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Petition to Newry, Mourne and Down Council, Liam Hannaway, Anthony McKay, Glyn Hanna, Mark Murnin, Roisin Mulgrew, Garth Craig, Kate Loughran, Charlie Casey, Laura Devlin, William Clarke, Jill McAuley, Micky Larkin, Declan McAteer, Michael Ruane, Gillian Fitzpatrick, Valerie Harte

Help protect Rostrevor Oakwood Nature Reserve from inner-city style development

***Despite over 4,500 of you signing this petition, six councillors voted to approve this development and we are now preparing a legal challenge to have the decision overturned! Please continue to show your support for protecting our natural and cultural heritage and donate what you can to our legal challenge. We will continue to post updates on this page and also our Facebook page (RARE - Rostrevor Action Respecting the Environment) in the coming months. Thank you!   Rostrevor Oakwood Nature Reserve, nestled on the lower slopes of the Mourne Mountains, is an ancient native oak woodland covering an area of 41 acres and protected under EU law as a Special Area of Conservation. Situated a stone’s throw from the well-known Kilbroney Park in Rostrevor, and within a Cloughmore’s (“The Big Stone”) throw from the stunning glacial inlet of Carlingford Lough and the Cooley Mountains on the opposite shore, it is clear for all visitors to see how CS Lewis drew inspiration for his fabled land of Narnia from the area. Newry, Mourne and Down Council have approved a planning application by JC Campbell for the development of 41 two- and three-bedroom apartments, a 70-bed nursing home, an underground car park and associated infrastructure on a 1.05-hectare site within metres of the woodland’s edge. We are asking for your support in signing this petition to object to this now approved development for the following reasons: The Council’s own planning officer has recommended refusal in four separate reports and each time highlighted the great extent to which this planning application is clearly and indisputably contrary to multiple provisions of the Planning and Policy Statements (PPS). *See bottom of page for full details. The developer has not conducted a full Transport Assessment. This is particularly worrying given the development site’s proximity to the busy A2 Shore Road, part of which collapsed during storms in 2014 and required extensive repairs costing £382,000. Given the increased frequency of extreme weather events, evidenced by the recent storm Ophelia, road safety must be taken under consideration when a decision is made on this planning application. A tree survey and report submitted by the developer omitted any reference to oak trees bordering the site. If disturbance to ancient woodland is to take place then it is vital that the ecology of the woodland is well documented and understood before the disturbance takes place. The developer has not conducted a full piling assessment, meaning no consideration has been given to understanding the impact of piling or ground excavation work on the woodland. The Woodland Trust’s expert recommendation to protect the woodland habitat by creating a 50-meter buffer zone between the woodland's edge and the development site has been completely disregarded by the developer. A scoping bat survey submitted by the developer was conducted using methods involving surveying during daytime hours, when standard practice advocates surveying during evening/night hours to establish bat presence. Bats are protected species and are protected by the full weight of UK and European law. The proposed development is contrary to Newry, Mourne and Down Council’s Tourism Strategy. The proposal in this planning application rather than representing an enhancement of the attractiveness of Rostrevor would significantly reduce the amenity value of the area and thus reduce its tourist and visitor potential. There are a number of examples of such economically and environmentally detrimental development on the north Antrim coast which are comparable and instructive. Inappropriate development of apartments more suited to an urban, high density setting has resulted in the creation of an environment which is unsuitable for and unattractive to families and where apartments are only sporadically occupied. The loss of visual amenity and character has resulted in reduced numbers of visitors and a lower level of economic activity. Newry, Mourne and Down Council’s handling of this planning application has raised considerable concerns. The Council’s Planning Committee originally approved planning permission for this application in May 2017, providing no valid planning reasons for their decision to disregard the advice of their Planning Officer to refuse the application. In September 2017, the Council made the unprecedented decision to overturn their own Planning Committee’s decision to approve the application and rescind planning permission. This decision was made when preliminary Judicial Review proceedings were initiated against the Council, which highlighted a number of procedural flaws in the decision-making process. A decision has now been made to approve this planning application so please show your support and sign this petition to object to the development of what Newry, Mourne and Down Council’s Planning Officer stated “would more properly be found within an inner city location”, not on a site where the Mountains of Mourne actually do sweep down to the sea. For more information please visit:   *Newry, Mourne and Down Council Planning Officer’s reasons for recommending refusal: The proposed development is contrary to Policy QD 1 of Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS 7) criteria (a), (c), and (g), in that: the applicant has failed to demonstrate that the proposal would create a quality residential development; adequate provision has not been made for private open space and landscaped areas as an integral part of the development; and, the design of the development does not draw upon the best local traditions of form, material and detailing. The proposed development is contrary to Policy LC1 of the Addendum to Planning Policy Statement 7 on Safeguarding the Character of Residential Areas, criteria (a) and (b) in that; The proposed density is significantly higher than that found in the established residential area; and, The proposed pattern of development is not in keeping with the overall character and environmental quality of the established residential area. The proposed development is contrary to the Strategic Planning Policy Statement and Planning Control Principle 2 of PPS 12, in that the proposed density of the development, together with its form, scale, massing and layout does not respect local character and environmental quality The proposed development is contrary to Policy NH 6 of Planning Policy Statement 2 (PPS 2) in that the design, size and scale is not appropriate to the special character of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in general and of the 10 particular locality and does not respect local architectural styles and patterns, local materials or design. The proposal is contrary to Policy DES2 of the Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland in that the development would, if permitted, be detrimental to the townscape of Rostrevor and would not be sensitive to the character of the area surrounding the site with regard to design, scale and use of materials.

RARE - Rostrevor Action Respecting the Environment
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Petition to Mayor Gordon Oliver, Torbay Council - Planning and Development

Save Oldway Mansion! RESTORE, RELOVE, REOPEN!

SAVE OLDWAY - RESTORE, RELOVE, REOPEN!PLEASE speak to your local councillor and there’s a meeting for ALL to attend and express their views on Thursday 21st June 5.30pm at the Riveria International Conference Centre (RICC). It's now or never for Oldway! Please share your support for Oldway by SIGNING this petition also. I shall be attending the meeting on the 21st and will be showing this petition to the council.Save Oldway, don't let them sell it off! With less than a month until a decision is thought to be made, these are the proposed options for Oldway:Mansion: 1. Be kept, RESTORED, RELOVED AND REOPENED. (Supported and put forward by the Working Party of Councillors and Friends Of Oldway) with a 10 year plan in place for its full reopening. (Oldway was originally 'gifted to the people of Paignton' after it ceased to be a place of residence for the Singer family and later bought by the council in 1946.)  OR 2. The bare minimum of repairs be carried out (est. £2 million) to sort issues such as roof tiles and dry rot - meanwhile whilst trying to sell it off to third party (as supported by Torbay Council’s Mayor Gordon Oliver). See the full report and plans for Oldway here (supported by the Oldway Mansion Estate Working Party): Find your local councillor: the Mayor of Torbay council: Torbay Council's Planning and Development: planning@​ Mansion Working Party: of Oldway Mansion Estate: Oldway Mansion is a beautiful historic large mansion and gardens, with 11 listed buildings and on the 'At Risk' list for English Heritage. It is a Grade 2 Listed Building. But, as of 2012/2013, it has been left by Torbay Council to rot and ruin...It was built as a private residence for Isaac Merritt Singer (creator of the sewing machine “Singer” sewing machines), sadly he died 1 year after the house was built in 1873. It was later rebuilt by his son Paris Singer and modelled on the style of the palace of Versailles. More information on the history is available online on other pages :)Recently:Paignton Urban District Council purchased Oldway Mansion from the Singer family in 1946 for £46,000. During this time, it was used by the council as their offices and for civil marriage ceremonies. Many weddings took place at Oldway Mansion. Oldway Mansion has been a Grade II listed building since 1993 (Wikipedia). Since 2012 there hasn’t been much done with the building, it has been neglected since and therefore suffered a lot of detriment, mostly dry rot, with estimated pressing repairs for the most serious issues costing £2m. There are photos on Facebook of some of the damage currently suffered by the building. The pressing issue:I have lived in Devon since 2007, but only discovered this beautiful place in 2013. I am an avid fashion photographer and have loved this place and loved using it for my own photo shoots ever since I discovered it! I owe to the grandeur of the mansion and gardens for some of the most beautiful photos I’ve taken. I think the Rotunda would make an excellent photo and music studio, using the income from this being hired out could be a potential help to keep Oldway going... I would love to be able to go inside and see lots of things going on with Oldway (long long overdue in my opinion). Just not into a hotel or flats! I am glad to see that it is now NOT being turned into a hotel as previous plans in place in 2013 were planning... however it is now in a serious situation where a decision is being made within the month. The options for Oldway:1. Be kept, RESTORED, RELOVED AND REOPENED. (Supported and put forward by the Working Party of Councillors and Friends Of Oldway) with a 10 year plan in place for its full reopening. (Oldway was originally 'gifted to the people of Paignton' after it ceased to be a place of residence for the Singer family and later bought by the council in 1946.)  OR2. The bare minimum of repairs be carried out (est. £2 million) to sort issues such as roof tiles and dry rot - meanwhile whilst trying to sell it off to third party (as supported by Torbay Council’s Mayor Gordon Oliver).  See the Full Report and Plans for Oldway here:  PLEASE speak to your local councillor and there’s a meeting for ALL to attend and express their views on Thursday 21st June 5.30pm at the Riveria International Conference Centre (RICC). PLEASE sign this petition to show how many people care for Oldway and want to keep it going. I will bring it to the meeting when I attend. Information gathered from my own knowledge, Wikipedia and Facebook pages ‘Friends of Oldway’ and Torbay Undiscovered Lost Forgotten Unloved.All views expressed are solely my own. If you believe any information to be incorrect please email: Thank you for reading and for your support! Useful links: Full Report: Recent news article from Devon Live: Oldway Mansion and Estate Working Party: Find Your Local Councillor: of Oldway Facebook page: Undiscovered, Lost, Forgotten, Unloved Facebook page: Wikipedia: of photos used:1. Aimée Isobel Photo ( / Axworthy Stationers ( From a Devon Live article ( ( Red Chilli Photography (

Aimée (Isobel Photo)
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Petition to Sajid Javid MP, home office, Rt Hon Caroline Nokes MP, Theresa May MP

Failed by Carillion & failed by the government? Help me keep my job.

My name is Hamza Idris and I am 24 years old. The UK has been my home since I was 17 after I moved here on the 8th of September 2011 from Nigeria. I attended Henley College for my foundation in Engineering and went on to study a BEng. at the University of Birmingham in Computer Systems Engineering with Business Management. Following graduation, I studied and graduated with an MSc. From the University of Manchester in Engineering Project Management. I applied for and got a position with Carillion on their graduate scheme, a job I really wanted and enjoyed. 1 year and 8 months on, I have found myself prevented from doing my job due to the collapse of Carillion, and the failure of the Home Office to consider my case fairly and justly. So what's the problem? The Home Office has refused to let me transfer to the new company with my colleagues although I am doing the exact same job, with the same terms and conditions as I was on previously. On Monday 15th January, Carillion filed for compulsory liquidation. This meant that all employees were at risk of losing their jobs. However, because I worked in the part of Carillion that dealt with services (delivering facilities management services to clients), we (my colleagues and I) were advised to continue to come to work and will be paid for the work we did. After a few weeks of talks, we were informed that we were going to transfer to a new company on the 1st of February 2018. The day came, and nothing for us as staff changed except the Logo. I worked with the new company for a month and on the 1st of March, I was pulled into an office and informed I could no longer continue my work as the Home Office would not accept a transfer application. I had my pass, laptop and work phone taken from me and was not permitted to return. The new company promised to support me through the process (and they have), submitted an application to take over my sponsorship, and has since kept my position open until we get a definitive response. As a result of this issue, I have been prevented from doing my job since March 1st, depleted my savings on rent and bills, and have had to move from London to Birmingham to live with friends. I have left my life, my Church, my friends, and my worship group behind in London, creating more of a traumatic experience. When do I have till? Saturday 16th June 2018.On April 17th, I received a curtailment letter from the Home Office stating I had 2 months to leave the country or make a new application. The Home Office made no mention of my transfer application. I decided to get my local MP involved and he got this response from the home office; "The team informed that as Carillion no longer exists, then TUPE does not apply as the company has gone into liquidation. They, therefore, cannot transfer Mr Idris because they are no longer trading. Mr Idris will need to apply under Tier 2 for a new Tier 2 visa with a licensed sponsor, if they have a Tier 2 license. TUPE would have applied prior to the liquidation, but as the company no longer exists this cannot be done. The Home Office has no discretion as both companies have to be licensed and fully active and unfortunately Carillion is not." This is true but even as of today (6th May 2018) Carillion is still on the sponsor register with a Tier 2 (A rating), and I cannot make a new application because that will mean reapplying for a position I held. I believe this can be resolved by the Home Office looking at my case with compassion and fairness. I did not contribute to the collapse of Carillion but I sure am paying the cost. All I want is my job and life back here in the UK. Please help me by signing and sharing.  How else can you help? You could send a letter to your MP demanding this case be given attention and the positive response it deserves. Please click HERE to find out who your MP is; and HERE to download a letter template or feel free to create your own. I also have a GoFundMe page to raise money for legal expenses and I appreciate the support. Thank You.

Hamza Idris
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