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Help third world countries become self sufficient instead of relying on foreign aid

INTRO Many third world countries today report high numbers of death due to malnutrition, dehydration, and hypothermia (or other weather-related illnesses). Even though large companies like Nestle are giving free water and baby food to third world countries, there are more deaths than ever due to the causes mentioned above. This is why the UN needs to start to devote more time to aiding third world countries in a way such that they don't become dependent on first world countries, like the situations in many regions of Africa. SOLUTION Rather than simply distributing food, water, etc. to third world countries, we must provide a way for third world countries to become self-sufficient and safe. There are a few ways we can attempt to do this: Teaching basic agricultural concepts to and starting small farms in third world countries with clean water sources to provide a supply of food. Making sure that there is a fast and easy way to get clean water (the best solution would be underground pipes with filters, but this would be an expensive undertaking and would require more funding than the UN has for foreign aid). Ensuring that there are enough natural materials in third world countries to use for housing, and teaching those countries how to build weather-resistant housing. If there aren't enough materials, use farms (as mentioned earlier) to grow materials (like trees) for use in housing. Establishing a military to protect from attacks from foreign nations (this mostly applies to truly dangerous countries like Somalia). Establishing trade with other countries to get more materials. Establishing a small democratic republic with a leader from the nation that knows what problems are present in their country, in order to try to prevent those problems. (If the government collapses, or if it becomes something other than a constitutional democracy, then immediate intervention is necessary.) Although these solutions aren't perfect, they can be a stepping stone to helping third world countries get on their feet instead of relying on first world countries. Why should we care? One primary mission of the UN is to "to achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character." However, currently, most third world countries in Africa and South America rely on first world countries like the United States, Great Britain, and Germany to give them food, which discourages them from trying to develop an actual country. Thus, by helping them establish fundamental parts of a successful country, we can ensure that more of the world's population has access to food, water, and shelter, which 75% of the world does not have. "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime."

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Petition to help bring a change to UNIFIL's leadership

Beary MUST Go!

There’s Still Time to Avert War in Lebanon! The United Nations peacekeeping force, UNIFIL, deployed along the border between Israel and Lebanon has a mission – to prevent Hezbollah from re-arming itself and gaining more power.  UNIFIL doesn't do its job, it doesn't carry out its duties, and its commander doesn't function. Since 2006, Hezbollah has only grown stronger, and today its number of rockets are ten times bigger than that at the end of the Second Lebanon War. It has more than doubled the bumber of its fighters, and the organization grew more vicious, helping Syrian president Assad slaughter its own citizens.. Hezbollah's strengthening is, in part, a direct result of UNIFIL's incompetence and habit to turn a blind eye. How else can they explain that they have no evidence of illegal arms transfers to southern Lebanon? The conclusion is clear - UNIFIL FAILED in its mission! General Michael Berry, the head of UNIFIL, can't get the job done. As the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nicky Hailey, described him - he is “blind” to Hezbollah's illegal arms trafficking. General Berry's term is about to end, but some European officials are trying to extend it by another term. A new leadership with proper experience, abilities and the will to succeed is the only chance to make a change UNIFIL and the make it possible to prevent the strengthening of Hezbollah. #BearyMustGo! Sign this petition and help bring a change to UNIFIL's leadership, and take a failed organization to a new path. Together we might be able to stop a war. ----- אפשר לעשות יותר כדי למנוע את המלחמה הבאה בין ישראל ללבנון! כוח שמירת השלום של האו"ם, יוניפי"ל, הפרוס לאורך הגבול בין ישראל ללבנון הוא כח האו"ם המופקד על עצירת התעצמות והתחמשות חיזבאללה בלבנון. אלא שמדובר בכח או"ם כושל, שלא מבצע את תפקידו, ועם מפקד שלא מתפקד. מאז 2006 חיזבאללה רק התעצם וגדל, וכיום כמות הטילים שבידיו גדולה פי *עשרה* מזו שהייתה בסיום מלחמת לבנון השנייה. מספר הלוחמים יותר מהכפיל את עצמו וגויסו עוד עשרות אלפי חיילי מילואים. התעצמותו של החיזבאללה היא, בין היתר, תוצאה ישירה של אוזלת היד של יוניפי"ל הטוענים באופן קבוע כי אין להם עדויות להעברה בלתי מורשית של נשק לדרום לבנון. המסקנה: יוניפי"ל נכשל בתפקידו! הגנרל מייקל ברי, העומד בראש יוניפי"ל הוא איש נחמד שאינו מבצע את תפקידו כנדרש. זה לא אנחנו אומרים, זה כבר אומרת שגרירת ארה"ב באו"ם, ניקי היילי, שקראה לו שקראה לו עיוור לנוכח התחמשות חיזבאללה. הגנרל ברי עומד בפני סיום תפקידו, אך גורמים אירופאים לוחצים בכדי להשאירו לכהונה נוספת. רק בעזרת הנהגה חדשה עם ניסיון מבצעי, שינוי הרכב הכוח ומתן כלים חדשים לכוחות, ניתן יהיה למנוע את התעצמות חיזבאללה ואף לפקח עליו בצורה אמיתית ואפקטיבית יותר. בקיצור- #BearyMustGo! חתמו על העצומה ויחד נביא להחלפת ההנהגה של יוניפי"ל, שאולי תיקח את הארגון הכושל לדרך חדשה.

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Petition to United Nations Human Rights Commission, United Nations, European Parliament

Support Dr. KC's Life

  Shiva Prakash started this petition to humanrights and 2 othersSave Dr. Govinda KC’s Life : Dr. Govinda KC Over 200 Days of hunger strike.  Dr. Govinda KC has been staging an indefinite hunger strike at Jumla, a remote district of Nepal since June 30. This is his 15th Hunger Strike. He has been on hunger strikes for over 200 days. Being a senior orthopedic surgeon in Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal, he is also a crusader for Humanity.  There is an urgent need to resolve the issues that led Dr. Govinda KC to embark on his 15th hunger strike in July this year. Thousands of people have been demonstrating along with him on the streets of Nepal since he started his strike. Dr. KC demands for an accountable government and social justice for people of Nepal.  He demands for affordable quality public education and healthcare. His exact demands to the government are listed below: 1. Dr. KC wants the government to pass a health education act, which will ensure the creation of new medical colleges across the country and restrict the creation of anymore in Kathmandu Valley.  2. Dr. KC wants the government to pass a law which will restrict medical institution from charging students extravagant amount of money, thus lowering the total cost of medical education. In simple a cap on the cost of medical education 3. Dr. KC demands for free higher-level education (colleges & universities) of medicines.  4. Dr. KC demands for the implementation of the Mathema Committee Report on Health Profession Education Policy. 5. Dr. KC demands for the repealing of a bill tabled in parliament that would allow the creation of a new ‘cooperative’ medical colleges in Kathmandu in which 146 parliamentarians are shareholders.  Much of the illegal money in Nepal is made in the Medical Education sector. With high rates of corruption and other illegal activities, it is hard for Dr. Govinda KC to break through the political, bureaucratic, financial, and judicial barriers.  He cannot fight this battle alone so Nepalese people and people from other countries must voice their opinions and force Nepal’s government and parliament to act. Please support Dr. KC’s campaign by signing this petition. Help move Nepal in the direction of social justice, development and responsibilities. Calling Dr. Govinda KC’s demands “impractical”, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has directed Nepal Communist Party (NCP) lawmakers to strongly defend the government’s stance. According to Mr. Oli's government " not all of the fasting surgeon’s concerns can be addressed ". This shows the carelessness and thoughtless actions of Nepal's government towards its citizens. Nepal's government has agreed 14 times to fulfill Dr. KC's demands but has never ever even taken a step towards any change.  PLEASE SUPPORT to Save Dr. GOVINDA KC’s life and HIS FIGHT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. -Dinesh Karki #Human Rights #United Nations Human Rights Council #United Nations

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