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Petition to Marco Rubio, Florida State Senate, Florida State House, Darren Soto, Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor

Resignation of FL Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott

Join me in calling for the resignation of our Florida State Governor, Ron DeSantis and State Senator, Rick Scott! Utilizing deceptive practices, then Governor Scott created an Unemployment System designed to fail. Today, with many resources and tools readily available, Governor DeSantis fails to provide us with a working system and instead blames us, the people in need, claiming we are either out of staters, illegals, or don't qualify, when the DEO has the data to show that we DO qualify.. DeSantis has left Floridians hanging by a thread until the very last moment, believing they would be homeless when the Mortgage and Rent Moratorium would expire within hours. Misrepresentation of the COVID-19 numbers are being used as a political play to reopen businesses as quickly as possible to line pockets without any regard for our health and safety. Data becomes unavailable at the most convenient times. Don't worry, DeSantis has a bridge in Brooklyn he can sell us though Florida is a large, diverse cultural melting pot. Do we have the support of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis for peaceful First Amendment speech and protesting? We have not heard them supporting either of these during this current Black Rights situation. We are suffering at their hands and cannot go any longer. It is time for accountability.  Let's not wait until 2022 for change- the time is now! 

Sarah O'Brien
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Petition to State of New Jersey Department of Labor, Robert Asaro-Angelo, Governor Philip Murphy, New Jersey Legislation

New Jersey State Department of Labor: End the economic suffering of hundreds of thousands

STRENGTH IN NUMBERSWe need to demand NJ Department of Labor Start Immediately Paying: UI ELIGIBLE RECIPIENTS PUA ELIGIBLE RECIPIENTS  FIX GLITCHES AND PAY THE FPUC WEEKLY AS IT WAS INTENDED  IMMEDIATELY REACH OUT TO ALL ELIGIBLE PEUC RECIPIENTS, REGARDING THEIR ELIGIBILITY FOR THE 13 WEEK EXTENSION, AS WELL AS HOW THEY CAN CONTINUE TO CERTIFY AND WHEN THEY WILL GET PAID   The cares act as follows : The Federal Cares Act was signed into law on March 27, 2020 . The Cares Act has provided federal funding for unemployment recipients, each state could enter into the agreement . When New Jersey took on the role in entering into this federal agreement, for Unemployment Insurance government officials were not thinking of their old systems or how they would implement the new guidelines. Government officials were not thinking of the many who will become unemployed or who have become unemployed due to COVID-19 or can’t find work now due to COVID-19, Or the people who were unemployed right before this Pandemic hit. They have now used the term backlog as to how they have to proceed with our claims, because their useless systems. Since then recipients have been put in a limbo trying to reach out to reemployment call centers only to get a message of “Due to the High Volume of Callers at this Time, we cannot take your call right now, please call back in the next business day.” Only to call back on the next business day to hear the same rhetoric and realize you won’t get anywhere if you don’t call back to back - and if you’re lucky enough to get through let’s pray this person knows what they are talking about, proceeds to helps you correctly.  Hard Working New Jersey People who’ve put tax dollars into the system are put into a mental state of always wondering when will I get answers on how to get the money that is owed to me. While NJ State Department of Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo gets on to the recent press briefings to talk about the 1 worker who can’t wait to get up at 7 and help people with their claims - isn’t mentioning that there  are a handful of other employees who are NASTY, RUDE, UNINFORMED UNINTERESTED, AND UNSYMPATHETIC TO YOUR SITUATION.  We need to demand NJ Department of Labor Start Immediately Paying: UI ELIGIBLE RECIPIENTS PUA ELIGIBLE RECIPIENTS  FIX GLITCHES AND PAY THE FPUC WEEKLY AS IT WAS INTENDED  IMMEDIATELY REACH OUT TO ALL ELIGIBLE PEUC RECIPIENTS, REGARDING THEIR ELIGIBILITY, AS WELL AS HOW THEY CAN CONTINUE TO CERTIFY AND WHEN THEY WILL GET PAID   The cares act as follows :

Micheline McQuilla
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Petition to Ohio go, Governor Mike DeWine, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, Rob Portman, FOX News, CNN, Ohio State Senate

Self Employed but also W2, left out of Unemployment

Yesterday the PUA unemployment program was launched in Ohio.  Most self employed workers, Or part time workers that lost one job, like myself, were excited to finally be able to apply and make up for the 6-7 weeks of lost pay.  However,  when going to apply for PUA thousands were shocked to find out they didn’t qualify for PUA but also had been denied monetarily through regular unemployment.   Due to a flaw in the system my w2 job was qualifying me for regular unemployment but also was denying me monetarily and therefore would not let me apply for PUA for my lost self employed job. It was as though my self employed business did not exist.    I spent hours on the phone trying to figure out what had happened. I was told because I am a w2 employee I technically qualify for regular unemployment but did not qualify monetarily because I had continued to be paid by my w2 job.  I was so confused as to why my self employed business was completely being ignored.  My w2 job is only a small portion of my pay and without receiving any benefits I will likely suffer.  Either my business will suffer or I personally will suffer or both.  I have been contacted by many others who are hard workers that are also having trouble due to this gap in the system that has been missed.  We need to be able to apply for PUA if we are self employed despite also having a w2 job and having been denied monetarily through regular unemployment.I am begging for politicians to see this issue and help the thousands of hard working Americans that work both a w2 and self employed job.     Let me give you an example say 70% of my total income is my own business 30% is from a w2 job, regular unemployment assumes I am receiving that 70% of my income. In a pandemic, since my business is shut down, I am not receiving that 70% unemployment does not take that into consideration.    I have been hearing all over the country that because of the way the policies and laws are written many of us will go without weeks of pay. We are in a pandemic policies are being bypassed to help the public during this unprecedented time. I believe this is a policy that needs to be bypassed during this time. We need to get this petition into the hands of the people that need to see this issue in order to include these thousands of hard working Americans that are being overlooked!!!!  Let’s stand together and get this issue heard!! Thank you for your support!!

Cydney Wayne
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Petition to California State Senate, Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsome: Address Those Suffering Who Cannot Reach EDD Assistance

Many of the growing number of people having to file for unemployment due to COVID and the stay-at-home order are suffering. Various private Facebook support groups are dedicated to thousands of CA residents trying to seek unemployment and are unable to receive those funds. Whether they’re wrongfully denied, disqualified without notice or reason, or payments state “pending” for weeks and sometimes months, with no end in site.  We need these discrepancies and delays to be addressed and the people need some sort of guidance and reassurance that we will eventually be heard and reimbursed for the weeks wrongfully withheld.  I recently viewed a Facebook video conference with members of the EDD team and a California senator stating that many of the discrepancies/ errors can only be rectified by speaking to someone at EDD. Thousands have tried to reach the overwhelmed system for months and haven’t been able to speak to a single human once. The contact page on the website has also been of no use to many, not receiving a response to their written inquiry for over three plus weeks.  Whether it’s implementing alternative technologies haven’t been utilized yet (ex: when airlines experience high call volume, you are able to request a call back. Or, at the DMV, you are able to schedule an appointment) or providing some sort of system that regulates call-ins: grouping people by the first initial of their last name, reducing the number and volume of calls each day, or, last, utilizing email vs. snail mail to rectify those struggling to meet the short deadlines, in consideration of there currently being a major delay with USPS.  We need answers and solutions. This shouldn’t be our problem. Tax payers are suffering. Instead of spending hours looking through the sparse job market or making the best of this downtime, we are having to spend many hours trying to get through to someone at EDD to fix our claim. WE NEED to be heard, we need to be addressed, and we NEED assistance that is rightfully ours. 

Holly Boos
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