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Petition to Cabela's, Thomas L Millner

Hunters vs Under Armor

After seeing UA ( under armor) give in so easily to anti hunting parties about the "unethical kill" made by Sarah Bowmars husband, UA decided to terminate her contract immediately!! There were no local laws that were violated in anyway, the uproar is merely because the method used, her husband used a 7 foot spear to pursue and take his game down, in Canada/America and many places there are no legal ramifications for this. If we don't stand up as hunters right now against under armor for these actions, what's next? The taste of blood is in the water because of this, I would like to see cabelas/basspro shops to support the hunters and pull all UA Apparrel off of the shelves and refuse to sell their products in the future, I know that I and many other hunters will no longer be purchasing their gear. Please if you support the hunter side on this sign this before the anti-hunters and/or PETA comes after something else! If cabelas/basspro shop dont pull UA gear to help back the hunters who are the base customer, than we will shop else where for our hunting needs. UA will not support the hunters, than why should we continue to support their brand? Cabela's and bass pro and other outdoor retailers, you support outdoor lifestyles? Please drop UA hunting apparel, please support the hunting community as we are the heart of your business. With online shopping I know myself and many others will purchase from other stores the hunting equipment needed if UA stays on your racks. 

scott brince
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