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Petition to University of Rochester, Joel Seligman, Morgan Levy, Gail M. Norris, Ashley Campbell, Paul Burgett, Maggie Cousin, Kim Downs, Jennifer Faler, Greg DeAngelis, T. Florian Jaeger, Peter Lennie

Remove Florian Jaeger and Reevaluate Sexual Harrassment Policy

For years a scandal was tearing apart the University of Rochester Brain and Cognitive Sciences department, but most of the school community was unaware until Mother Jones broke the story on September 8th. U of R students were shocked and disgusted to learn that: Professor Florian Jaeger had been reported for sexual harassment by multiple students and faculty; This harassment included unwanted sexual pictures, threats, stalking, and verbal abuse; The school promoted Jaeger while he was still under investigation, eventually clearing him in a procedure conducted by an investigator who refused to even look at all the evidence offered by Jaeger's victims; The school retaliated against professors who reported the abuse, even denying them legally mandated maternity leave; Richard Aslin, the most prestigious member of the BCS department and a former school dean, resigned in protest. Florian Jaeger remains a professor at the University of Rochester. President Seligman initially resisted calls to launch another investigation of Jaeger's conduct, but relented due to a public outcry including a hunger strike and coverage by the New York Times. Jaeger is temporarily on leave (a voluntary move on his part) pending the results of an external investigation. The school has formed a committee to look into necessary changes to school policy, but given prior stonewalling, the University community has justified reservations. These are steps in the right direction, but it is imperative that the University be held accountable even as this story has faded from the headlines. Committee recommendations are one thing, lasting change is another. You can help by signing this petition, and paying attention to updates as the process moves along. We know alumni pressure and negative media coverage is responsible for the progress that has been made so far.

Zachary Taylor
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