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Petition to Dan Feyen, Gordon Hintz, Van H. Wanggaard, Robin Vos

A Pathway to Citizenship

The undocumented population has been fighting for citizenship since the American Revolution, and by keeping DACA exactly the way it is only stalls the progression of the country. In order to move forward in equality and treatment of immigrants, citizenship eligibility should be on the table.  The Dreamer’s Group at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, proposes a pathway to citizenship within DACA but over the period of eight years, minimum.  The steps to the new policy proposal are as follows: Individuals need to be eligible, apply, and be accepted for DACA and hold this temporary work permit for a period of two years. They would go through the same process that is already in place to obtain this permit. (qualification requirements for DACA can be seen here:  Upon the individuals eighteenth birthday they could then apply for a six year conditional permit to start the pathway to citizenship. Or if they received the permit after their eighteen birthday they would have to hold DACA for two years and then they would be eligible to apply. Qualifications for this conditional period are outlined in the DREAM Act, which are as follows: be undocumented prove they have entered the United States before the age of 18 prove they have been in the country for at least four years starting the date this legislation would be passed prove they have earned a high school diploma or GED equivalent and are currently enrolled or admitted to a college, university, vocational program, or armed services prove they have not committed any criminal offenses during their time in the United States pass a medical exam and background check After they meet these requirements they would then apply and receive a six year conditional permit where they would be allowed to finish school or the armed forces and obtain employment. After the six years are concluded they would then apply for permanent citizenship status where they would need to prove they completed a four year degree, trade school, or equivalent time in the armed forces, prove they still have not committed any crimes, and pass a medical and background check. After a minimum of eight years of conditional time (2 years of DACA, 6 years conditional), they would then be granted full citizenship status. By doing this the government would not be flooded with new immigrants at one time because it would take eight years or more for individuals to complete the full program. Those that enter the country after this new policy would be enacted and are eligible for DACA would have to go through the same long process at the original holders of DACA.  This would spread out the citizenship status’ by years since each person would be on a different time line because they all applied at different times. The largest wave having to go through would be the initial one and that is assuming every person who starts the program would finish or be eligible. Individuals would also not be forced to complete the entire program, instead if they wish to keep renewing their original DACA permit every two years they would be allowed to; however, once they begin the six year conditional time period they must apply for full citizenship status.             By granting a pathway to citizenship within DACA the United States would still be progressing as a country by being more inclusive to those who are already contributing to our society. However, with the political attitudes of government and society being against citizenship for undocumented immigrants, passing legislation will be difficult. However, this new policy the Dreamer’s Group has created has the foundation needed to build a solution for immigration reform in the United States. (Photo credit: Dave Granlund)

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Petition to Mayor Ethan Strimling

Ensure Portland is safe for immigrant residents

We must not stand by silently, while our neighbors fear for their safety. Since Trump signed an executive order suspending immigration from 7 Muslim majority nations, cities around the country including Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Columbus, and Philadelphia, have committed to protecting immigrant residents. Portland must join that number. Sign this petition encouraging Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling to make Portland safe for our immigrant neighbors. City ordinance currently instructs local law enforcement to work with agencies such as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This would mean that, under Trump's beefed up deportation plan, local law enforcement would cooperate in the expulsion of undocumented people. Maintaining a separation between federal immigration authorities and police is important if local authorities are to keep the trust of immigrant communities in Maine, says Susan Roche, executive director of the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project. “We would want to see our local authorities stand up against any federal attempts to force [police] to become federal immigration officers,” she said. By standing up now and pledging to protect Portland’s immigrant population, Mayor Ethan Strimling can assure our undocumented neighbors that they are safe in our city, and that Portland will not be party to mass deportation fueled by hate and baseless fears. Sign now and urge Portland’s city council to follow the lead of other cities around the nation and ensure that protections are in place for immigrant residents.

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Sheri N. Everts, Donald Trump, Margaret Spellings

Stop Appalachian State University From Becoming A Sanctuary University

--- WE THE STUDENTS OF APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY AND/OR CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HEREBY REQUEST THAT THE LEADERSHIP OF UNC SYSTEM / APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY IMMEDIATELY AND PUBLICLY DENY THIS REQUEST. --- Appalachian State University's Student Government Association President Mr. Howard and Vice-President Mr. Dawson have recently announced that the SGA officially urges the Appalachian State University Board of Governors and Administartion to declare the the University as a SANCTUARY UNIVERSITY (akin to Sanctuary Cities). The announcement can be found here: ASU SGA - Official Announcement 030717 This ridiculous request from the SGA for the University, a federally funded institution, to engage in an act of defiance against Federal laws is not only shame to the University system, but a danger to all citizens of the United States of America. It also potentially endangers federal funding.   It requests: That the University and Administration and Campus Police do not assist, or prevent, or actively work against Federal agencies or law enforcement. Implement new costly programs to continue to provide education to "undocumented students" even after they are arrested, imprisoned, deported, "or afraid to appear on campus". Mandatory training for University employees and optional training for students to indoctrinate political correctness. Create funds to directly assist individuals and families of undocumented students, and faculty/staff. Create more "safe spaces" on campus for undocumented students and others, where freedom of speech is restricted. And more!  

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Petition to White women

Pledge for Action (and self-Education) in Support of All Who Remain Oppressed

In response to Barbara Sostaita's article, I'll Pass on "Unity" and the Womens March, I have created this petition to answer her call. Allyship of white women for women of color, transwomen, sex workers, undocumented women, incarcerated women, poor women, lesbians, bisexual and queer women, women with 'dis'abilities, (and their genderqueer and men counterparts) has involved too much empty talk and not enough action. Please sign below to pledge for her (edited) suggested changes in action:  When Trump or others comes for undocumented people and families, I will literally put my body on the lines for them. When shit hits the fan and our Black, Muslim, undocumented, Native, queer sisters’ lives are in jeopardy, I will be among the first ones there. I understand that my white sisters (and their mothers and their grandmothers) voted in Trump. I recognize that women of color have been struggling their entire lives. Racism is not new and resistance has never been optional. Beyond marching for a day, I commit to the lifelong struggle against hatred and oppression in all its forms. In addition, I pledge to continue to educate myself until I  die, listen and give credit vs. speak for others, take responsibility for my mistakes, celebrate vs. co-opt, engage vs. blame, and invite critique from those who've lived through oppression that I've (and my ancestors) have been greatly privileged to avoid).

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