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Petition to Lily Cho, Peter Avery, Kathryn McPherson, Sandra Whitworth, John Justin McMurtry, Debra Bisram, Ananya Mukherjee-Reed, Rose Crawford

Bring Back B.W. Powe's McLuhan-Frye English Course at York University

Please sign in support of restoring the York University English course EN 4004: McLuhan-Frye and maintaining the course EN 4163: Visionary Literature, both taught by Professor B.W. Powe, for the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 academic year. The McLuhan-Frye course has already been removed from course listings, while Visionary Literature is still currently on the course website but is in danger of also being cancelled. Due to the longest post-secondary strike in Canadian history, York University has threatened to remove these Fall/Winter 2018-2019 courses early in the summer enrollment period due to initially low enrollment numbers as a direct impact of the strike. The strike has not yet been resolved, so students are hesitant to add courses early. Both of these courses are very popular and have previously filled up to maximum capacity by the late summer. Please help to gather the attention and understanding of the English department administration at York University. In order to maintain the respected reputation of Canada’s third largest university, it is essential for these academically challenging and inspiring courses to continue being offered. Both of these excellent courses have been life-changing for past students, and it is our belief that future students deserve to experience the enriching and engaging aspects of these important courses. If this petition succeeds, both students and faculty will benefit from the continuation of these courses. If administration proceeds with their decision, the academic lives of York's students will be negatively impacted. Please sign in support of keeping these courses and continuing the legacy of life-changing courses which positively impact York University and its community of students. Thank you dearly for your time and attention.

Kathy T.
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Petition to President Deborah MacLatchy

Deborah MacLatchy fire professors Rambukkana and Pimlott and drop your plan to censor TAs

Professors Nathan Rambukkana and Herbert Pimlott recently subjected Teacher Assistant (TA) Lindsay Shepherd to a closed-door disciplinary meeting, without allowing counsel or representation, and without disclosing the student complaint made against the TA. A recording of the meeting was made public, which proves the despicable nature of the browbeating session, concocted on remarkable allegations such as having "created a toxic environment" in her class by showing a relevant public broadcast clip without prior denunciation of views expressed in the said clip. The two professors thereby (1) applied unwarranted and disproportionate discipline, (2) violated the TA's natural justice rights and (3) violated the very principle of academic freedom, whereby every scholar has professional independence to select the methods and materials for teaching his or her own class, in following the collegially determined curriculum. Furthermore, it violates the academic freedom of the students themselves if study material is prefaced or qualified by the instructor prior to individual critical analysis; as advocated by Rambukkana and Pimlott. The two professors should be put on leave immediately, until the matter of their behaviour is entirely resolved, so that they cannot continue to put students and employees at risk of being treated unjustly and contrary to the principle of academic freedom. Given the foundational importance of the principle of academic freedom at a university, and given that the two professors together felt justified in their actions in front of both the TA and a university staff member, and do not appear to recognize the gravity of their actions -- even as the matter has become one of public and national importance -- they should be fired, subject to their procedural rights of course. Also, you have publicly stated that your institutional response is to develop a policy that will "balance freedom of expression" in such a way as to disallow "threatening conversations". This is a censorship policy. Do not develop or implement such a policy. A few media links:

Denis Rancourt
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Petition to Carleton Univeristy, Dining Services

Expand Dairy Plant-based Alternatives at Carleton University!

***PLEASE STATE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU ARE A CARLETON STUDENT***  The Canadian Food Guide is currently discussing removing dairy from the food pyramid; as it is becoming increasingly more accepted that it is not a needed component of a healthy diet. All dairy products can easily be replaced with plant-based versions. Carleton Animal Defense is asking that Carleton University provides dairy free plant-based alternatives, for both students and the benefits of the animals which supporting Dairy inflicts harm on. The following is a list outlining products which are being requested: - Plant-based ice creams available to students in the first year dining hall. - Replace butter with dairy-free (vegan) butter and alternatives.  - Have vegan cheese options available.  - Make sure veggie burgers and other faux meats do not contain egg, or dairy so that it is suitable for those on a plant-based diet.  - Have more plant-based dessert options; i.e with replacing the milk with dairy-free alternatives and so forth.   Overall, where it is possible to incorporate more plant-based dairy options we are recommending that it be done.  Students signing below are asking for more plant-based alternatives on campus. ***PLEASE STATE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU ARE A CARLETON STUDENT*** Find out more information about our organization by clicking here :

Carleton Animal Defense
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