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Petition to FDA, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, United States Department of Health and Human Services, California State Senate


Were you aware the FDA does NOT regulate cosmetics and personal products as much as we assume? They state, 'their legal authority over cosmetics is different from their authority over other products THEY REGULATE, such as drugs, biologics, and medical devices. Under the law, cosmetic products and ingredients DO NOT need FDA premarket approval, with the exception of color additives'. Our government has failed to update the cosmetic acts in the US code since 1938! If the FDA can NOT be held responsible for MONITORING toxic chemicals and ingredients in our everyday products, who is? According to the FDA, it is the US codes responsibility, since it is the FDA's duty to follow the US statutes. We are in dire need of an update on 21USC 361, 21USC 362, which are in the US code under the cosmetic acts. The FDA is presumed to "enforce" these laws but apparently, has other priorities. They have NOT done so SINCE 1938!  Do you wear makeup? Make-up alone contains hundreds and hundreds of unmonitored chemicals, toxins etc. That is only the tip of the iceberg not considering, face washes, shampoos, body washes, lotions, and hair products.Feminine products are 20% more expensive than masculine products. The right to petition your government is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  (If we gather 100,000 signatures within 30 days.) We are being overcharged and undervalued as contributing citizens. It is truly disappointing that the US government prefers monetary gain over citizen safety. Our mission is to make a change for the better. We NEED 100,000 signatures. We deserve peace of mind when purchasing ANY product, NOT JUST DRUGS! 

Ariana R.
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Petition to Democratic National Committee, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, Mike Gravel, Marianne Williamson

Have the DNC favor the donor threshold over the polling requirement to qualify for Debates

Fun facts about the 3rd Democratic Debate:• The DNC favors candidates having 2% in 4 DNC-Approved polls over the 130,000 individual donor threshold.• The DNC promised there would be 18 DNC-Approved polls for candidates to qualify for the 3rd Debate, but only 11 have been released.• Out of the 11 polls, the average polling size is 670 people. To get to 2% in a poll, 14 people need to say they are supporting X-candidate.• Between 4 polls, 56 or more people need to support a candidate in order for them to meet the polling requirement. Here are 3 issues with having the polling requirement supersede the donor threshold: 1.) Media Bias: To rise up in the polls, candidates need media exposure, which we know does not favor progressive candidates.2.) Generational Differences: Most of the line, to be included in a poll, supporters need to pick up calls from unknown numbers, which Gen X, Y, and Z most likely let those calls go to voicemail. 3.) Unbalanced Favoritism: Why does the DNC favor the support of 56 people who were polled over 130,000 individuals who have shown their support through a donation? Therein lies the problem. The fate of a candidate should not be determined by less than 60 people when 130,000 people are already showing their support. Based on the role the media plays in a candidate's perspective popularity, the way polls are conducted, and the undemocratic favoritism towards polling over individual donations — The DNC needs to change their bylaws to favor individual donors over the polling requirement to truly embody democratic principles. The benefit of changing the bylaw:• Favors the majority over the minority• Forces the media to give grassroots progressives who aren't household names more exposure• More media exposure strengthens campaigns and increases voter outreach If you believe the DNC bylaws should be changed to favor individual donations over the polling requirement, sign this petition!

Meg Slay
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