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Petition to Ward 1 Alderman - Kevin J. Cavanaugh, Ward 2 Alderman - Ron Ludwig, Ward 4 Alderman - Christopher Herbert, Ward 5 Alderman - Anthony Sapienza, Ward 6 Alderman - Nick Pappas, Ward 7 Alderman - William P. Shea, Ward 8 Alderman - Thomas Katsiantonis, Ward 9 Alderman - Barbara E. Shaw, Ward 10 Alderman - Bill Barry, Ward 11 Alderman - Normand Gamache, Ward 12 Alderman - Keith Hirschmann, At-Large Alderman - Daniel P. O'Neil, At-Large Alderman - Joseph Kelly Levasseur, Mayor Ted Gatsas

Reduce the Backyard Chicken restrictions in Manchester NH

To Whom it may Concern This Petition is being submitted to the Manchester NH Board of Alderman requesting that the overly restrictive ordinance limiting Backyard Chicken Ownership in this city be loosened, many lots in Manchester NH are 5000 square feet and this is a safe and acceptable size for the keeping of backyard chickens. The following changes are being proposed, reduce the required lot size from ½ acre to 1/10th acre, and reduce the minimum distance from property lines from 20’ to 5’. 8.30 The Keeping of Domesticated Chickens (09/14) 1. Purpose. It is the intent of this Section to allow for the keeping of domestic chicken hens in residential areas for the sole use and enjoyment of the residents of the lot on which such animals are kept. It is also the intent of this Section to protect and promote the health, safety, and welfare of residents by not allowing chickens of a number and type that would otherwise constitute a nuisance or menace to the public health and safety or cause disturbance of the peace in neighborhoods. Chickens kept as domesticated pets by the residents of a dwelling unit shall be maintained in accordance with all applicable City of Manchester ordinances and regulations, New Hampshire RSA 644:8 Cruelty to Animals, as well as the following provisions: Article 8. Supplementary Regulations for Specific Uses Page 8 - 21 a. Locations Allowed. Domestic chickens are allowed as an accessory use on any lot which is at least one tenth (1/10th) acre in size, is located in the “R-S”, “R-1A”, “R-1B”, “R-2”, “R-SM” and “R-3” zoning districts and which is utilized for residential purposes. b. Number and Type of Chickens Allowed. Up to six (6) chicken hens of any breed may be kept. Roosters are prohibited. c. Limitations. The keeping of chickens shall be for personal use only, and the owner of the property must be a resident of a dwelling unit on the lot where they are kept. No person shall sell eggs or engage in chicken breeding, slaughtering or any commercial activity related to the keeping of the hens. d. Henhouses and Fenced Areas Required. All hens shall be kept within structures and fenced areas and shall not be permitted to roam free nor to be kept or raised within a dwelling. Structures and fenced areas for hens must be located in side or rear yards and must be set back a minimum of five (5) feet from property lines. Henhouses and fenced areas must also meet the following standards: (1.) Henhouses and fenced areas must, at all times, adequately contain the hens, provide them with adequate ventilation, be kept in a neat and sanitary condition, and be maintained in a manner that will not disturb the use or enjoyment of neighboring lots due to noise, odor or other adverse impact. The henhouse must provide a minimum of three (3) square feet per hen; and (2.) Henhouses and fenced enclosures shall be no more than six (6) feet in height, be enclosed on all sides, and shall provide adequate protection for the hens from weather and wild or domestic animals; and (3.) The henhouse must be located upon a permeable surface that prevents waste runoff and the materials used in making the henhouse shall be uniform for each element of the structure. The use of scrap material shall be prohibited; and (4.) All chicken feed must be securely stored and protected from the elements; and (5.) All stored manure shall be composted in a fully enclosed structure or container and no more than three (3) cubic feet of composting manure shall be stored on the involved lot. All other manure not used for composting or fertilizing shall be removed from the property.

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Petition to Strategic Acquistions Inc, Peter Baer (Founder & President Strategic Acquisitions Inc), Tony Hershman (Chief Operating Officer Strategic Acquisitions Inc)


Help #savethegangstagarden and The Ron Finley Project's HQ that ignited a worldwide food justice revolution by signing the petition and generously giving what you can.All Ron Finley wanted was healthy food for himself, his family and neighbors. After picking up a tomato that was labeled “coated with shellac” in his local South Central Los Angeles grocery store, it hit Finley: there was a complete lack of healthy food in his community. This is true for not only Finley’s community, but most underserved populations nationwide. More than 29 million Americans live in food deserts or what Finley has termed “food prisons”.“the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys”In 2010, Finley decided to take his health and the health of his community into his own hands and “Plant Some Shit”, turning a strip of city-owned land in front of his property into a food oasis. After a citation, fine and eventual warrant for Finley’s arrest over the grass that he transformed into an edible landscape for his community, word spread quickly about the “Gangsta Gardener”, sparking a global food justice movement. Luminaries such as René Redzepi, Russell Brand, Alice Waters, Rainn Wilson, Penny Marshall, Aloe Blacc, Carson Daley, Rachel Hunter and Robert Horry reached out to Finley in solidarity of his work, followed by statewide dignitaries, namely Mayors Aja Brown, Kevin Johnson and Councilman Herb Wesson. Soon after, the Gangsta Garden began to be visited and studied by local K-12 classrooms and universities all over the world including renown institutions such as Harvard, the University of Southern California and MIT.“Kids who grow kale, eat kale. If they grow tomatoes, they eat tomatoes. But when none of this is presented to them, they blindly eat whatever you put in front of them.”Over the last few years, the owner of the RFP property has been battling with the bank and has made several attempts to receive a loan modification to no avail. The bank recently foreclosed on the property and sold it to Strategic Acquisitions Inc. RFP has requested that Strategic Acquisitions allow them to continue operating from the location as to sustain with the important work they are doing in the community. The only solution they have been offered is to purchase the property, otherwise, face eviction. HQ has grown into more than just a garden since 2010, including RFP offices, an educational center and a propagation station for more edible urban landscapes. The loss of this property is a continuation of the injustices perpetrated against the members of the South Central Los Angeles community and persons struggling with food insecurity around the world. Finley took on city lawmakers in 2010 sparking a worldwide food justice revolution. Now the world needs to rally behind him!RFP needs to raise $500,000 to #savethegangstagarden that has become a symbol of healthy change for Los Angeles and cities all over. If you have been touched by RFP or support access to healthy food for ALL communities, please sign the petition, donate on our crowdfunding site, share and comment on how the The Ron Finley Project has inspired you.

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Petition to Planning Commission

Reject Micah Posner's Duplex

Dear City of Santa Cruz Planning and Zoning Departments; Juliana Rebagliati, Eric Marlatt, and Mike Ferry; I do not approve of Micah Posner building a duplex at his 732 Riverside Ave. property for the following reasons: Removing a bathroom from his house to put it in a 264 foot studio addition does not make good use of this property. This lot is zoned for multiple units, and IF he is allowed by his co-owners to build, I think Micah should build something with either more units, or higher density in the same space. This unit also takes up the 3 tandem parking spaces in the driveway, potentially preventing the co-owners from maximizing future development of all 6 units. This property is a tenancy-in-common (TIC) co-owned by Debora and Karsten Wade. They do not approve of this unit.  Micah has not consulted with the lawyer who wrote the contract to clarify that he is NOT allowed to build this unit under the TIC clause called "discretionary work", which is minor work but still requires approval from all owners. I think since his co-owners are in dispute over this, and are soon scheduling arbitration to decide this very issue, the fact that Micah submitted this for planning and zoning approval without their knowledge is premature.  He should first consult the lawyer who wrote his contract for clarity rather than ignoring the rights and wishes of his co-owners. He should then wait until arbitration rules whether he is allowed to build this unit, before submitting it to Planning without his co-owners knowledge or consent. Micah Posner hid from the City his illegal ADU. He made over $60,000 on the 7 years he rented this before being caught. He lied on his Statement of Economic Interest Forms, which is perjury.  He even lied to the Planning inspectors AFTER BEING CAUGHT when they came to red-tag his ADU, since he knowingly had an unpermitted patio cover and hid it from the City so he would not have to pay the fees to permit it. He hid this from City Council while he was publicly apologizing. He defrauded the Wades to get them to invest in this property with their goal to keep it a single family house, knowing he wanted to build multiple units the whole time.  Micah has had very little consequence in his actions, and has gotten away with making a huge profit off of an illegal rental, all the while voting on rules that required property owners to pay their permit fees and fines. Is there no consequence for an elected official when they so flagrantly violate City laws, and even when caught and censured, do it again? And submitting this without the co-owners knowledge or permission when they are set to arbitrate on this issue shows a continued lack of ethics. Fairytale Farm is a rich contribution to the Santa Cruz community. The Wades share their 1/3 of this lot with the public by hosting free garden events, teaching urban homesteading to UCSC interns and the public, and have had numerous free events sharing seeds and inviting children and families to run around and learn from the garden. Debora has helped plant the Riverside Gardens Public Orchard as well as the expansion to Mike Fox Skate Park, and helped put a mosaic on the Barson Street Stairs and get Public Works to build an ADU ramp there with new landscaping. She is a huge community asset to Lower Ocean and has lived here for over 15 years. She has now taught urban farming and community involvement to 18 UCSC student interns, who are spreading these lessons far and wide. This unit will disturb the peace of the garden in moving living space into the 1/3rd buffer between the existing house and the urban farm, and by having windows and doors looking directly out into the Wades’ garden. This addition gives no money or other value to the Wades, but merely ruins their quality of life forever. They told Micah Posner when they bought the property together that they never intended to sell, so they get no value from this added unit, just their heirs.  Instead, this unit will harm their quality of life. Debora is disabled from severe Crohn's disease and depends on this farm for safe food, and is expected to become permanently disabled, unable to drive or walk in the future. This Farm was expressly bought and built to maintain a safe quality of life for her, which Micah Posner was aware of the entire time. Fairytale Farm is an important asset to the community and should be cherished, not impacted by this unit built by a corrupt City official who has had very little consequences for his actions. In summary, I don't think you should approve of this unit. I actually don't think Micah Posner should be allowed to build a duplex at all after repeatedly violating the laws regarding this very issue.

Debora Wade
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