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Petition to Dr. Al Panu, University of South Carolina Beaufort, Eric Skipper, Drew Boutilier

USCB Spring 2021 Semester Spring Break; Revert Back to a Dedicated Week Off

Who thought it was a good idea to get rid of the week of spring break (a time where students attempt to go home or actually take a break from their studies) in lieu of separate days scattered throughout the semester where students won't have any time whatsoever to do anything to relax? I get that having the days throughout the semester is nice, but I normally use that time to visit family that I normally don't see throughout the year, as I know it's a week that I have free (and won't be worried about my studies). This looks good on paper, but now students won't have a dedicated block of time to separate themselves from their studies and now professors have to work around those days as well and make sure that assignments aren't due on those days (and more than likely - they'll be pushed for the following day, so students will still have to work on those assignments nonetheless) The "well-being" days are the following:January 27th - WednesdayFebruary 12th - FridayMarch 4th - ThursdayApril 6th - TuesdayApril 26th - Monday Out of those five days, only two of them could potentially be used for a longer weekend (excluding someone's work schedule or if they have Saturday classes). It's also been pointed out too that if you don't have classes on the days of the "well-being" days, then you don't really get a day off whatsoever This change is not fair to students who have won't even get those days off and we're paying for a education that allows us to have a dedicated block of time to take a break from our studies, not days that might not give us that opportunity. I'm asking that we revert back to the original week of time off, as every student will actually be able to use that time off and I believe this is only fair

Jay Cheatham
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Petition to UIC Administration, Chancellor Michael Amiridis, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Dr. Susan Poser

Fall 2020 UIC CR/ NC (Pass/Fail) Option

The transition to online courses is definitely the right decision by the university to help control the spread of COVID-19. However, the transition is during a time of great stress and anxiety for many students.  Students cannot manage their courses in the typical style they would under normal circumstances. The grading criteria is not under normal circumstances, and should therefore adapt to these changes. It would be incredibly beneficial to the students if there was an option to make classes, even those that are part of a graduation requirement, credit/no credit (CR/NC) based on the choice of the student.   NOTE: Schools, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Penn State, UMass, and Georgetown University already implemented this system of grading, and many other universities are working on making it happen as well. Hence, we propose to be provided with the choices CR/NC AND A-F scale system for every single course for the Fall 2020 semester.  There is a significant portion of the student population that does not live in the Central Time Zone. If they are able to return to their permanent address, their entire schedule is thrown off to what they are used to because of a factor out of their control. For many students, attending the synchronous lectures is not an option. In addition, many students are struggling to learn through online lectures. The pacing, the delivery, and the content is not the same as it would be if it were structured to be in person. To extend on this connotation, not all professors are as comfortable creating online lectures and using online functions overall. Many students have already seen the struggles of trying to fathom material when the professor is struggling to teach via asynchronous and synchronous lectures. Lastly, many students do not have access to a space to study to listen intently at home. As I am sure you are aware, it is very difficult to work efficiently from home with all the chaos a family creates while you are trying to work. Imagine trying to study or complete a project or even do an exam. All of these changes, amidst the pandemic and with the loss of the many outlets we are accustomed too at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), are certain to add immense stress to many students and that would be reflective on their grades. Many students are very protective of their Grade Point Average (GPA) as it directly relates to graduate school admissions and the ability to receive internship and/or job offers during a time when the unemployment rate is incredibly high at 8.4% according to the department of labor. Any help by the university to ensure that GPA's are not skewed, due to the circumstances outside the control of anyone, would benefit numerous students.     Thank you,    The University of Illinois at Chicago's (UIC) Student Body

Ahmmad Khalil
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