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Petition to Mr. Kevin Plank CEO Under Armour Inc.

Please take the pledge not to buy Under Armour products until they stop endorsing trophy killers.

Petition Start Date: December 21, 2015 Recently, I became aware that Under Armour supports and endorses individuals that kill animals for trophy through a social media site #uahunt. This is one of the many sites where all trophy killers go to brag, post pictures of their latest kills, congratulate one another and share in the glory. As I scrolled through, I noticed that all these killers were thanking Under Armour Hunt for the so-called hunt and products. I went to Under Armour Hunt Facebook page and it was right then that I realized, Under Armour promotes the killing of wildlife for trophy. Many of you may have heard of trophy killers, Kendall Jones, Cameron Hanes, Eva Shockey, Lee Lakosky, to name a few, and may find their lack of empathy towards killing wildlife for trophy, sport or for fun just as appalling as I do. However, what you may not know is Under Armour endorses, promotes, sponsors, not only these four, but many other wildlife trophy killers as well. If you are not aware of who these trophy killers are, please use a social media account to visit their pages, and please be sure to scroll though the Under Armour Hunt Facebook Page and the Under Armour Hunt Twitter Account. There you will find them all boasting about their latest innocent victim with photographs of them smiling proudly over a bloodied animal carcass with zero remorse all while making sure the Under Armour logo is clearly being shown and also giving thanks to Under Armour for its products and this so-called "hunt." These trophy and blood sport killers also encourage more carnage by a "tag a hunter" or a "tag a vermin" post which then encourages others to post pictures of their latest kills as well, where they are then congratulated and glorified by Under Armour employees and other wildlife killers. Ms. Jones latest victim is in the above photograph where she degrades this beautiful animal with a #kittycatdown, admits to killing the Mt. Lion with a 10mm glock, after using hounds to exhaust the animal until it found refuge in a tree until she simply pulls out a side arm and shoots it. She thanks Under Armour for this "hunt" and their products using the #uahunt. Ms. Shockey is a spokes model as she recently did a photo shoot for Under Armour products. Shockey boasts of the number of animals she has killed for trophy, posts these pictures of her kills and also thanks Under Armour for their products and "hunt" using the #uahunt as well. Mr. Hanes is a 'self proclaimed' celebrity and claims to be the best of the best. Translation: "you name it, he's killed it."  Mr. Lakosky's information can be found at his Facebook page: The Crush with Lee & Tiffany Lakosky.  WARNING: All the content you will find not only through visiting these sites and through the famed #uahunt, and also Under Armour's other advertised hashtags: #ridgereaper #alwayslethal #BBD #gowhereyoudontbelong #MuleyMonday is VERY GRAPHIC!! There are images of Bears, Mt. Lions, Fox, Coyotes, Wolves, Moose, Elk, all killed for trophy. The #uahunt and other hashtag sites also contains very disturbing 'live' videos of a variety of animals being killed for trophy.    Please use caution.  I cannot in good faith sit back and not bring this to the attention to those who are thinking of purchasing from Under Armour, and are not aware of what this brand now stands for. I am deeply saddened that Under Armour, a company generally known for athletic sports and sports apparel, has now rebranded their image as the leading company in killing wildlife for trophy. Regretfully, I have previously purchased items from Under Armour, but now have taken the pledge to never buy again until this company ends the sponsorship of Jones, Shockey, Hanes, Lakovsky and any and all other trophy killers. I am asking that you please take this pledge with me. I truly believe that together our voices will be heard, and hopefully Under Armour will realize that not only is the killing of any wildlife for trophy wrong, but will also understand that profiting from the blood of the innocent is not acceptable. Again, I ask that you please take this pledge with me, and I will deliver our position on this directly to Mr. Kevin Plank, CEO of the Under Armour Company, to make sure our voices are heard.   Dear Mr. Plank, Your loyal customers who purchase Under Armour products for fitness, yoga, running, cycling, athletic sports such as football, tennis, golf, hockey, rugby, basketball, soccer, just to name a few, were totally unaware that your company also has a hunting line made for those who engage in trophy killing. Your same loyal customers were also unaware that you advertise this clothing line by not only endorsing and supporting known trophy killers, but by also glorifying these wildlife killers as they are openly encouraged to share pictures of their 'kills' where they are then congratulated by your employees that operate your Under Armour Hunt Facebook page and Under Armour's Twitter account. The photographs are sickening and heartbreaking!  We are asking that you please reconsider the decision to sponsor trophy hunters, and to please distance yourselves from sponsorships of any and all self proclaimed trophy and wildlife killers. This is a Global petition Mr. Plank, and your loyal, and now shocked consumers are not happy, and have indeed taken the pledge to no longer purchase anything made by Under Armour. The World is watching and waiting for an official statement. If your decision is to continue making and selling UA clothing to those who participate in trophy killing, first, we would like to ask that you make a public statement to all of your unknowing consumers around the World to confirm your engagement in such endorsements of known trophy hunters and blood sport participants, and an explanation behind your decision to continue profiting off the blood of the innocent. We also ask that you provide your consumers with a list of every single person that you personally sponsor who participates in blood sports and trophy hunts. Lastly, we ask that a 'warning' label be placed on every product that you sell that states: "By purchasing this item, you have just contributed to the endorsement of Under Armour's blood sport participants" or "Profits made from this item goes directly to the destruction of innocent wildlife for trophy." Consumers have every right to know where their money is going. Once again Mr. Plank, this is a Global petition and the World is watching. We look forward to hearing your personal response, and an official statement letting consumers know how Under Armour will proceed moving further.                          Thank you very much for your time sir. 

The People Against Killing Wildlife for Trophy
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Petition to Media Relations Director

Stop Sponsoring Bowmar Fitness

In recent days, you may have heard that fitness guru and hunter Josh Bowmar traveled to Alberta, where he killed a black bear using a 7 ft spear (after baiting it with garbage and food). In that sickening video, Josh Bowmar is seen taking particular pleasure in the blood and gore left behind by the bear, who staggered off with a terrible wound and wasn't found until the next day. In other hunting videos, Josh Bowmar can be seen rejoicing in the way his arrow severed the head of a turkey he shot at close range and posing with the corpses of threatened and vulnerable species he killed for "sport." Josh and Sarah, of Bowmar Fitness, have left a massive trail of evidence that the only thing they enjoy more than pumping iron is killing animals. They are both incredibly focused on their outer appearances and Under Armour is one of their corporate sponsors. Regardless of their impressive fitness techniques, Under Armour needs to drop their sponsorship of Bowmar Fitness immediately. In video after video, these two showed a sickening pleasure in the suffering and death of the animals they hunted (usually for fun). It is disgraceful for a company like Under Armour to be associated with Josh Bowmar and his fitness and hunting businesses. Please join me in asking Under Armour to do the right thing as an ethical corporation and completely eliminate its business relationship with Josh Bowmar, Sarah Bowmar, and Bowmar Fitness. We are grateful to Under Armour completing this action expeditiously and reassuring the public that they are no longer affiliated in any way with the Bowmars.

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