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Petition to University of Southampton, University of Southampton Business School

Winter Graduation (December 2018) for PG students of the SOTON Business School

Hi guys! As you might be aware graduation ceremonies for all the postgraduate Business school, will be held in July 2019, which is more than 6 months after we'll finish our course (September 2018). Therefore we would like to bring forward the graduation ceremony to December 2018 for the Winter Graduation ceremonies. Here are a few points : Graduation ceremony is very important in the student's life, and to share it with family and friends, this is why it is in everybody's interest to attend the ceremony  Indeed a large majority of the students require a visa to come to the UK, and their visa would have already expired for many months in July 2019. Moreover, it's a big cost to come back to the UK to attend the Graduation ceremony.  This is why it'd be more clever to hold the Graduation ceremonies within the period determined by their student visa (until Jan 2019 for many of them) Additionally, we are sure that if students are sure to attend their graduation ceremony this will bring more motivation and a better satisfaction Indeed, an excellent student satisfaction adds value to the university's reputation, and therefore would potentially attract more prospective students. Therefore, we count on you to share this petition with students of your course. The more we get signatures the more we would be taken seriously. The faster we have a lot of signatures, the faster it'll be to organise everything. When signing please state your 1st name and surname, and the name of your course. We count on you. Thank in advance for your signature, Eva GIACOMETTI MAHIOU (MSc Risk Management - course rep)Amr ALDAOUD (MSc Risk & Finance)Terence DANKYI (MSc Risk Management)

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Petition to Universities UK, Office of the Independent Adjudicator

Give sexual assault survivors better support at university

Sexual harassment at universities is at epidemic levels - with over 300 claims made against staff in 6 years. Exams are just around the corner and lack of support, recovery of those affected, and their academic performance is put at risk.If a student falls ill during assessments, they can apply for re-assessment options. Why isn’t that the case for a student who has been sexually assaulted?Having been a Women’s Officer at my university, I've heard from students and friends who have experienced this say the “debilitating after-effects are exacerbated by the added pressure of exams.”  That’s why I’m calling on UK universities to all include sexual assault as a mitigating circumstance in their policies. And for Universities UK (UUK) and the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) to advise them to do so.Survivors tell me of the “profound impact sexual misconduct can have on a person’s ability to focus on revision”. They say “it would be so helpful to know, going into exams, that this would be duly taken into account.” Universities need to understand that surviving sexual violence can and does prevent people from working to the best of their ability.A student lucky enough to get an extension was grateful given that for weeks after the incident she was “really anxious and wouldn’t sleep properly, which really affected [her] work”.Without being included in policies, this may not happen for every student affected. Without being included in policies, students may not feel able to come forward. They should expect sufficient support, not simply hope for it.Universities, like my own, are beginning to act after UUK’s report and are creating new policies. In the meantime, sexual harassment must be listed as an extenuating circumstances in existing policies.So please sign my petition and share it widely. Let’s use the institutions we already have to keep universities in check and make them spaces that are fully supportive of survivors.

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