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Petition to LOCAL GOVERNMENT, School Districts, Architects, Regional Planning Organizations, developers

Sign to promote Educational Neighborhoods and Universal Basic Income

Big Goals = Big Rewards... Sign & Promote this petition to spread serious global change. At TED 2018, Ray Kurzweil projected that Universal Basic Income will be worldwide by the 2030s (unless of course political will develops sooner). By enabling people to be more creative with their time, Universal Basic Income (UBI) can indeed increase science and technology innovation; however, UBI alone is not enough. Science and technology development needs to be adequately facilitated, and our current neighborhood models are simply not designed to facilitate an ideal UBI world where every child and adult uses their free time to learn and become science and technology innovators. Here's how we can change that... The future development of neighborhoods, cities and regions is codified in local planning laws. By making this the most signed petition on, we can improve the future of cities by encouraging local governments everywhere to specify in their planning laws that all future neighborhoods developed in the 21st century should be designed as the most educational home-environments imaginable and should include the following forward-thinking, educational features... A range of luxurious yet affordable accommodations* Experimental kitchens, beverage bars, and dining lounges Beautiful and edible gardens plus greenhouses Meeting and event spaces including a theater or auditorium Maker-spaces and computer labs loaded with all the latest software Multi-purpose community garage, warehouse, and workshop facility All-purpose recreational court, gym, field, and pool Complete healthcare salon and wellness spa Virtual / augmented reality classroom and early childhood exploration studio Science and technology innovation labs including an observatory Sustainable and resilient architecture as well as Other super-cool educational amenities. By specifying these design attributes in local planning law, architects and developers will be instructed (by law) to build only communities that meet those design criteria. Such laws would signal the long-term, neighborhood by neighborhood transition of individual regions into parts of a worldwide, future-minded, "learning" civilization where every child and adult is a well-equipped scientist benefiting from the most educational home-environments imaginable.   Secondly, by making this the most signed petition on, we can encourage architects everywhere to begin imagining their best Educational Neighborhood designs and begin sharing those designs on social media using the hashtag: #LearningCivilization. A Quote For Architect/Developer Consideration: "In the coming decades, there will be more city-building than in the whole history of humankind beforehand...that represents a $350 Trillion dollar business opportunity."  --Check out the video. (Imagine how profitable it could be to retain the architectural copyright for designs depicting a unique Educational Neighborhood that then gets replicated/franchised around the globe.) Your signature and support are appreciated. For media or consultation inquiries: direct message "Nathaniel Ryan Hernandez" via LinkedIn or submit a request on *Universal Basic Income (UBI) would help make Educational Neighborhoods affordable for all.

Nathaniel Ryan Hernandez
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Petition to Претседател на Република Македонија, Влада на Република Македонија, Собрание на Репулбика Македонија, President of the Republic of Macedonia, Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO, European Union - EU, United Nations, European Commission, Council of the European Union, European Parliament, President of the United States, United Nations Security Council, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May MP, Angela Merkel (CDU), Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Gjorge Ivanov, Zoran Zaev, Nikola Dimitrov, Radmila Sekerinska

Декларација #НиеСмеМакедонија Доста беше / Declaration #WeAreMacedonia Enough is Enough

Македонска Декларација Macedonian Declaration Ние, Македонците од Дијаспората и Македонци ширум светот и во татковината, како и пријатели на Македонија и Македонскиот народ, го известуваме Македонскиот народ во Република Македонија, дека во недела, 14ти Јануари, 2018 година, пред Амбасадата на Република Македонија во САД, протестиравме против Владата на Република Македонија и пратениците на Собранието на Република Македонија, и ги известуваме дека дијаспората започнува масовно движење на Македонците во светот, #НиеСмеМакедонија #НашетоИмеЕМакедонија, со единствена цел зачувување на засебноста на Македонецот како рамноправен и почитуван член во светското семејство, без нарушување на македонскиот иденитет, јазик и култура, и унитарноста на државата. We, the Macedonians from the Diaspora and Macedonians throughout the world within and outside of Macedonia and allies of Macedonia and the Macedonian diaspora, inform the Macedonian people in the Republic of Macedonia that on Sunday, January 14, 2018 in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in the United States, we protested against the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the MPs of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, and we informing them that the Diaspora has started a massive global movement of the Macedonians in the world, #WeAreMacedonia #OurNameisMacedonia, with the sole purpose of preserving the individuality of the Macedonian people as an equal and respected member of the world family of nations, without hindrance upon our Macedonian name, identity, language, culture, and unitary territorial integrity of Macedonia. Ние Македонците во светот, We Macedonians in the world, најостро ги осудуваме тековните разговори со Грција околу името на Република Македонија. најостро го осудуваме неодговорниот и незаконски чин на пратениците во Собранието со изгласувањето на неуставниот закон за јазици. најостро го осудуваме разнебитувањето на унитарноста и суверенитетот на матичната држава. најостро го осудуваме редефинирањето на историјата на Република Македонија постигнато со потпишување на така наречениот договор за "добрососедски односи" со Бугарија.   strongly condemn the ongoing talks with Greece over the name of the Republic of Macedonia. strongly condemn the irresponsible and unlawful act of the MPs in the Macedonian Assembly by passing the unconstitutional law on languages. strongly condemn the constant attacks upon the unitary territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Macedonia. strongly condemn the redefining of Macedonia's history by signing the so-called “good-neighborly relations” agreement with Bulgaria. Декларативно, користејќи ги сите алатки кои ни се на располагање, како и уставно загарантираното право на глас како Македонски граѓани и горди Македонци јавно изјавуваме дека дијаспората цврсто стои во одбрана на вековното македонско битие што ни е оставено во наследство од минатите генерации Македонци. Нашата цел e одбрана на идеалот за кој низ историјата го положија својот живот многу патриоти и бранители на Македонија.- суверена и независна Македонска држава на Македонците и сите малцинства што живеат во државата, а не федерализација или бинационализација на единствената држава ширум светот што Македонците ја нарекуваат своја татковина. Declaratively, using all the tools available to us, as well as the constitutionally guaranteed voting right as Macedonian citizens and proud Macedonians, we declare publicly that the diaspora firmly stands in defense of the centuries-old Macedonian struggle that has been left to us by the legacy of the past generations of Macedonians. Our goal is to defend the ideas by which many patriots and defenders of Macedonia have laid their lives in history for a sovereign and independent Macedonian state of Macedonians and all minorities living in the country, not the forced federalization or binationalization of the only nation-state in the world that Macedonians call their homeland. Притоа бараме: We demand the following: Итен прекин на разговорите околу името на државата што Владата на Република Македонија ги води во тајност под покровитество на ОН, и неменување на уставното име – Република Македонија, и поднесување резолуцијата во Генералното Собрание на ОН за признавање на истото, Повлекување на противуставниот закон за јазици од понатамошнен процес во Собранието на РМ, Oрганизирање попис под мониторинг на реномирана меѓународна организација на територијата на Република Македонија во период не подолг од 6 месеци од приемот на оваа декларација, Неменување на историјата на Македонија, статусот на МПЦ – ОА и интензивирање на грижата за Македонците во соседните држави. Доколку Владата на Република Македонија не е способна да го стори горенаведеното, тогаш повикуваме на итно самораспуштање на Собранието на Република Македонија и организирање на непосредни избори каде што и на македонските граѓани од дијаспората ќе им бидат овозможени свои претставници во новиот парламентарен состав, според принципот на пропорционалност.   Immediate withdrawing of the talks on the name of Macedonia that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia are conducting secretly under the auspices of the United Nations, and no change to the constitutional name - the Republic of Macedonia, and submitting a resolution to the UN General Assembly for its recognition under such name, Withdrawal of the unconstitutional law on languages from further process in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Organizing a Census, under strict monitoring of a reputable international organization, of the entire population in Macedonia within a period not longer than six months from the receipt of this declaration, No change to the history of Macedonia, the status of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, and intensifying the fight for equal human rights for the Macedonians in the neighboring countries. If the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is not capable of doing the above, then we call for immediate self-dissolution of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and organizing elections where the Macedonian citizens from the Diaspora will be able to exercise their right to elect their own representatives in the new parliamentary composition, according to the principle of proportionality. Движењето #НиеСмеМакедонија #НашетоИмеЕМакедонија под кое се застанати Македонски организации и здруженија од светот, АКТИВНО и ЈАСНО ја изразува својата декларативна заложба дека активно ќе ги искористи сите средства со цел да го оневозможи најголемото разбитување на Македонскиот народ и понатомашното уништување на унитарноста на државата. The Global Movement #WeAreMacedonia #OurNameisMacedonia, under which the Macedonian organizations and associations, and all Macedonians throughout the world stand by, ACTIVELY and UNEQUIVOCALLY express their declarative commitment to actively use all means in order to prevent the biggest human rights attack upon the Macedonian people and the further destruction of Macedonia’s unitary territorial integrity.

#WeAreMacedonia #НиеСмеМакедонија
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Petition to United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), United Nations Security Council, UK Parliament, Donald Trump

Remove Junaid Qureshi [Son of Hijacker Hashim Qureshi] From the United Nations

Remove Junaid Qureshi [Son of Hijacker Hashim Qureshi] From the United Nations. He DOES NOT Represent the People of Kashmir. We the people of Kashmir state that Junaid Qureshi does not represent our aims and aspirations for our country. Junaid Qureshi is the son of Hijacker Hashim Qureshi. Mr Junaid Qureshi has repeatedly appeared at the United Nations over the years claiming he represents wishes of the people of Kashmir. It is indeed curious how Mr Qureshi was allowed to speak in the United Nations in 2016 and 2017 [link] He has no popular mandate from the people of  Kashmir. When the  people of Kashmir learnt about his representation in the United Nations, they were outraged and  shocked as they did not even know of him..  They expressed their sentiments by rejecting  him  on all social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. On a brief general survey recently, 89% state that Junaid Qureshi does not represent Kashmir. See poll. The United Nations has made no checks or declarations of his history or his current position. There is no declaration of his potential conflicts of interest in relation to his father’s disturbing past. The United Nations have not confirmed or denied whether Mr Junaid Qureshi is a paid agent for India or not nor have they publicized his father’s past.  This is despite the United Nations position that they do not support terrorism yet basic checks are not carried out before potentially placing the vulnerable people of Kashmir under risk. By way of information for the public around the world, we list Junaid Qureshi’s conflicts of interest in relation to his father. We are compelled to do the job the United Nations has failed in. The BBC reported “Mr Qureshi was tried in Pakistan on hijacking charges and spent over nine years in prison there” The Hindu reported as follows: “Old intelligence hands, however, have mixed memories of him. Mr. Qureshi began his career as an ``informer'' for the Border Security Force; but somewhere in the 1969-1970 period his loyalty was suborned by the Pakistani agencies. Till he took part in the hijacking in 1971, he worked as a perfect ``double agent''. The hijacking of the Indian Airlines plane was promptly and shrewdly used by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister, to ban Pakistan's flights over India, a ban that complicated Pakistan efforts to curb insurgency in the eastern wing; this prompted many within the Pakistani security establishment to question Mr. Qureshi's credentials as an ``asset''. He was eventually arrested in Pakistan and tried as an Indian ``plant''.For the last 15 years Mr. Qureshi has been living, rather comfortably, in Amsterdam. Seasoned intelligence hands believe that during this time he must have been contacted by a number of`agencies''.  The book Mission RAW by a retired intelligence officer  listed as follows  On Fokker Hijacking in Srinagar Page 227: “There was an agent of R&AW-Hashim Qureshi in Srinagar.......R&AW persuaded Hashim Qureshi to work for them.....After the plan was given final shape, on January 30, 1971, Hashim Qureshi along with another operative Ashraf Qureshi, his relative, was allowed to hijack a Fokker Friendship plane Ganga of Indian Airlines with 26 passengers on board, to take the plane to Lahore airport. R&AW allowed him to carry a grenade and a toy pistol inside the plane. Pakisani authorities at Lahore airport allowed the plane to land when they were informed that it had been hijacked by National Liberation Front activist militants of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. All India Radio soon made broadcast of this hijacking and the whole world was informed that the Pakistan Government was behind this hijacking...The incident overtly gave India the right opportunity which was planned by R.N. Kao, to cancel the flights of Pakistan over its territory which hampered the plans of Yahya Khan to send its troops by air to curb the political movement of Mujib in East Pakistan” . This was subject to litigation but the results are yet not known.  Further references to Hashim Qureshi appears in retired RAW Agent Dulat’s book Given the above conflicts of interests and unanimous view that Junaid Qureshi does not represent the people of Kashmir, we ask the United Nations to strike out comments made by Mr Qureshi from the UN records for 2016 and 2017.  If this is not possible, the United Nations must act to disclose his conflicts of interests to the general public.  We also ask that the United Nations 1. Stop any representation made by Mr Junaid Qureshi.2. We would ask that the Secretary General direct that the people of Kashmir send an Kashmir Advocacy group that does have the mandate to represent the wishes of the Kashmiri people.3. We ask that the United Nations develop a policy to conflict check each individual and group representing a conflict zone and ensure they have a mandate to do so. The  United Nations cannot be seen to support terrorism nor can it be seen to place vulnerable individuals  under serious threat by allowing biased and tainted speeches to influence United Nations policy.   Related Links Margaret Thatcher’s Government on Hashim Qureshi 

Nathan Castro
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Petition to United States Senate

Ratify the Moon Treaty and Protect the "Common Heritage of Mankind"

The current Outer Space Treaty, adopted in 1967, bans states from claiming any territory on the Moon or other celestial bodies.  The proposed Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, commonly called the Moon Treaty, declares that outer space is the "Common Heritage of Mankind" and requires an international framework of laws to ensure the safe and orderly development of space resources and the sharing of benefits from them.  It has been proposed by the United Nations and adopted by 18 nations, but not the United States or any other space-faring nation.  Go to for more information about the Treaty. Sharing the benefits of outer space is not just a pipedream.  The United Nations recently approved a project that would fly experiments from developing countries aboard Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser space plane (pictured above as configured for the mission).  But the project is currently unfunded.  For details, go to The mission of The Space Treaty Project is to restore humanity's hope for the future by providing an alternative to the wars, violence, and neglect that have dominated our history.  In December 1968, our view of the world changed, literally.  As Apollo 8 first rounded the Moon, the astronauts on board were suddenly overwhelmed as humans saw the Earth rising above the lunar horizon for the first time.  The picture taken at that moment showed our beautiful planet hanging in the vastness of space.  Humanity as a species began to realize that we are all one, living together on a fragile planet hurtling through the cosmos. But even though no borders were visible, war and suffering continued to wrack our home world.  In the half-century since, people have begun to lose faith in their governments, their private institutions, even in humanity itself.  Every day we wake up to the news of yet another mass killing, more terrorist attacks, the disastrous effects of climate change, and an increased threat of nuclear war.  Our governments seem to care more for corporations than the people, and the corporations seem to put their bottom line above everything else.  The people of Earth are beginning to despair, wondering if there is anything they can really believe in.  They are losing hope. The mission of the Moon Treaty, and those who support it, is nothing less than to restore that hope, to give the people of our planet a future they can believe in.  To counter the despair of war and violence and neglect.  We have a unique opportunity to set an example and create a new future for humanity, to build that shining city on a hill that will light the way for all.  It has been 500 years since the world has had such an opportunity to start anew.  At that time, we chose to perpetuate slavery, military conquest, and economic exploitation, all of which caused misery and countless wars.  And when the Industrial Revolution came along, we placed profits ahead of people, resulting in economic and environmental catastrophe.  Much of humanity stopped believing in our ability to control our own destiny. We can change that.  But we must act now.  There will be only one time when humanity leaves its home world, only one chance to create a new pattern that will lead each of us, and all of us, to our best destiny.  That time is now.  Please join in this effort to restore hope and create a better world – and a better universe – for all of us.

The Space Treaty Project
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