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Petition to Monochrome LLC

Give ZPS some love. Work and release ZPS in Source SDK 2013 build version.

Zombie Panic! Source it's a Half-Life 2 modification, released in Dec, 2007 for Source Engine, won many awards while and after been released. From Moddb won MOTY Unreleased in 2007, 2° place MOTY in 2008, 3° place MOTY in 2009 and take one place in honorable mention in 2010 - and it's currently on 21° place of "Top 100 mods" in Moddb.Unfortunately, many other mods have been release after 2010 and ZP:S couldn't take a good place in MOTY after 3 awards strikes in Moddb's page, but we know Zombie Panic! Source it's the best zombie survival multiplayer mod ever made for source engine. ZPS is currently owned by the company Monochrome LLC. My name is Wallace "Tabajara" Moura, I'm 19 years old Brazilian guy, started mapping for this mod since 2009 and applied to be playtester for ZPS in 2012. My playtime hours registered shows how much time i had spent on this simple HL2 mod for almost 5 years, and it was well spent for sure! I have met so many people from different places and countries that some of them become one of my friends and best friends. Thanks to this mod and to all dev team that made this mod public-free to us! All of the contributors, supporters, donors, level designers, animators, modelers and programmers - thank you ALL that put your hard work and own hands on this mod to be how it is today. We appreciated for what you guys did for ZPS.Of course, the community have and are helping the mod in some way to support ZPS developing community maps, hosting stocks/vanilla/custom 24/7 servers and inviting your friends to give a shot on this free mod. Each of you had helped this mod to stay alive for many years and WE can't let "die" for now. ZPS have so many good gaming communities to play around - some of them have closed unfortunately due to the lack of the players in their servers or/and the game updates - but somehow, we still give our support to the mod hosting theses servers and adding fun events, functions, funny moments to play with strangers and friends. And afterall, we all enjoy ourselfs playing ZPS, don't you think?The 2.4 have been released in 2012 and we're in the middle of 2014! And we, the community, are feeling this part remaining/left in the game that is the "ZPS Dev Team" doing your part as always have been doing for a long time! We're losing people that we have been playing for many years, losing friends from this best mod for other games in Steam and we can't let it happen - the Dev team can't let it happen too! It's about time to the development team do something as soon as possible to our mod to keep it alive and working how should be. I know Contagion needs some attention since it's your first indie game of the company, but you guys have to give some time, some spare time to ZP:S too. It's from there where everything started, you guys need keep it working how supposed to be. One/two week(s) working on ZPS won't hurt anything, would bring us to the community some hope for the mod!I know all mods have your ups and downs time, but we need our big "up" time for ZP:S to make our mod be on the top again like old - good f*cking - times. Thanks to this mod i had met good friends from many countries, that I can talk, laugh, mess and chill around. Without it or if I haven't known this mod, i couldn't think how my life would be now: just simple and out of the gaming stuff probably.Please, if you're a ZP Veteran, ZPS Wizard, Addict, Fanatic, Pro, Standard person, sign up for this petition to reach the Dev Team/Monochrome LLC and let them know hard how this mod is falling without updates, without 2.5 version to public. Let them know that we the community want our ZPS back on track as soon as possible. And then, bring back our old/new friends to the game to have some fresh fun in-game. We're just asking for a recently version of ZPS out of us. Sorry for any grammar mistakes i did in this article.Thank you for reading and signed up in this petition. Appreciated !Sincerely,ZPS Community.

Wallace Moura
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Petition to David Baszucki

Make Roblox great again

Let's face it, the Roblox updates are getting out of hand. The issue is Roblox is unaware of the fact that there is a large demographic of teenagers on Roblox. Although their target audience is children/preteens, that simply isn't the case. While there IS a large group of children/preteens, they aren't the only users of the site. One of the biggest problems on Roblox is the censoring. I can't even use the term "Mental health." It's ridiculous! There are plenty of people who have friends on Roblox who they talk to about these topics and I see no reason why that term should be censored. I think, if a user is over 13 or 14 there should be little to no censor. Maybe very obvious vulgar terms, but leave alone things like "chest," because there is a large roleplay community where that term isn't used in sexual context.     Another issue is the hats. I do love the accessory update, I really do, however I hate that I can no longer stack hair. I hate the headband on the Cinnamon air (and the identical models) and I like to stack the 'beautiful hair for beautiful people' over it. I like the nice messy look it gives. I also liked to stack the Mohawks over it as that gives it a nice punk-but-feminine look. Please allow us to stack hair again. Removing this feature did nothing to help.     While this is not something I care nearly as much about, I believe we should have a test option for the hats. Some hats do not fit correctly with hair and it's a total bummer when you're excited to buy a hat only to see it doesn't fit correctly. Maybe add a sizing option so we can make it fit?     Roblox is a nice game and I thoroughly enjoy playing it, however, some of the updates are a joke to some of us players. We'd appreciate you guys fixing the problems instead of creating new ones.      Sincerely,           Everyone who plays Roblox. 

Blueberry Milkshake
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