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Petition to Governor, West Bengal, India

Justice for the harassment of the PUBDET 2018 candidates

To,The Chancellor, Presidency University, Kolkata(The Governor, West Bengal) CC,Registrar,Presidency University, Kolkata CC,The SecrataryDepartment of Higher EducationGoverment of West Bengal CC,The Chairperson,West Bengal Joint Entrance Board [Sub: Demands of Independents' Consolidations on the harrasment of the PUBDET and PUMDET 2018 candidates by WBJEEB and Presidency University] A 'spec'k of dust and a ten'tacle' of an octopus, gives you a spectacle. The few thousands of candidates from sub-urbs who had appeared for the entrance exam of Presidency University yesterday, witnessed a similar spectacle. Although they had come to write an exam on political science, their question paper lacked even the slightest relevance to political science. All of the 100 marks of their paper was allotted to 'quantitative aptitude', 'logical reasoning' and 'mathematics'. Naturally questions arose regarding what was presented in the name of political science examination.The management's eccentricity circling entrance examination is nothing new. Ever since the entrance examination of Presidency University has been entrusted to the Joint Entrance Borad, the future of students has become questionable. The reign of Anuradha Lohia has subjected the future of students to severe questions, ever since the Joint Entrance board has been handed over the responsibility of conducting the Entrance Examination. On some ocassions their name was misprinted on their admit cards, while on others they were examination centres which were far from proximate. They have not been called in for counseling despite the availability of seats. The candidates wanting to study in Presidency have had to face the consequences of innumerous such inefficienciesCountless futures have been ruined in the four years' tenure of Anuradha Lohia. But yesterday what took place in the name of Political Science entrance examination probably doesn't reflect the essence of the legendary entrance examinations of the University. According to the information put up on PUBDET, i.e. the information bulletin of students aspiring to pursue Bachelor's degree, the syllabus comprised 90 marks allotted to political science and 10 marks for English. Thousands of candidates had prepared abiding by the same. But they could not find a single question on political science in their paper. The paper had been set in the English language only, as if the students from Bengali medium schooling background didn't have the right to appear for the exam. Who's going to stand up and take the responsibility of this mental harassment the examinees fell subject to?It remains yet unknown how the Joint Entrance board gets the right to fool with the future of candidates when a form costs 500 bucks! As soon as confusions arose around the Pol. Science paper this morning, candidates took notice of a new notice from the JEE Board which read:This year the Pol. Science paper would comprise only questions on logical reasoning and English language.Quite mentionably, the notice had remained invisible till yesterday. What a desperate attempt of the JEE Board to cover their inefficiencies with falsification! Amidst such a terrible situation, we the Students of Presidency University, on behalf of Independents' Consolidation, put forward certain demands: 1. The worthless JEE Board and Presidency University management have to take responsibility of mentally harassing thousands of students. No longer the JEE Board, but in order to secure the future of examinees, the Presidency University has to take up the responsibility of conducting the Entrance Examinations.2. Arrangements must be made without any delay to reconduct the Pol. Science examination, abiding by the stipulated syllabus.3. The question paper must be set in English as well as in Bengali.4. A meeting must be arranged among the students and the management with agenda to discuss matters pertaining to entrance examination(such as fees, question pattern, syllabus, etc.) Shayri Bhattacharya (8697425210)and Indrajit Dutta (8017171680) on behalf of theIndependents' Consolidation.

Independents' Consolidation
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Petition to Prof. Anil K. Tyagi, Prof. Pravin Chandra

Change Examination Rules For Reappearing Students in GGSIPU

On behalf of the entire Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University student community, I would like to bring a serious issue to the front that has somehow stayed in the black up to this point in time. Imagine there's an exam that you're supposed to take a few days from now. You are all up in the preparations but all of a sudden something comes up on the examination day. Now unless that something is a personal (or national) problem, you most probably will ditch that and go ahead with the exam. But what if that something is an exam too? What if that something was 2 exams? That's what thousands of us have been dealing with. According to university rules, if a student fails to pass in a particular subject in the end term exams, he/she is supposed to take that exam again an year later. For instance, if I fail the Applied Mathematics - II paper in the upcoming end terms exams in May - June, I will take the exam in May - June 2019 along with my regular exams. A reappear exam typically falls on some date in between 2 regular exams and in the worst case, on the same day as a regular exam. This structure just makes the exam conducting process easier for the university, that's it. For the student, this makes those 2 exam weeks worse than hell. One night you're studying subject A all the while knowing that you also have to take the exam for subject B too on the same day. Writing 2 exams on the same day or even 2 back to back exams on 2 days is just too much for us students. Not to mention that we have to start from scratch as 1 year is just too much of a period to remember even little things about the subjects. It's time something be done about this. The solution to this problem is not all that complex. Instead of taking the reappear exams along with the regular exams, the university can make an entire different date-sheet for reappearing students. For instance, if the regular exams take place over the period of May 16 to June 1, then reappear exams can be conducted from June 5 to 15. Another solution is that students can be allowed to take reappear exams in the few weeks following the result declaration. For example, if I got a backlog in 1 subject in the May - June end term exams, the results to which are typically declared in late July or early August, I can take the reappear exam in late August or September, preferably on weekends so the dates don't clash with regular college classes. A lot of Indian universities are already following this way of conducting exams over the traditional way. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University has already relaxed the minimum passing criteria from 50% to 40% two years ago which was well appreciated by the student community. We believe the university will listen to us again. Thank You!   

Piyush Vats
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Petition to Narendra Modi, Election Commission of INDIA, Prakash Javadekar, venkaiah naidu, Public Works Department, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Smriti Irani, Anil Baijal, Hindustan Times

Regulations for Student Elections

How student elections are carried on Student associations across all of India have geared up to woo potential voters and engage in excessive propaganda. Students are offered petty virtual bribes in the form of discount coupons, vouchers, movie tickets and the like to gain their support. Lengthy and fancy manifestos are presented, only to be discarded as trash later. Not only are lakhs of rupees literally wasted, the contesting candidates are mostly people who do not have any credibility, educationally or competence-wise. There are absolutely hardly any strict regulations and candidates once elected, disappear from the scene soon after the elections.Worst of these situations is how terribly they vandalize the campuses. Beautiful college walls, metro stations, roads, bus stands and almost everything is destroyed by an uncountable number of posters & pamphlets and clumsy spray painting.  These campaigners, thriving on political connections, who do not have even a little regard for basic civic sense, or lack the required academic proficiency, or indulge in money and muscle power, do not deserve to represent the students of the whole university.  A few years ago, the Lyngdoh Committee had proposed these very reforms ( including banning the use of posters or any printed material, 75% compulsory attendance of candidates contesting elections, limit of Rs 5000 of election expenses per candidate, etc. and till date, there has been no change.Some suggested reforms are as follows:1. While assessing the candidature- a) 30% weight-age to college-attendance, which should be at least 50% over two semesters.b) 50% weight-age to profile of the candidate, extra-academic skills relevant to leadership & initiative taking.c) 20% weight-age to marks obtained by the candidate (at least 55% aggregate at any given point of time)2. Cap of Rs. 10,000 per candidate on election expenses.3. Ban on using poster or print material for campaigning or spray painting, scribbling, markers etc on university walls, roads, poles and the like.4. Disqualify candidates who have a criminal record or any academic arrears. 5. Contesting candidates ONLY should be allowed to present the manifesto.Thousands of like-minded people will agree that we need these strict reforms for a better campus, that we can be proud of being a part of. Please stand with me to ban malpractices in student elections, especially condemning the criminal wastage of paper and resources degrading the environment as well as the beauty of the campuses.

Ananya Upadhyay
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Petition to Dr. Karisiddappa, Dr. H. N. Jagannatha Reddy, Dr. Satish Annigeri

Visvesvaraya Technological Institute (VTU) Playing with engineer's lives?

So where do I start from, After writing my entrance exams, i got into an engineering college which is affiliated to VTU, Belgavi. I didn't know what exactly it is and how does the system work. After a whole year or more, the true nature of VTU surfaced.  I strongly say it's a failed system of education. Which University takes 4 months to give you your result? Oh no, that's just the starters. They even lost our Internal Assessment marks during this waiting period. Bravo VTU. So we had to resend all of our marks again. Next month is supposed to be our end-sem examination when our previous semester examination results haven't yet been announced.  Their syllabus is outdated. A multinational corporation had said, "we will not be hiring engineers from VTU as their knowledge on the current world is next to zero" he also said our syllabus is very much outdated. They haven't revised the portions in years. Oh and the examination dates, they are more uncertain than rains here in India. They will release more than 3 revised time tables in a due course of a month or less. We have no clue what's going on over there and I'm pretty sure they don't have a clue either. Nothing is organised, even though the University is 19 years old now.  When they mess up by rescheduling they take away our holidays. Is this fair? After we put up with their nonsense we need to sacrifice everything to get zero returns? Until the previous year VTU has been a corrupted University, with cases of receiving bribes from colleges to postpone the examination in order to complete their syllabus. Really?  What have the students done to VTU that we deserve this. If I knew this was the case of VTU, i would never have entered it. This is the pain and agony of every VTU student not just one or two. How much longer can we take in all this? How much longer do you think we can last?  DO NOT JOIN A COLLEGE UNDER VTU. I hope this is taken into consideration and I hope it reaches to the authorities responsible for all of our problems. I need everyone's support for this change. This has to be done. I'm sorry but it's very frustrating to witness all of this. It's just not right. I hope every VTU student helps share this petition. 

Niall Sequeira
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