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Petition to Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, CSCA , Justin Bua, Katherine C. Tobin, Ph.D., Gail Anderson

Let’s Make Bruce Lee be the 1st Asian American Celebrity on a USPS Forever Stamp!

Please Sign the Petion to Make Bruce Lee be the 1st Asian American Celebrity on a USPS Forever Stamp!Pictured Above are My Forever Stamp Designs that I've Created to Imagine What a Bruce Lee Forever Stamp Could Be..... Let Us All Honor the Life & Legacy of Bruce Lee The Dragon and Make Bruce Lee the 1st Asian American Celebrity on a United States Forever Postage Stamp. I'm Restarting a Proposal Today July 20th, 2017 on The 44th anniversary of Bruce Lee's passing - July 20th, 1973. This is the Start of a Brand New Proposal to Honor Bruce Lee with a USPS: United States Postal Service Commemorative Forever Stamp. Bruce Lee's Birth Nov. 27, 1940, Occurred both in the Year and the Hour of the Dragon in San Francisco and as such Bruce Lee is an American A U.S. citizen. Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee's Daughter) Started a Proposal back in 2011 to Petition the U.S. Postal Service to come out with a stamp commemorating Bruce Lee for "The Year of the Dragon 2012"Here's a Link to Shannon Lee talking about Her Father and the Bruce Lee Stamp Campaign that Started in 2011 : I know we can get enough Support and Show the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) That the Life & Legacy of Bruce Lee is Strong. We can show that Bruce Lee was an American Icon - and while Bruce Lee was Chinese by ethnicity, Bruce Lee was American by Nationality. Any which way you look at it, Bruce Lee is an American Star with a Global Audience. There has never been an Asian American celebrity on a U.S. stamp and With these Petition Signatures, We ask the The U.S. Postal Service(USPS) and the Members of the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) the approval for a postage stamp Honoring the Life and Legacy of The Dragon Bruce Lee.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Decision Makers for Bruce Lee to be The 1st Asian Asian American Celebrity on a United States Postal Service(USPS) Forever Stamp are the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC). Every single Petition signed will be sent to each and every Member of the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC). Justin Bua is the one Member of Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) that We have on our side is The award-winning urban and hip-hop artist Justin Bua. BUA painted "Dragon Eyes" masterpiece in acrylics and it was used as the official 75th anniversary painting for Bruce Lee’s birthday. Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shanda Lee, and BUA signed 75 paintings in his honor. (  A video of Justin Bua and Shannon Lee signing the 75 Bruce Lee "Dragon Eyes paintings: ( Excerpt from BUA:"When I was a kid I used to take the train in NYC down to 42nd st. and Times Square just so I could catch the latest Bruce Lee movie. Enter the Dragon and Game of Death were my favorite. I must have seen those two movies a hundred times. Bruce was the epitome of cool, calm and spiritually collected while still being the baddest Martial Arts Master EVER! I would sit in the theater, take out my sketch book and draw Bruce in different wild and crazy poses. For me, painting one of my childhood idols was a dream come true. I feel like Bruce Lee inspired rap groups like Wu Tang, B-Boys and DJ's alike." The Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC): Committee members:11 members as of February 2017 Gail AndersonPartner, Anderson Newton Design; instructor, School of Visual Arts; author. Peter ArgentineFounder, Argentine Productions, specializing in media design and production for museums, national parks, visitor centers, science centers and television. Justin BuaAward-winning artist known for his style of “distorted urban realism.” B. J. BuenoFounder, The Cult Branding Company; partner, Nonbox Consulting. Dr. Cheryl R. GanzAuthor, curator of Philately Emerita, former chief curator of Philately, and former lead curator of the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. Janet Klug, ChairPhilatelist, author, retired. Carolyn LewisFormer chief executive of Texwood Furniture Inc; former Governor, U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors. Harry RinkerAntiques and collectibles appraiser, author, collector, columnist, educator, and lecturer, host of WHATCHA GOT? Maruchi SantanaFounder, Parham Santana - The Brand Extension Agency. Katherine C. Tobin, Ph.D.Commissioner, U.S. – China Economic & Security Review Commission; former Governor, U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors; and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education. Donna de VaronaTV sports commentator, Olympic swimming champion, select Director of the Board, U.S. Soccer Foundation.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Let's Walk On! And have Bruce Lee be the 1st Asian American Celebrity on a USPS Forever Stamp!@bruceleedragon1#BruceLeeStamps

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Petition to Joshua Cooper Ramo

Shutdown FedEx USA for incompetence of delivering packages

FedEx in the past year has had a growing problem with delivering packages to residential addresses on time.  Their drivers are not correctly updating statuses, causing delays, keeping customers money, and making the correction of these issues are nearly impossible with poor customer service and lack of caring.   I have had a business FedEx account for years, faithful customer, spending thousands of dollars per year.  The past 3 months every single over night delivery package has been late or the driver has incorrectly updated my status, which is a complete Lie on why they could not deliver the package.   The most common Delivery exception FedEx will give is "Customer not available or Business closed Door tag will provide the time and address of the FedEx location where you may pick up your shipment, and also indicate if another delivery attempt will be made" Many of you have seen this exact message even though you are sitting there waiting for your package.  Many of you have called FedEx support, asking for the driver to return only for the driver to re-update the status with the exact same message. FedEx' technology is outdated, Their drivers are untrained, and the higher ups are being paid Top Dollar to provide subpar services.  I only see one clear choice to fix these problems: Shutdown FedEx USA for incompetence of delivering packages Americans as consumers hold the power to shaping corporations who earn millions/billions/trillions in profits, and only we will decide who stays in business or who's doors must closed. I see FedEx' doors closing, I see new delivery companies rising from others failures.  If you have had a terrible experience with FedEx, please share this petition so FedEx will shut down and a new delivery service will rise from the ashes! 

Jason West
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