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Recall Representative Tim Burchett - TN - District 2

Tim Burchett continually fails to provide pandemic relief, acknowledgment of election results, or issue any statement providing accountability for the terrorist attack on US Capital.  Tim Burchett has spread lies and misinformation during a COVID 19 about the severity and potential spread. Burchett has chosen to do this from his personal Facebook and Twitter as well as his government accounts as well. He has also chosen to campaign maskless and host super-spreader events in his district while the pandemic raged on. Burchett has also championed misinformation on COVID 19 that was derived straight from conspiracies and the President. This spread of misinformation from a Government Official has sown doubts about COVID 19 deep into District 2's communities. This causes many people to go maskless despite Knox County alone already having seen 36,306 cases as of January 9, 2021.  Tim Burchett also has repeatedly championed election conspiracies. As of today, Burchett is one of the many Republicans that has yet to recognize President Biden's election results. Burchett has repeatedly sown election doubt and called the election's integrity into question. He did this up until the eve of the domestic terrorist attack on DC. Burchett even told his followers on the way to DC to "go home" in a tweet during the attack. He knew what they were doing was wrong, yet he lied to get them there anyway. Burchett knew he was lying about the validity of the election, yet he did it anyway. Burchett knew of the damage that it could cause our country, yet he did it anyway. Since the attack, Tim Burchett has yet to recognize how his actions misled his constituents at home. A famous video emerged (and was memed) about "Elizabeth from Knoxville". Instead of taking this as a moment to reflect on how or why she would have gone to DC to overthrow the US Government. Burchett, naturally, questioned whether she was "REALLY from Knoxville." It has been days and while he has called for the arrest of the terrorists, he has yet to call them terrorists and he has yet to acknowledge the role he played in betraying the United States as a House Representative. He has yet to acknowledge how his actions in his role as a Government employee have been antithetical to what a Representative is in a Democracy.  For the aforementioned reasons, I am calling for the recall of Tim Burchett as the Representative for Tennessee's District 2 in the US House of Representatives. 

Eric Sirface
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