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Petition to The President of the University of Lynchburg and the Board of Trustees

Remove Liberty University influence and Falwell name from The University of Lynchburg.

The University of Lynchburg is independent and distinct from the values and mission of Liberty University. Over the past several years Liberty has encroached on the decision making process of the University of Lynchburg. Examples of this include but are not limited to the following: 1. A terrace has been named for Jerry Falwell Sr. 2. The University of Lynchburg has accepted gifts and money from Liberty University valued at 1 million dollars.  3. Chaplins and professors may have been silenced on campus so as to appease Liberty.  4. University of Lynchburg Students have been housed in Liberty dorms and teams have shared facilities.   In honor of our core values that run contrary to those at Liberty we have hope that a change will be made. We urge the incoming University of Lynchburg President Alison Morrison-Shetlar and the Board of Trustees--in keeping with our history, our alumni, our professors past and present, and particularly for our community members of color and those identifying as LGBTQ--to do the following: 1. Affirm the right of free speech and assembly at the University of Lynchburg, as well as support diversity of thought and expression on campus.  2. Remove the Falwell name from the new terrace and campus.  3. Stop receiving money and gifts of any kind from Liberty.  4. End the University of Lynchburg's relationship with Liberty unless for purely academic experiences and in rare circumstances.  We expect this to happen before students arrive on campus in mid August. Students of many generations have chosen UofL as their home because it is a "College that changes lives." They did not sign up for an institution that upholds (or is perceived to uphold) the damaging ideology of Jerry Falwell Sr.. We look forward to a bright, vibrant future for the University of Lynchburg. This is a step in the right direction. 

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I was very excited about becoming a Muskie. Just like most other students were. It looked as if everyone considered this place to feel like home, family, and welcoming. I have meet some wonderful people here on campus but, there is a very dark side to Muskingum that no one talks about.  I am tired of being quiet. It's time to make a change. There are tons of students leaving this campus. I am sure that some would not be afraid to say why. Muskingum simply does not feel like home anymore and it hasn't since the day I walked onto campus. This could be issues like housing, food, too strict, et cetera but, the real reason I am making this petition today is disregarding a huge issue on campus.  We have had an ongoing issue with racism all around campus. I have had many other students tell me about their issue with racists acts happening directly to them. When one out of many of the issues were big enough, Sue Hasseler sent out an email regarding the situation. She tried to shed light on the situation about speaking on behalf of Muskingum's values and sharing a quote at the end of her email. Nothing has been done since. When racially motivated acts started to get worse on campus, we had reached out to her multiple times on behalf of the students. Up until this point on, she has disregarded and ignored every single issue we have had. I have had multiple students come to me explaining they have tried to contact her regarding this plenty of times, and there is no response nor connection per her end. This is beyond frustrating especially when we are such a small campus with such huge issues like these. I feel as if I can speak for most Muskingum students: We do not feel heard because of Sue Hasseler.  The worst part is, it does not just racism that happens around campus. There is so much more happening but students do not feel heard nor do they have an outlet to talk to. Mind you, we pay a lot of money to come to this school and in return our own president cannot even return a simple email, phone call, et cetera about issues happening here at Muskingum. We will be heard.  STUDENTS: I urge you to come forward to speak on any situations like this you have experienced  on campus. Wether it has to do with race, equality, housing, or just simply a personal matter that may have been overseen by our president, any board members, staff, et cetera.  If you would like to come forward and share your experience ANONYMOUSLY, send an anonymous form. Click the link in @muskieactivism 's instagram bio to access this form. 

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