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Support Safe Harbor Legislation for Sexually Exploited Children

The average age of commercially sexually exploited children is 14. Juvenile victims of sexual exploitation face a life continually threatened by torture, rape, broken bones, fractures, and extreme psychological manipulation to such an extent that most victims develop symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome as a result of having been trafficked. According to the International Labor Organization, 4.5 million illegally trafficked individuals are forcibly sexually exploited, and 21% of those individuals are estimated to be less than 18 years of age. Children who are victimized in the illegal sex trade are still criminalized in the state of Pennsylvania. The state contends that it is legal for juvenile victims of sex trafficking to receive criminal charges for prostitution, public indecency, obstruction of highways and other public passages. According to the Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice & Research at the University of Pennsylvania, Shared Hope’s Protected Innocence Challenge conducted a study of state laws in 2015 that addressed domestic minor sex trafficking. They found that Pennsylvania ranked 35th on the effectiveness of 41 legislative components addressing domestic minor sex trafficking. In regards to Pennsylvania’s attempts to address protective provisions for juvenile victims, it ranked 45th out of 51 states, with the addition of Washington D.C. Senate Bill No. 554, the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund, which proposes to provide special relief for juvenile victims of sexual exploitation in order to restore dignity, provide necessary services, ensure safety, and provide a safe harbor for sexually exploited children. Provisions proposed by the bill include: reimbursement of funds for the costs of removing a tattoo or identifying mark left on the victim by their pimp, safe and stable housing, access to education, employment and life-skills training, comprehensive case management, healthcare and trauma-based therapy, access to personal care items and adequate clothing, treatment for drug and/or alcohol dependency, and other supportive services.  Supporting this petition will make a difference in the lives of children who have experienced severe trauma and chronic emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. The sexual exploitation of juveniles is both an international and domestic issue. Supporting Safe Harbor Legislation in the State of Pennsylvania will make provisions for vulnerable children who have been exposed to extremely traumatic and chronic abuse. Additionally, this legislation has the potential to create a societal paradigm shift in which victims of forced prostitution can be rightly understood and cared for as victims, rather than as criminals. I urge you to support this bill and encourage Pennsylvania to join the two thirds of the United States that have taken a stance against the sexual exploitation of minors. I have both volunteered and worked professionally with individuals who have experienced crises related to trauma, domestic violence, and sexual assault. This form of trauma shakes people to the foundation of their being. We will not be able to foster and sustain an exploitation-free society, if we are not empowering people to heal. The ramifications of criminalizing children who have experienced trauma in the form of violence and sexual exploitation are severe in terms of the implications they carry for the future of rape culture and the social acceptability of violence.

Kai Smith
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Petition to President of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, United Nations, United States Supreme Court, Paul Ryan, Elizabeth Warren

Declare September African Heritage Month

Black African Heritage Month - SEPTEMBERMISSION: Raise awareness about Black African Diaspora throughout the world, including Black Africans that were enslaved and shipped to the Americas via the Atlantic and Arab Slave Trades. To Educate, Outreach and Reconciliation for ALL People of Black African Descent. Trace our Original Black African Roots and gain knowledge of SELF. Celebrate Our Original Black African Heritage and Ancestors. African Heritage Month was created to raise awareness about displaced Black Africans including those that were enslaved and shipped to the Americas via the Atlantic and Arab Slave Trades. The Arabs took slaves from the central and eastern portions of the continent and sold them into markets in the Middle East, the Indian Subcontnent and the Far East. Then the Europeans (Caucasions) captured and transported African Slaves from West Africa and their ok them to the Americas and Europe. The dispersion through Slave trading represents the largest forced migrations in human history! Some communities created by descendents of African Slaves in the Americas, Europe and Asia have survived to the modern day. In other cases, blacks intermarried with non-blacks and their descendants are blended into the local population. The more Black Africans know about Black African Heritage Ancestry, the better are relationships, understanding, and above ALL Social Cohesion with other groups will be. We call upon ALL Black People Of African Descent and Supporters into action to VOTE for September to be officially named Black "African Heritage Month".

African Heritage
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Petition to Chris Murphy, Department of Veterans Affairs, Jim Himes, Richard Blumenthal, John Larson, Rosa DeLauro, Joe Courtney

Federal Database to Increase Veteran Employment!

"poor US veteran needs food money anything" The words were scrawled across a cardboard sign held in the aged hands of Mick, a model of human will. Despite battling physical disabilities, homelessness and poverty, Mick gracefully accepted the little food and money I could give him. His situation taught me that we cannot let our veterans come back to the "land of the free" in such deep anguish. Remember, it's because of our veterans that we can live without fear, without danger, without worry. Remember, it's because of our veterans that we can continue to bring hope, liberty and democracy to the oppressed. Remember, it's because of our veterans that we can save lives, promote human rights and fight for good.  And finally, remember that it is our duty to take care of our poor, homeless and unemployed veterans when they come back home. So how do we do our duty? By giving struggling veterans a second chance, through stable, healthy jobs. A federally-run database containing veteran information that can act as a "one-stop resume bank" (as reported by Forbes contributor Katie Drummond) for interested employers. Employers seem to be aware of the outstanding performances veterans bring, but tend to have trouble hiring them - because of a lack of a reliable, centralized, database. In summary, this petition: Argues for the need of a federally-run veteran information database, that is solely used for the purpose of helping veterans find jobs; Advocates for the federal government to execute a feasible, low-cost, plan that fulfills one of the most prominent bipartisan goals; Believes that the US Department of Veterans' Affairs (USDVA) will take the necessary precautions to protect privacy, information and access; Allows veterans to opt-out of this database if they so desire; Reasons that this database helps veterans, employers and the larger community. By approaching Connecticut federal representatives and the USDVA, we can better the lives of all the Micks in our nation. Right now, I'm running In-Vets: an initiative in Fairfield County, CT, that helps veterans find stable, healthy, employment. If you are interested in getting help or employing veterans, please check out or our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Sudhanshu Mathur
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