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Petition to Malaysian Ministry of Education, malaysian

It's Time To Change the Malaysian School Uniform - Project Shift180

INTRODUCTIONProject Shift180 - It's Time To Change is a movement to change the Malaysian school uniform that has been around for far too long. The objective of this project is to amplify the voice from last year and we would like to intensify the momentum of changing the school uniform until the fruition of these effort happens. Outpost Uniform has been collaborating with Saito University College last year for this Project Shift180 2017 by engaging with fashion design students to come up with new designs of school uniform based on their creativity and we showcased these designs for Malaysians to vote and share. For a start, the project last year garnered a few hundred shares and we realized that what we’re doing is what Malaysians truly want, especially from the younger generations.  As Malaysia progressed past its 60th year, it is time to carve a truly Malaysian characteristic for our school uniform, blending both practicality and trendy designs.  STEPS TO IMPLEMENTWe aim to redesign a new school uniform that is indigenously Malaysian complete with features such as cooling material, easy to maintain while not losing a professional outlook. Step 1 Gather support and ideas from Malaysian PeopleStep 2 Begin the process of redesigning the school uniformStep 3 Propose the changes to Ministry of EducationStep 4 Finalization of the new school uniform Share with us your voice.Show us your support.Let's join us on this movement of changing the Malaysian school uniform!

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Petition to Neil Pittaway, Neil strowger, Bohunt School

Amend Bohunt School's consequences for minor uniform infractions

We are calling for Bohunt School to amend the consequences for minor uniform issues. Should a student (regardless of age) break any school uniform rule, they will be immediately sent to ‘inclusion’. This is a sports hall set out as if it was an exam hall. Students will be required to spend 2 hours of their lesson here in complete silence being set with no work. This punishment was shortly announced after the ongoing emphasis on immaculate attendance. Year 11s especially are being removed from lessons such as Maths, English and Science for minor issues such as these. Students will receive inclusion for any of the following;  Wearing a hair band on your wrist as this is considered to be a bracelet; Your skirt being rolled or being slightly above your knees; More than one ring or one piercing; A tie being too short ; Trousers being too short or tight; Boys wearing white socks; Your top button being undone; This list is not exhaustive. Students will NOT be given a warning, nor will they be given a chance to adjust their uniform. On Tuesday alone, 188 students were held in inclusion. This totals 376 missed hours of learning. We would like Bohunt to take the professional level of action expected from them as a school and to modify the punishments imposed to prevent students from missing valuable lesson time.

Bohunt School Students
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Petition to Philips High School, Tina Owen

Stop Philips High School from banning skirts.

Philips High School has announced that there will be uniform changes made for pupils starting September 2018. They shall be enforced for all pupils by September 2019. Part of this change includes pupils no longer being able to wear a navy blue skirt as part of the uniform. Instead we will have to wear black, suit-style trousers. This has upset many of us at the school for a number of reasons. Firstly, we feel more confident wearing a skirt and school trousers are unflattering. Self-esteem issues are on the rise among teenagers, so making us unable to wear clothes we feel our best in will damage our mental health, and in turn our school performance. Secondly, many families have concern over the cost of the trousers as from school shops they are considerably more expensive than skirts. This would put pressure on many parents as a lot of pupils at our school are from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition, it is believed that skirts are being banned because the school has concern over the length of pupils' skirts. It is grossly inappropriate for staff members to sexualize and police the bodies of children in their care. There is nothing offensive about a child's knee and lower thigh. If any teacher believes seeing a child's leg is in any way 'too sexual' they should be sacked immediately for gross misconduct. We ask that you sign this petition to remove the uniform changes, and let us stick with our current uniform, which has been a part of our school for many years. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you will contribute to keeping our school as a happy, fair community.

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