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Petition to Universities UK

Universities UK: take harrassment, sexual violence and hate crimes on campus seriously

Universities UK- introduce guidelines for Universities to make their discipline process victim-centred and to administer harsher punishments for perpetrators of harrassment, hate crimes and sexual violence. Universities have a vital role in the development of its students during their time studying, as well as ensuring their health and safety. However, upon being assaulted on my University campus on the 11th March this year, I felt neither were true. A male student on a sports social violently smashed his skull into the bridge of my nose in an unprovoked attack; instantly breaking it and causing tissue damage. My University's disciplinary process took over three and a half months to administer his punishment, which amount to: a letter of apology, a few hours of his time on an alcohol awareness course and a ban from two University bars. This was despite sufficient evidence for police to keep him in a cell overnight random pleading guilty to assault and actual bodily harm. I've been informed it's only a possibility the assault will even be used in his University reference and I had no formal way to influence it nor hear of the process's progression. His punishment barely constitutes a slap on the wrist, especially considering at the time I was an elected Students' Union Officer, meaning the University Campus was also my place of full-time work and being on their payroll. This is compared to regular expulsions, fines and suspensions for academic misconduct such as plagiarism and forging sick notes. My nose is scarred permanently from where the force of his skull struck the bridge of my nose, breaking the skin. It remains crooked and hooked despite it being painfully re-broken. I am waiting for further surgery to correct the damage he caused and I can still no longer breathe or smell as normal. However, the mental impact this ordeal has resulted in far exceeds the physical. It caused me to take three weeks off work, an abundance of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights; all exacerbated by the inadequate and shoddy process of punishment. My partner had to take unpaid time off work to look after me and take me to appointments and all the money spent on medication and taxi journeys is yet to be reimbursed despite my request. Students across the country are failed by their Universities only deeming academic misconduct worthy of suspension or expulsion. Women across the country are being failed by lad culture and the consequential acts of violence it cultivates. Society as a whole is failed by violence and harrassment going unpunished. Whilst a student, I was told students there were "the leaders of tomorrow". But if the leaders of tomorrow are being taught that they can violently assault women and not face any real consequences, what kind of tomorrow is being created? Universities UK- introduce guidelines for Universities to make their discipline process victim-centred and able to administer far harsher punishments for harrassment, hate crimes and sexual violence.

Megan McGrath
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Petition to Canterbury Christ Church University, cma

CCCU - Broadstairs to Canterbury - Was there REALLY enough information?

Dear All, I am currently in the beginnings of a formal complaint process with Canterbury Christ Church University. This Formal Complaint is regarding the move from Broadstairs campus to Canterbury campus as well as a cancelling of a Module on my programme but I am aware that this has happened in other programmes as well.   Overview -   My name is George Stocken and I have just finished second year studying ‘Commercial Music’ over in Broadstairs. As you know, Broadstairs is no more and students are now forced to make their way over to study in Canterbury with no options to complete/Finish in Broadstairs.   I am sure all of you have heard lots on this subject but I just want to raise my voice and thoughts to see if there is anything, I can do to help the students who have not said anything to the University themselves.   After doing some research into the Terms and Conditions of Canterbury Christ Church University, specifically the Change Policy (General Principles) I can see that the University in some cases are breaching consumer law, which after reading about a study ‘Which?’ did, isn’t uncommon in a number of Universities.   I have a few main important points:-   The University did not make it clear enough that the programme would 100% be moving to Canterbury, although staying transparent on it there was no confirmation. I however chose to study at Broadstairs as it was close to home and where I work, now however I most definitely will incur excessive costs travelling to and from University as well as paying for things such as parking, things that when I decided to study at Broadstairs were not in my thought process. This programme (as I am sure I can get lectures and staff alike to confirm) is not a programme you can do from home, thus requiring me to travel in and out of University near enough every day. Also stated in the Change policy “As a general principle, changes should be implemented for the next entering cohort and not for any current students.” This inherently being ignored by disrupting my year group by changing our learning environment (that we have spent two years being accustomed to) drastically. Students have now had to find accommodation in a city that is completely alien to them as well as students who now have to travel as I said earlier will incur costs. I could go on and on but I hope I have shared some valid points.   Also after finding out that I wasn't able to do a module that is best suited to me, I sent this email to the programme administrator (who is not at fault) after being given two module choices... Music Business Futures or Studio Composition. I'm not doing either.   "I have checked through my emails and cannot see anything regarding this. As a year two student that took ‘Melodic Improvisation in theory and practice‘, in the hope of following the pathway (stated in the programme handbook) into Jazz. I have great concern and disappointment, especially as neither of the two modules offered are of interest to me and would leave me at a disadvantage going into a subject that I have no previous teaching or experience In. I realise though that also stated in the programme handbook that option modules require a minimum number of students to run, however it also states in the change policy (General Principles) that “The University’s default position is there should be no changes to material information concerning the campus location of a programme or the programme or module structure”. If not having enough students negates the policy then what is the point in having the policy as a default.   I would be intrigued to know how many the minimum is for this module to run, as I am aware of at least 4 students including myself who are massively disappointed that the module isn’t running as this is a module that best represents our aims and goals for our future endeavours. Also just to mention, Melodic Improvisation in theory and practice ran with just 5 students. So is one student not choosing the module enough to effect 4 students future in the programme?   I realise that this is not your fault or doing but I would be grateful if you could direct me to the person I have to raise this issue with."   UPDATE -   Having researched further I have found some more evidence that the University is breaching consumer law.   What happens if I am not given the material information, it is presented in a misleading way, or I can’t find it? 2.4 Material information should be made easily accessible to you up front, including when you are considering which university and which course to apply to, and whether to accept any offers. For example, the information could be made available via the university’s website, prospectus, and course and departmental handbooks. If this information is not provided or made available, or it is hidden or difficult to access, then under the CPRs this could constitute a breach of the law known as a misleading omission.   There is no evidence of the move in any written form (available to students) and there wouldn't be because the planning permission to build the new building wasn't even accepted at the time my year started.     UPDATE - The CCCU website is still advertising that Commercial Music and Creative Music Technology are at Broadstairs.       OUTCOME -   I have proposed to the Uni in my Complaint form that we receive compensation in form of Fee reimbursement or a bursary that will cover food, travel, help with accommodation etc... obviously lots of people's circumstances will be different and I have to be realistic with my requests for them to even be looked at seriously.   Thanks for looking and if you feel like supporting this then please sign!          

George Stocken
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Petition to Sam Gyimah MP, Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, Theresa May MP

Fight for the national policy to end sexual violence at universities - #ItsRevolting

I was raped at university by another student. I sat there the morning after being violated, overwhelmed at the prospect of having to see my rapist on a weekly basis. My university's policy stated that if you were reporting what was a criminal offence they couldn't, and wouldn't do anything, until it had been dealt with by the police. So I told noone and dismissed what happened to me as 'not that bad', because how could it be if there was nothing in place on campus for people like me? And I am not alone. Sexual violence is happening at every university in the UK. And it's revolting.  Please join Revolt Sexual Assault in urging the government to acknowledge this wide spread issue and implement national policy, with student survivors at the heart. With your help we can create a new minimum standard of care for all students who experience sexual violence, at every university.  Nearly 50% of the students and recent graduates, that Revolt Sexual Assault surveyed, said they were sexually assaulted at university. 70% of female students said they had experienced some form of sexual violence. However, only 6% of those students felt able to report the incident to their university.  Many universities' have next to no support or specialised staff and policies in place for survivors, or even campaigns to prevent the normalised culture of sexual assault and harassment on campus. In some cases, the same procedures for cheating in an exam are applied to a rape allegation. Because of the university environment, it is not as simple as just going to the police. Students are studying, living and socialising with their peers and perpetrators. How can they go through that lengthy, and sometimes traumatic, criminal process without support from their university? Through our campaign, Revolt Sexual Assault, I have spoken to thousands of students who are suffering in silence, blaming themselves and feeling alone, without the help they need. Like I was. You are not alone.  We need your help to end this. Everyone in the UK has the human right to an education, an education free from sexual violence. Sign and share our petition and join the revolution.  #ItsRevolting

Hannah Price
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