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Petition to Leon Pinkett

Keep the Clipper Mill PUD

This petition requests that the current Clipper Mill Planned Unit Development (PUD) remain in effect. The Clipper Mill community is a designated Office-Residential Planned Unit Development (PUD).  The PUD, which took effect in August 2003, has helped to guide and govern the development of the entire 17-acre Clipper Mill campus.  The PUD, passed by the Baltimore City Council and approved by the Mayor, is a legally binding document. The new owners of the commercial properties, ValStone Partners LLC (aka VS Clipper Mill), are now requesting that the Baltimore City Council repeal and remove the PUD.  If this repeal is successful, the zoning designation of the entire Clipper Mill campus will automatically change to Transit Oriented Development (TOD2). A TOD2 zoning designation does not require ValStone, or any subsequent developer, to preserve and maintain the historic nature of the Clipper Mill community.  The Clipper Mill campus is an invaluable asset to the City. The development of Clipper Mill, and the development it has spawned throughout the Mill Valley, has thus far been done carefully and thoughtfully, with priority given to preserving the manufacturing and mill heritage of this area.   Removing the PUD and adopting a TOD2 zoning designation would allow for the possibility of insensitive and over-development of the commercial properties of Clipper Mill.  While ValStone owns the commercial properties of Clipper Mill, it is the residents of Clipper Mill who are the largest stakeholders. The current tax assessment value of the Clipper Mill residential properties is approximately $50,000,000+/-, and the contribution made to the City’s tax base is significant.   Action Petitioned For:  We simply want the City to retain the existing and legally binding PUD. We the undersigned are individuals who are urging the Baltimore City Council to protect the unique history and character of Clipper Mill.  We oppose the repeal of the PUD.    

Keep the Clipper Mill PUD
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Petition to Mayor Eddie DeLoach, Alderman Van R. Johnson, II, Alderman Bill Durrence, Alderman Carol Bell, Alderman Brian Foster, John Hall, Julian Miller, Dr. Estella Shabazz, Tony Thomas

SAVE Oglethorpe Lane

SAVE OGLETHORPE LANE The City of Savannah entered into a Sales Contract with private developers that includes the Sale of historic Oglethorpe Lane between Habersham and Price. Although no longer used as a public right-of-way Oglethorpe Lane’s historic configuration/use is still very much in existence outlined by granite curbing, rounded curb cuts, and historic brick paving. Oglethorpe’s original Crawford Ward, 1841, has been badly disfigured by past City of Savannah decisions, some would say, centering around mid-century racial discrimination since Crawford Ward was predominately used by Savannah’s African-American population which included the adjacent section of Oglethorpe Lane being sold in the 50’s. Oglethorpe Lane between Habersham and Price portion was sold by the City to developers in 1985 for $63,000 (32 feet x 242 feet = 7,744 square feet of Citizen's Land).  Luckily, since selling the lane in 1985, the property has not been developed because now that the City again owns the Lane – they can Right a Wrong – and claim Oglethorpe Lane in perpetuity for the people.  No longer is downtown Savannah desperate for development, and monetary value does not have to be the main consideration.  The City purchased the site for $3 million (general funds, 2012), the existing contract is for around $5 million - there is room for financial concessions. What price do we put on our historic heritage? Saving Oglethorpe Lane is especially important now that the National Park Service has categorized Savannah’s Historic Landmark status as “Threatened (Priority 1) List” due to a severe loss of integrity, based on 2 main reasons: the loss of Oglethorpe's original town plan and large-scale development.  The City’s sale of the police parking lot which includes the sale of Oglethorpe Lane enables both and continues the destruction of our historic city. By defining and forever controlling Oglethorpe Lane, the city re-establishes Oglethorpe's plan of 2 tything blocks separated by a Lane; thus, dividing the potential building mass and respecting the surrounding properties.  The Lane would not be able to be built over or tunneled through. The City of Savannah has an incredible opportunity and a moral responsibility to reclaim Oglethorpe Lane, re-establish Oglethorpe’s world renown plan, and further secure Savannah’s Landmark Status by amending the sales contract to Save & Protect in perpetuity, a lost piece of Savannah’s history for its Citizens. Together we can SAVE Oglethorpe Lane.  

Kathy Ledvina
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