, Unvaccinated Dogs or Cats – Many registries are available not only AKC. Dogs should not be altered (spayed or neutered) upon impoundment for many reasons including health issues. Show dogs are no longer able to show once altered5. Animal Confinement and Left Unattended in Parked Car – Ordinance does not mention anything about a citizen entering a vehicle to save an animal and not being responsible for vehicle damages after calling animal services or the police without a timely response6. Too much language in the ordinance regarding “mandatory spay & neutering” when the dog is impounded “for any violation of the ordinance” and states immediately or within five days. It also states after five days, ownership is transferred to Animal Services

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Petition to Pam Staneski, Fred Camillo

Vaccinations are Killing Our Pets - Fight for Smart Vaccinating

Above is a picture of Mickey, my one and a half year old Dachshund a few hours after his distemper shot.  As we were driving home, red bumps started to appear on his nose.  Before my eyes, more bumps kept popping up and swelling until the bumps joined and his muzzle was double its size.  Both eyes swelled shut.   I thought he was going to die in my arms because it was happening so fast, and we were stuck in traffic on the highway between exits.  Plus it was a Saturday, and all the local vets offices would be closing soon.  Luckily, we got him to another vet on time. This picture was taken one hour after he was treated with Benadryl and steroid shots, and the swelling was coming down! Help make vaccines safer.  We need you to become part of a movement to change vaccination laws across the country, starting in the State of Connecticut!  State representatives Pam Staneski and Fred Camillo have introduced a common sense bill to protect our pets from over vaccination.  This groundbreaking law will allow vets to vaccinate pets according to their weight and would require titers to determine immunity instead of yearly revaccinations.      We have been lied to long enough.  The paradigm that we must vaccinate our dogs, cats, ferrets and farm animals yearly because it protects them from disease and because it is the law is killing our animals.  Did you know that a 180 lb. dog is injected with the same amount of vaccine that a 2 lb dog is injected with?  Does that even make sense?  Of course not.  An animal's age, health, weight, and breed all need to be taken into consideration before vaccinating.  Our beloved animals are dying and having immediate severe vaccination reactions to rabies and other shots, yet vaccine reactions are not required to be reported.  Ask yourself why?  Who benefits from the silence?  Cancer.  Thyroid disease.  Autoimmune disease.  Allergies.  These are running rampant as the lives and immune systems of our pets are being irreparably harmed from over vaccination, and we trustingly continue to deliver our fur babies into the hands of drug companies and corporate greed.  Veterinarians are bound by law to follow vaccine manufacturer guidelines or risk losing their license.  Let's untie their hands!  Let’s change the law! It is extremely important to understand that giving our pet a vaccination does not guarantee our pet is immune from a disease.  Immunity is only an ASSUMPTION.  The only way to know if a vaccine worked is to do a titer, a blood test that will show if immunity was developed.  In many European countries, pets cannot be brought into the country until they have a rabies shot, and thirty days later a titer is done to prove that the rabies shot actually worked.  Common sense isn’t it?  Studies have proven that pets can be given a dose appropriate for their size, and they will develop the proper immunity to a disease.  It's 2017, and we have the science behind us!  If the law were changed to require titers in the U.S., we wouldn’t need to bring our pets back for continual revaccinations for rabies and other vaccinations because they would be immune for life.  AND we would know for certain that our pets and families were protected.  This is good, honest medicine that cares about our companion animals and our families’ health, not the pocketbook of big corporations.  Please add your name to support the State of Connecticut to be the first state in the country to put its pets and families first.  If you had a pet or know of one that died from a vaccination or had a serious reaction, please write your story in the comments.  We are awaiting a date for a hearing in Hartford, CT.  We need as many people come to Hartford and speak out for our animals as possible.  As soon as that date is set, we will let you know.  Thank you for your support!   

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Petition to Connecticut State Board of Veterinary Medicine, Office of the Governor of Connecticut, Office of the Attorney General of Connecticut, Office of the Attorney General Connecticut

Drop Charges against John M. Robb, DVM

On February 1st, the Connecticut State Board will rule on DVM John Robb's license to practice veterinary medicine.  The Mars Company (Banfield Veterinary Hospitals) filed a complaint against Dr Robb in 2012 and took his hospital.     In spite of the existing rabies law that is arbitrary and not based on science, Dr. Robb correctly understood that the dose for a rabies vaccine for small dogs could not be the same as large dogs, and humanely and morally gave small dogs in his care a smaller dose of the vaccine.  Small dogs are much more likely to have adverse reactions to the rabies vaccine, including death.   Over-vaccination has been harming or killing animals for years, and the laws are not based on the available scientific facts.   Additionally, a simple blood titer could indicate whether a dog (or cat) even needs to be revaccinated, but this is not recognized by the law. During Dr. Robb's trial, one heartless veterinarian stated that it didn't matter that small dogs died from the standard 1cc dose that is given regardless of whether the dog is a Great Dane or a Chihuahua.    He and the other vets and officials trying to revoke Dr Robb's license are blind to the fact that these are our PETS -- our FAMILY!     Veterinarians who care about animals are cutting doses all the time, because they don't want to see dogs in their care get chronically ill from the vaccine, or worse, die.     The science behind the rabies vaccine is clear and is available from Jean Dodds who is leading the Rabies Challenge Study and Ronald Schultz, Veterinary Immunologist.   The Board stated that they don't care about science; they were simply out to get Dr. Robb.   The veterinary and vaccine industry need to take a second look at what they are doing to our pets, and not single out Dr. Robb for his humanity.    Please show some heart and drop the charges against Dr. Robb.

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