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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Mitch McConnell, Ron Wyden

Unemployment & economic support for live-entertainment workers

Live-Entertainment Workers, we urgently need your support!   Whatever the next (and perhaps final) policy to effect our economic lives will come in the next few weeks, and likely before July 2, 2020 (edit: revised to start negotiations after the July 4th Senate two week recess). We live-entertainment workers need support in the next legislation (which will come, in part, from the Houses HEROES Act).  Unlike other sectors of employment, we stand to be one of the final sectors to return to employment.   We WANT to return to work!A return to work bonus (currently being discussed as $450/week by the Senate) will NOT help us.  Until states deem it possible and safe for us to gather again, we will not have employment.  The current boosted federal unemployment insurance is not dis-incentivizing us from working, it is keeping us afloat.  If you factor in that MANY workers are also now separated from our employers and thus our health-care, we are now using that 'extra' money to pay for COBRA or health care. Until we can return to work, we need continued support in this next phase of legislation.  We petition for the following: Extended regular (state) unemployment of a maximum of 99 weeks (as was had during the Great Recession). Continued $600/week federal boost until we return to work.   COBRA subsidy to help continue health insurance (during a global pandemic). State funding for Covid-19 testing, tracing and treatment.  The sooner the Covid is behind us, the sooner we can return to work! 

Gwen Turos
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Petition to Robert Asaro-Angelo, Phil Murphy

Tell NJ Labor Commissioner to step it up, or step aside due to ABYSMAL COVID-19 response

We, the unemployed of New Jersey cannot wait any longer for the NJ Labor commissioner to get his act together.  We are 120 days into this crisis, and we are still waiting for our money with little or no answers in the meantime.  For the NJ Labor commissioner to sidestep or straight-up ignore questions as he is currently doing, which in turn is causing grief and anxiety for the people he was meant to serve, is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. If you agree that appointed officials that act in a contemptible manner towards their constituents during an international crisis should be held accountable, SIGN THE PETITION! Why we are calling for the resignation of the NJ Labor Commissioner, Robert Asaro-Angelo: 1. Claims that have been filed in response to COVID-19 have still not been paid. (As of 7/2/20).  Imagine losing your job while the economy is retracting due to an international health crisis, and then not having any income for FOUR MONTHS and counting!  We paid into this system, and we are legally entitled to our money. 2. Some claims have been partially paid, only to be cut off with no explanation.  One day you’ll go to certify for your benefits after successfully receiving them the week before, but this time you’ll be told that your claim cannot be processed!  They’ll tell you to call the unemployment office for more info (anyone who has tried to call the unemployment office knows what a huge joke that is). 3. The call center situation is an absolute disaster. This is not a knock at those who work the call centers. They are doing the best they can with what they're given to work with. This is a criticism that is directed straight at the NJ DoL leadership. If you call, you are most likely to hear a message stating that the lines are too busy, and that you'll have to call back another time. If you do get a hold of someone, you'll be told that you will have to wait 7-10 business days for a claims examiner to MAYBE fix your problem. THE PEOPLE OF NEW JERSEY LITERALLY CANNOT AFFORD TO WAIT WEEKS ON END WHILE THESE CONDITIONS EXIST!  ROBERT ASARO-ANGELO, EITHER FIX IT, OR FIND ANOTHER JOB.

Fed up citizens of New Jersey
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