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Petition to Mayor Ethan Strimling

Ensure Portland is safe for immigrant residents

We must not stand by silently, while our neighbors fear for their safety. Since Trump signed an executive order suspending immigration from 7 Muslim majority nations, cities around the country including Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Columbus, and Philadelphia, have committed to protecting immigrant residents. Portland must join that number. Sign this petition encouraging Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling to make Portland safe for our immigrant neighbors. City ordinance currently instructs local law enforcement to work with agencies such as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This would mean that, under Trump's beefed up deportation plan, local law enforcement would cooperate in the expulsion of undocumented people. Maintaining a separation between federal immigration authorities and police is important if local authorities are to keep the trust of immigrant communities in Maine, says Susan Roche, executive director of the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project. “We would want to see our local authorities stand up against any federal attempts to force [police] to become federal immigration officers,” she said. By standing up now and pledging to protect Portland’s immigrant population, Mayor Ethan Strimling can assure our undocumented neighbors that they are safe in our city, and that Portland will not be party to mass deportation fueled by hate and baseless fears. Sign now and urge Portland’s city council to follow the lead of other cities around the nation and ensure that protections are in place for immigrant residents.

Anna Kellar
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Petition to President Kent Fuchs, Vice President David Parrott

Make the University of Florida a Sanctuary Campus

It is the belief of Gators for a Sanctuary Campus, that the University of Florida should uphold its commitment to fostering a safe community for all students and faculty. At this moment in time, the safety of undocumented students and faculty is paramount and at risk. Thus, we, the students of the University of Florida, petition the administration of the UF, including President Kent Fuchs, to establish the University of Florida as a sanctuary campus under these provisions; 1) To not share students’ personal information, including address and immigration status, with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), 2) Prevent immigration law enforcement agencies from conducting raids on campus, 3) Encourage campus police officers to decline to take on the responsibility of enforcing immigration law. If this goal is not met, undocumented students and faculty are at risk of deportation and the diversity of this university is threatened, along with the retention rate for many years to come. We call on our University to value and protect our fellow Gators. President Fuchs, you have made your support for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) clear, citing the university's core belief of "inclusion and diversity." We ask that you boldly extend that grace to secure any undocumented students and faculty from any deportation threats. We respectfully ask you, President Fuchs, to meet the needs of undocumented students and faculty at this university and to secure their pursuit of happiness in this country.

Gators for a Sanctuary Campus
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Petition to Michael Stinziano

Make Columbus a Sanctuary City

Jorge Elorza, the Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, has promised that the city of Providence will “stand with” its undocumented workers; it is time for Mayor Ginther and the members of Columbus City Council to do the same. With Republicans poised to take control of the federal government, the governments of large, democratically-voting cities like Columbus may be one of the last legitimate checks on Donald Trump’s power to fulfill his campaign promise to deport millions of people—family members, coworkers, friends, and students of Americans just like you and me—from the United States. According to the ACLU, Columbus is home to about 95,000 undocumented people. Unfortunately for those people and for their family members, coworkers, friends, and teachers, the ACLU has also called Ohio “the worst state among the 50 and the District of Columbia”, due to its lack of laws in effect that might otherwise support their health and well-being. Columbus Ohio has the opportunity to channel the thousands of voices who stood in protest at the state capital last Thursday night into a movement that makes a real difference in the lives of the populations who stand to lose the most under a Donald Trump presidency. It is true that Columbus could lose access to federal funds if we become a “sanctuary city.” However, if the people of Columbus stand firmly in support of our friends and neighbors—including  the undocumented ones— then we will show that the courage of our convictions is not something to be ignored, that love truly does trump hate, and we may be an example for those elsewhere whose city government may, like ours, be one of the last things standing between Trump and a policy of mass deportation in the USA. 

Philip Storer
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Petition to Sheri N. Everts, Donald Trump, Margaret Spellings

Stop Appalachian State University From Becoming A Sanctuary University

--- WE THE STUDENTS OF APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY AND/OR CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HEREBY REQUEST THAT THE LEADERSHIP OF UNC SYSTEM / APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY IMMEDIATELY AND PUBLICLY DENY THIS REQUEST. --- Appalachian State University's Student Government Association President Mr. Howard and Vice-President Mr. Dawson have recently announced that the SGA officially urges the Appalachian State University Board of Governors and Administartion to declare the the University as a SANCTUARY UNIVERSITY (akin to Sanctuary Cities). The announcement can be found here: ASU SGA - Official Announcement 030717 This ridiculous request from the SGA for the University, a federally funded institution, to engage in an act of defiance against Federal laws is not only shame to the University system, but a danger to all citizens of the United States of America. It also potentially endangers federal funding.   It requests: That the University and Administration and Campus Police do not assist, or prevent, or actively work against Federal agencies or law enforcement. Implement new costly programs to continue to provide education to "undocumented students" even after they are arrested, imprisoned, deported, "or afraid to appear on campus". Mandatory training for University employees and optional training for students to indoctrinate political correctness. Create funds to directly assist individuals and families of undocumented students, and faculty/staff. Create more "safe spaces" on campus for undocumented students and others, where freedom of speech is restricted. And more!  

AppState Conservative Resistance
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