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Petition to The University Court of Queen Margaret University, Professor Petra Wend

Review the selection of QMU's Chancellor

Currently within the institution the role of Chancellor is to be the ceremonial head of the university in which they presides over the graduation ceremony, represent the university at events and within the wider-world as the University's ambassador. This is currently held by television personality and restaurateur, Prue Leith.  However such an important role is not chosen by the students or staff whom they represent but by the University Court. The Court is the university's governing body that is responsible for carrying out the objectives of the University, ensuring the financial sustainability of the University and approving the strategic plan. Though The Court has the best interests for the University, it is not representative of it's students and staff with only 3 academic staff members representing all staff members and the Student Union President and One other Student Union Executive Member representing the entire student body. This current system is undemocratic, unaccountable and doesn't reflect the views or desires of the student body or staff. Therefore I suggest the University Court and the  Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Petra Wend, conduct and review the methods of selecting the University's Chancellor. This should especially take account the opinion of the student body and university staff, may this be done by individual consultation or by a town hall style event. In my opinion, I believe we should take a note from our fellow Scottish Universities such as University of Glasgow or University of Edinburgh in their elections of their Rector and elect our Chancellor. Candidates should be nominated by a percentage of the staff or students then an election for the role of chancellor shall be held. The Chancellor should represent an area of study within the university, be an inspirational figure that students look up to and admire or be prominent and admired alumni of the university. They should represent the university's core values and champion the causes of students and staff.  Our representatives, even if they are ceremonial, shouldn't be chosen for us and we should have a say in that choice. I therefore ask Queen Margaret University to take a review into consideration and ask you to support this cause. Thank you for reading!

Scott Blair
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Petition to Damian Hinds, Goldsmiths SU

Leniency in assessment/exam marks for all university students affected by UCU/UUK strike

61 universities have taken part in strike action over the UCU/UUK pensions row. We, the students, have lost out on almost four weeks of teaching and support from our lecturers and university staff. This has critically affected the education of all students spanning all years. We have missed out on tutorials, lectures and seminars, contact time with our tutors, dissertation guidance, essay feedback and much more over the past four weeks. During this time we have stood in solidarity with our lecturers in full support, with little protest on the damage to our grades at the end of the year. It is only fair and justified that our tutors and the institution give back the same support and empathy, we have been educationally disadvantaged with zero consideration. Minor forms of compensation offered have been inconsistent throughout universities and departments, and have not been enough to make up for the tuition losses students have faced. Clear guidelines need to be implemented across all departments to mitigate our assessments, as this is not a matter where departments may pick and choose how they deal with our education. Our learning has been commodified, therefore we demand a percentage decrease in assessment criteria for the exams, dissertations, essays and any other form of assessment that has been affected by strike action for all students on all courses. We cannot be expected to confidently sit our exams and submit to deadlines under the turmoil and instability faced over the past four weeks.

Amrin Mangat
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Petition to Eoghan Murphy TD

The Hope Ireland Project

Hi, My name is Deborah Somorin and I am 24 years old. I was homeless at 13, pregnant at 14 and a mother at 15. Thanks to the support of amazing people and organisations like Focus Ireland I went to DCU to study Accounting and Finance at 18 through the DCU Access programme. Thanks to a scholarship I then completed my Masters in Accounting in DCU . This helped me earn a place at one of the biggest accounting firms in the world where i've worked for the last 2 years. I have passed all my accounting exams and will qualify on completion of my training contract in October. My son Liam is now 9. I can stand on my own two feet now. I know other people aren't as lucky as I have been so I am now giving back and helping others achieve what I have achieved.  I’ve had this dream for ages but with the housing crisis at the moment and the support i've had since I came out with my story I thought why not do this now.  I’ve decided to open student accommodation for young disadvantaged parents (fathers and mothers - 17-26) in 3rd level education for example care leavers. When I was in DCU there were 4 young single moms there alone and we all had the same struggles, accommodation and childcare. This is a barrier to other young moms engaging in third level education and therefore being able to stand on their own feet. ​The accommodation will be similar to normal student accommodation with each family having their own mini apartment. It will also have a creche downstairs for the children in the accommodation to make sure the students have access to affordable childcare. There is a lack of availability of affordable homes and childcare at the moment for student parents so these are the needs this project will fulfill. It will also act as a motivator for young parents still in school who might feel college is an impossible option for them due to lack of availability of suitable accommodation or accommodation in a demotivating environment or lack of availability for affordable childcare places. With the knowledge this exists third level education becomes a goal to work towards and not a fantasy. This project will help break the homeless cycle for generations. Please show your support for the project by signing the petition which will be included as part of my proposal and business plan. You can found out more about me at: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Warm Regards, Deborah Somorin  

Deborah somorin
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