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Petition to SOAS University of London

Stop the cuts at SOAS Library

SOAS, University of London management are proposing to cut nearly 25% of staff at SOAS Library, as part of the One Professional Service (OPS) restructuring. SOAS Library is the UK National Research Library for Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and one of the world’s leading academic libraries, heavily used by students, academics, and the general public. These cuts would have a devastating impact on Library services and threaten the future of this internationally important collection. The proposed cuts include half of all Subject Librarians (including those supporting collections in Anthropology, Ancient Near East, Art History, Economics, Finance, Gender, History, Jewish studies, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Migration, Politics, Religion, and Sociology), as well as key posts in the Library’s Customer Services (including the entire evening/weekend team), Bibliographic Services (cataloguing staff), Electronic Services, and Archives & Special Collections. These staffing cuts would have huge consequences for all areas of Library operations, from day-to-day user support to long-term collection development. The education of current and future SOAS students will inevitably suffer if these Library cuts go ahead. Students deserve a well resourced Library, staffed by experienced and responsive professionals, not a moribund collection run by a skeleton staff, with a top-heavy management structure. SOAS Library staff are unanimously opposed to these damaging proposals. Many staff were informed they would effectively be losing their jobs just days before the winter break. These staff have all given years, if not decades, of committed service to the School and its community. Many staff have young families and ongoing financial commitments. All now face an uncertain future as we approach the holiday period. We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the proposed cuts to SOAS Library. We call upon the SOAS Director Baroness Valerie Amos [@ValerieAmos] and SOAS Library Director Oliver Urquhart-Irvine [@Urquhart_Irvine] to halt these damaging proposals immediately, and instead invest properly in SOAS Library and its staff to ensure the long-term future of this important and unique National Research Library ------------------------Please help us to emphasise the strength of feeling which exists in the SOAS and wider research communities, by also emailing your opposition to the Library cuts to the One Professional Service restructuring consultation [] before 11 January 2019.

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Petition to Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, john stevenson mp

Student paramedic’s to be paid apprenticeship wage during placement shifts

Student paramedics are under immense pressure to provide quality care and clinical qualified paramedic skills, under supervision of a paramedic, whilst on placement shifts. Some students travel upwards of 100 miles a day to reach placement to complete 750+ hours per university year (usually over 50 hours per week) whilst simontaniously write essays, maintain grades within university and be mindful of burnout and vulnerability to PTSD. Many students find it difficult to work part time during university and find themselves lost within loop holes of student finance and underfunded with living costs and maintenance. It is well known that many do not enter the medical profession for the money but to help others, but we also do not enter the profession for the debt. The qualified paramedic wage is over the cut off to repay student loans (£25,000 per year) meaning that people are required to pay back loans immediately once employed. We as a community are requesting government to pass legistlation for students to be paid an apprenticeship wage during placement shifts to help cover the cost of fuel for travelling to and from placement, among other living costs- this will equate to roughly £25 per 12 hour shift. NHS staff are notoriously under pressure, so help us to help the public and sign this pettition. Many thanks from the paramedic and student paramedic community. 

Daisy Perry
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Petition to Eoghan Murphy TD

Empower the Family (formerly The Hope Ireland Project)

Hi, My name is Deborah Somorin and I am 24 years old. I was homeless at 13, pregnant at 14 and a mother at 15. Thanks to the support of amazing people and organisations like Focus Ireland I went to DCU to study Accounting and Finance at 18 through the DCU Access programme. Thanks to a scholarship I then completed my Masters in Accounting in DCU . This helped me earn a place at one of the biggest accounting firms in the world where i've worked for the last 2 years. I have passed all my accounting exams and will qualify on completion of my training contract in October. My son Liam is now 9. I can stand on my own two feet now. I know other people aren't as lucky as I have been so I am now giving back and helping others achieve what I have achieved.  I’ve had this dream for ages but with the housing crisis at the moment and the support i've had since I came out with my story I thought why not do this now.  I’ve decided to open student accommodation for young disadvantaged parents (fathers and mothers - 17-26) in 3rd level education for example care leavers. When I was in DCU there were 4 young single moms there alone and we all had the same struggles, accommodation and childcare. This is a barrier to other young moms engaging in third level education and therefore being able to stand on their own feet. ​The accommodation will be similar to normal student accommodation with each family having their own mini apartment. It will also have a creche downstairs for the children in the accommodation to make sure the students have access to affordable childcare. There is a lack of availability of affordable homes and childcare at the moment for student parents so these are the needs this project will fulfill. It will also act as a motivator for young parents still in school who might feel college is an impossible option for them due to lack of availability of suitable accommodation or accommodation in a demotivating environment or lack of availability for affordable childcare places. With the knowledge this exists third level education becomes a goal to work towards and not a fantasy. This project will help break the homeless cycle for generations. Please show your support for the project by signing the petition which will be included as part of my proposal and business plan. You can found out more about me at: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Warm Regards, Deborah Somorin  

Deborah somorin
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