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First Aid Readiness Act In memory of Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz and so many others!

On June 20, 2018, Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz was brutally murdered outside his neighborhood bodega in the Bronx, New York. After the brutal attack, Leasandro can be seen on video in the store, pleading for help, but was told to leave by the staff. This should never happen again! Currently, New York and many other states, do require proof of CPR kits, but that is not enough! All business owners in every industry and building superintendents, should also be mandated to take a basic First Aid Readiness and CPR class. They need to know how to use the kits properly, as the kits are, already a mandated requirement. Under this law, business owners and building superintendents must undergo training every 2 years in order to remain in compliance and maintain their license. While rendering basic aid, will be completely up to the individual; consequences may apply to those who deny it, when there is no immediate threat to one's safety and/or Emergency Response Units have not arrived. Fines and fees will be imposed on all businesses who are out of compliance. A business may also face consequences ranging from fines and fees to the possibility of an immediate shutdown, when there is clear evidence of intentional neglect in helping to preserve human life, in a safe environment. Please be reminded that what happened to Lesandro was beyond tragic and is not representative of the many hardworking and caring business owners in New York City, who would have done something. This law is now important to ensure that one does something or face the consqenuences outlined above.  ESPANOL El 20 de junio de 2018, Lesandro "Junior" Guzmán-Feliz fue brutalmente asesinado frente a la bodega de su barrio en el Bronx, Nueva York. Después del brutal ataque, Leasandro puede verse en video en la tienda, suplicando ayuda, pero el personal le dijo que se fuera.¡Esto nunca debería volver a suceder!Actualmente, Nueva York y muchos otros estados requieren pruebas de kits de RCP, ¡pero eso no es suficiente! Todos los propietarios de negocios en todas las industrias y superintendentes de edificios, también deben recibir el mandato de tomar una clase básica de Primeros Auxilios y CPR. Necesitan saber cómo usar los kits correctamente, como los kits, ya son un requisito obligatorio.Conforme a esta ley, los dueños de negocios y los superintendentes de edificios deben recibir capacitación cada 2 años para poder cumplir y mantener su licencia. Mientras presta ayuda básica, será completamente de la persona; las consecuencias se pueden aplicar a aquellos que lo niegan, cuando no hay una amenaza inmediata para la seguridad de uno y / o las Unidades de Respuesta a Emergencia no han llegado. Se impondrán multas y tarifas a todas las empresas que no cumplan. Una empresa también puede enfrentar consecuencias que van desde multas y tarifas hasta la posibilidad de un cierre inmediato, cuando hay una clara evidencia de negligencia intencional para ayudar a preservar la vida humana, en un ambiente seguro.Recuérdese que lo que le sucedió a Lesandro fue más allá de lo trágico y no es representativo de muchos propietarios de negocios atentos y atentos en la ciudad de Nueva York, que hubieran hecho algo. Esta ley ahora es importante para garantizar que uno haga algo o se enfrente a las consignas detalladas anteriormente.

Dina Dream
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Petition to American people with a moral conscience

Declaration repudiating Trump and Trumpism

Declaration repudiating Donald Trump, his words and actions, and asserting his essential and irremediable unfitness to serve as President of the United States of America We strongly and unequivocally believe it to be the responsibility of every citizen in a properly functioning democracy and normal political environment to accept the outcome of an election freely and fairly conducted and to acknowledge, despite differences of opinion with regard to public policy and political-economic philosophy, those declared winners of such an election as the electorate’s legitimate leaders and representatives. When, however, the citizens are asked to choose between doing what is morally right and carrying out what is their customary responsibility in a democratic society to accept an election outcome, an extraordinary situation has arisen. No citizen should feel or be compelled to take a position for the sake of political expedience that is in violation of fundamental and universal moral principles. In such instance, the citizens have a right – and even a responsibility – to take a stand against an immoral outcome which has been deceitfully attained. That right and responsibility may reach so far as to repudiate the declared winner of such election. To recognize as legitimate such a declared winner of an election would be to commit an immoral act, and no political authority or system can rightfully oblige the citizenry to commit a shameful act which is offensive to fundamental and universally recognized morality. Whereas Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, his key staff, and many of his supporters made explicitly clear during the campaign that they would not feel compelled to accept the outcome of the election if they were to lose, Whereas Donald Trump and elements of the Republic Party ran a campaign based and built upon divisiveness, bigotry, racism, incitement to hatred and even violence, hypocrisy, slanderous untruths, and misrepresentation to an extent so extreme as to be inconsistent with fundamental human, American, and democratic values, Whereas Donald Trump, in contrast to all other major party candidates in perhaps the entire history of the United States has uniquely shown himself by his words and actions to be morally and temperamentally unfit to serve as President of the United States of America, Whereas forces within the Federal Bureau of Investigation took blatant steps to influence the election of Donald Trump in the last 11 days of the campaign, doing so with facilitation from, and perhaps the outright complicity of, FBI director James Comey, and whereas forces from outside the United States used stolen and perhaps falsified emails of Democratic Party officials to influence the election in favor of Trump, and whereas the Trump–Pence campaign exploited the FBI’s irresponsible actions and the stolen materials to create, publish and broadcast patently untrue and defamatory advertisements in the traditional media and to circulate similarly untrue and defamatory messages on social media, Whereas Donald Trump, since being declared most probably to have received the majority of the Electoral College votes, albeit while receiving some 2 million fewer of the popular votes than did the candidate who was his nearest rival, has shown every indication by his words and action that he will refuse to be bound by generally and historically accepted standards to avoid conflicts of interest and would indeed endeavor to utilize the office of president to further enrich himself and his family, and Whereas populist, anti-democratic, demagogic, and potentially authoritarian forces and politicians also are gathering strength in other countries beyond the United States, and notably so in numerous European countries, and whereas these forces and politicians are finding inspiration, encouragement, and public support in the successes of Trump and the vile words and deeds of his most abhorrent supporters, and inasmuch as this phenomenon provides comfort to and encourages greater boldness in our nation’s adversaries even as it threatens our democracy, international cooperation and world peace, Therefore, we the undersigned and those who will support our nonpartisan position and efforts resolve and unambiguously declare that we do not and will never accept that Donald Trump can or does legitimately serve as president of our free country with its tradition of equality, toleration and decency, law and order, or that he should be regarded as legitimately so serving. For us to do otherwise would be to commit an egregiously immoral act. We further declare that we will actively and continuously oppose Donald Trump’s illegitimate and wrongfully obtained claim to the office of the President of the United States of America, and we denounce those within his circle and any other political leader, whether or not formerly or currently holding public office, who had supported or condoned his candidacy and his unjust claim to the office of president.    

Gale A. Kirking
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Petition to Indiana Governor, Indiana State Senate, Indiana State House, Mike Pence, Joe Donnelly, Todd Young, Luke Messer, Andre Carson, Susan Brooks, Pete Visclosky, Eric Holcomb, Donald Trump

New School shooting law "Ella's Law"

Due to the numerous school shootings taking place, the current law needs to be changed.  Simply because someone is fortunate enough to survive this horrific crime, the suspect, due to his age, gets less punishment! If someone has enough drive to create such immediate & long term chaos in what is supposed to be a safe place for children & teachers alike, the punishment should fit the crime!  There needs to be harsher laws/punishment for crimes of this nature! This poor girl, Ella Whistler, was shot SEVEN times & suffered numerous consequential injuries including spinal damage, not to mention the mental anguish her & her family will suffer the rest of their lives & the feelings of being safe are forever gone for them & hundreds of other students & teachers that were involved. Ella's teacher, Jason Seaman, was also shot THREE times & was fortunate enough to still tackle this 13 year old whom had TWO GUNS AND A KNIFE!  There is evidence this 13 yr old planned this & has a known history with guns.  Anyone who commits the crime of shooting at any school or any child oriented place of business, needs to be tried as an adult even if the victim/s survive!  The parents of the said suspect should be charged with the same charges as the current law is written for the minor.  Where is the justice for the victims??!!

Misti Ray
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