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Petition to Dr. Somashekar Bhat

Request to change ECE Section A's lecturer for LDCS.

Dear HOD Sir, Prof. K Prabhakar Nayak took lectures for our section for AEC in our 3rd semester. The Professor, though very knowledgeable, somehow failed to clear our concepts in the subject. We all have genuinely tried paying attention in quite a few of his lectures, fearing our inability to understand the subject, but failed to develop any interest. However, that wasn't the case when we would go back to our rooms and read through the books ourselves. In fact, we all found the subject to be quite interesting. Sir, when we attend a class we wish to learn most of the content in the class itself and therefore, only leaving the revision part for our rooms. However, we were unable to grasp most of the content from his lectures for the entire semester, resulting in us going back and learning every single topic ourselves, from reference books or through friends in other sections. We feared that our grades would drop, seeing how our friends in other sections were finding the subject to be really easily. Unfortunately that is what happened. A good number of students ended up getting low grades in AEC and it being a 4 credit course affected our overall GPA. All of this was reflected in the feedback given to Professor at the end of that semester.  Now, in the released timetable for 5th semester we see Dr. KPN teaching us Linear and Digital Control Systems. It is our section's sincere request that some action be taken, fetching us a solution for our problem, as we fear that the same fate would bestow upon us in this semester too. As per our observation, the issues would be:1. Failure in explaining the concepts and how to approach problems.2. Won't hear us out or our doubts completely. He'd listen of course but he'd fail to understand what we are trying to convey leading to misunderstandings and lack of clarity in concepts. 3. Inactive classroom sessions.  A solution which we would suggest would be that Dr. KPN be replaced by another faculty for this semester. We trust you to take the right decision. Thanking you Yours sincerelyECE - Sec ABatch of 2018

ECE Section A
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Petition to Hon'ble Chief Justice Shiavax Jal Vazifdar, Sh. Ram Bilas Sharma, Sh. Anil Vij (Health&Med. Edu.,Ayush Minister)

High Application Fees in Bd Sharma Univ. of Health Science of Haryana for Gen. Category

This a petition on behalf of all students of general category who have paid or will pay the high entrance examination fees of Pt. Bd Sharma University of Health Science,Rohtak.They are taking high amount of fees from general students for the entrance exam of 2016-17 for admission to Bsc(various streams),B.Pharmacy,BAMS,BHMS,BPT in all govt. seats of various colleges.I downloaded prospectus from the site of that university and read that thoroughly.They write that this prospectus is only for info and buy a printed prospectus along with admission form from the university.First of all why are they giving printed prospectus as we need it only for info it is uploaded on their site by them?Why are they wasting paper and money for printing prospectus booklet?We need printed application form for admission as offline method.This all can be saved by doing this online as Guru Jambheswar University,Hisar is doing.My Real question is that why they are doing injustice with general category students?They had written Rs 2400 for General Category and Rs 600 for all BC categories.They are taking 4 times more fees from us.There can be a fees difference of 2 times i.e they can take double amount form us of 1200.Why we will pay 4 times more fees?This means that God did a mistake to make us born in general Category.Think about all the general category students live in villages.They are poor.And all students will not fit in EBC 3% quota.Their fathers work as a farmer and earn some money for them.I request you to finish off this 3% EBC quota.And Make available all seats in General.There is Nothing written in our constitution for proving economically backward quota.So Request Hon'ble High Court & Education Minister of Haryana to direct Pt. Bd. Sharma University of Health Science,Rohtak to take reasonable fees and not do so much difference between GC and BC students.

Arman Kumar
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