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Ethiopians want Congress to vote no on HRes 128. Engage not Estrange!

Given that US foreign policy is to engage growing democracies, this resolution HRes128 unwittingly legitimizes extremists' agenda in Ethiopia. In order to have firsthand witnesses, Congress can send a factfinding delegation to Ethiopia and observe: law and order, security and wellbeing in the country; even in the restive regions which have suffered the effects of external agitators, namely in Oromia and Amhara regions. Social media has ignited and attempted to hijack organic opposition leaders. It has thwarted the progression of legitimate opposition, and taken advantage of factions to overthrow the government and yet has no plan to govern. But which extremists? There are in the diaspora extremists who are leaning on genuine opposition in Ethiopia their sole aim is to render the region unstable. There are religious extremists who are fomenting sectarian differences to further their political end. There are those whose claim to legitimacy is based solely on ethnic politics. Ethiopia's federation is not an ethnic federation but a multinational one, but by using the misnomer ethnic federalization; they are profiting from the real fear of ethnic warfare and disintegration of Ethiopia. In this regard, Congress has been hoodwinked by Ethiopian "Social Activist" in the diaspora (these have been practicing how to derail successive governments since the 70's but have never practiced governing) who participate not in transforming Ethiopia but rather yen for their missed opportunity at the helm. But as the saying goes, anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. They excel at abusing the American regard for Freedom, Justice and Democracy. Congress is being used by these to legitimize their destructive and vengeful agendas. With HRes 128 Congress is being led to factually incorrect conclusions. HRes 128 risks straining the diplomatic relationship which has lasted over 100 years. This bill besmirches the reputation of Ethiopia for lack of genuine care and careful analysis. The wording of the bill alone undermines Congress' ability to come to a balanced and knowledgeable conclusion.  Vote No on HRes 128 and engage not estrange! The Ethiopian Renaissance Council has a plethora of case studies it can furnish this body of Congress if so willed.

Ethiopian Renaissance Council
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Accuracy in History

Over the last several decades,  we have witnessed a slow white-washing of our true history. For example, in Texas, legislators got to decide how history was presented. "Ultimately the state voted to soften slavery's role, among other controversial decisions, and these standards became the outline for publishers to sell books to the Texas market — the second-largest in the country." "So it is no surprise that these new textbooks emphasize the happy side of slavery, including their enjoyment of community dances and the notion that Christianity gave them “hope.”With the textbooks going out to 5 million students, it’s obvious McGraw-Hill doesn’t want to say anything the Texas Board of Education might frown upon. And because Texas is such a large market, it generally drives textbook content nationwide." This is an unacceptable process. No one should get to decided how to teach the history of our nation and be able to make decision on what gets left out.  Our history is full of despicable things. But it is OURS.  We must teach it, truthfully, to the generations that come after us, to prevent our nation from repeating it's mistakes.  Please sign this petition asking our legislators to do the right thing and propose a bill that will: *require verifiable facts be presented in an historically ACCURATE and thorough way to all students in every school across the nation.  *establish a reporting system for educators to alert the Department of Education to incorrect textbooks *create procedure for correcting verifiably incorrect materials *create a system to fine and/or shut down companies that refuse to comply with the historically accurate framework. *establish a 3 strikes rule: if a textbook manufacturer/publisher violates these rules, they shall be shut down indefinitely.  *if a educational institution knowingly utilizes materials that do not meet these requirements, they will lose all state and federal educational funding. 

Concerned Hoosiers
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Opioid Nation: Save America’s Youth

To our legislators on behalf of the American people; The opioid epidemic has reached crisis levels. It is a national outrage and a political embarrassment. It is urgent that our government take action immediately. The core problem lays in the national perception of addiction and this must change! I propose education, funding and reform MUST happen to better deal with addiction in this country. This is no longer a Partisan issue, this is not a Bipartisan issue, this is now a HUMAN ISSUE!!!  With newly based evidence, patients who struggle with opioid addiction suffer from a chemically altered state where they no longer can make sensible choices. They are helpless individuals who deal with their own demons, and by the consequences of their behaviors, alienate themselves from families and friends. Very few efforts are made with reliable resources for education on addiction nor is there any proper service to better suit their needs. Lack of understanding how addiction affects the cognitive functions of individuals at hand has allowed many of them the responsibility of their own fate in getting care, when it should be reversed. Treatment centers across the nation are not given enough funds or attention to support the rising demand of patients that are admitted. There are very few spaces open to accommodate such a large number of individuals, along with unnecessary waiting periods that ultimately spell disaster for a time-sensitive struggle. The turn-around rate is DESPICABLE. Addiction IS a disease. It is a cancer like no other. It must be reasonably treated as such by the healthcare system, by law enforcement, and by the mental health institutions. There must be reform with how addicts are evaluated. The current procedure is obsolete, inadequate and downright neglectful. It is the very system that places alcoholism in the same basket when scientific evidence proves that they are two very different illnesses. Our very own healthcare system runs like a cartel. The “pill for every ill” practice by our health administrations is pure homicide. Doctors are misinformed of the heavy consequences of administering potent opioids to patients of every age for the most minute of cases. Little monitoring or regulation of the FDA has allowed for the release of severely addictive opioids to land in the hands of this country’s youth. The link between abuse and access is substantial. Must we need to label American doctors murderers? With the ongoing crisis, I think they have earned it. Let’s not forget the lobbyists who pocket from the healthcare system and vice versa. The American people are blatantly suffering from their greed. I hate to be that person, but until it happens to the families of those in power, change will never take place. Let’s make sure, we the American people, are SMARTER than our government. We need to open their eyes first so that action can take prescience. How many more loved ones need to die before our government does anything about it? How many more Americans need to be buried long before their time? For my brother, for the wives, husbands, children, and friends who suffered from such an ill fate, who were neglected by the American system, and given what seemed like little hope of a better future, I urge that we band together to bring awareness to this cause. We must not stop until the government takes immediate responsibility over its people!!!

Anja Gudic
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