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Bruce Arena and Sunil Gulati Out.

First time we haven't been in the World Cup since 1986. We have one of Europe's top prospects. We have players in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Championship, Eredivisie, Liga MX, Pro League, and a strong base in the MLS. We lost 2-1 to Trinidad, last place in the group. We hired Bruce Arena even thought there was strong backlash. Would Jurgen really have allowed for this too happen? Sunil Gulati, your job is to expand the support that some of us Americans love, and you have failed miserably. Recognize that quick. We need a change in this federation NOW.  Now Bruce Arena. The embarrassment at home to Costa Rica, in a game that felt like a home game for the Costa Ricans was a lot to swallow. But I am choking after the display against Trinidad. You my friend are hated by thousands of US Soccer, and so are the majority of your players. We have players all over the world and you still pick Jozy Altidore as our main striker. I also have not understood in what world Omar Gonzalez is better than Geoff Cameron- GEOFF IS STARTING IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE!!!  This federation needs a change, and we need players like Pulisic who want to win on that field.  To the USMNT:  You let down a generation of soccer players and fans. Some of us will come to terms with this, others who live for this sport won't. Missing a world cup is not something that can be shrugged off. I understand this is tough for you players too, but you should ALL be held accountable for your actions. We scored 0 goals against Costa Rica in the Hex. The fans of the United States are extremely disappointed right now. To have to go to school/work and hear the same thing for the next 5 years, "Oh the US sucks," "Soccer is a pussy sport, don't we suck at it?" "Oh you watch soccer, the US sucks right?" It hurts as a fan and as a citizen of this country. This country needs change in soccer.   Fix it.

Rahul Aggarwal
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