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U​.​S. Needs to Accept Ukrainian Refugees IMMEDIATELY

*UPDATE: April 21st, 2022* A HUGE THANK YOU and congratulations to everyone who has signed, shared, and promoted this petition! Your efforts have helped to build pressure toward changing policies to help Ukrainian Refugees in need. On April 21st, President Biden announced Uniting for Ukraine, a New Streamlined Process to Welcome Ukrainians Fleeing Russia's Invasion of Ukraine. Uniting for Ukraine is a streamlined process for Ukrainian citizens who have been displaced by Russia’s aggression to apply for humanitarian parole in the United States for a period of up to two years. Click here for the full announcement and information on how to apply starting on April 25th. We will continue to watch as refugees begin to apply and seek shelter in the United States to ensure that they are able to make it here to safety soon. Additionally, given that 5 million people have left Ukraine, 100,000 will only make a small dent in the overall resettlement support needed. We hope that the Administration will monitor for future needs as the crisis in Ukraine continues. _________________________________________________________________ My name is Ashley Testa and my family is in crisis. On the morning of February 23rd, my family woke up to the sound of explosions followed by artillery fire. They quickly fled and piled into the car. Despite the fact that my husband, Misha, has U.S. citizenship, our family was not allowed to seek refuge in the U.S. At present, there is NO official Ukrainian Refugee Program in the U.S. for Ukrainian families to come to the United States—even for those who have immediate family members as U.S. citizens or residents or official sponsors. Misha’s mother, sister, sister-in-law, and our four nieces and nephews, ages 5-12, left everything behind. Most tragically, they had to leave their fathers, husbands, sons behind. We do not know if or when they will be reunited. Our family drove towards Poland while bombs went off in the background. They had to share blankets to stay warm in the frigid weather and ration their limited food and gas. After 5 days of driving, they reached the border.  They planned to board a plane to the U.S., but realized that since only one family member had a U.S. green card, they could not go to the U.S. as a family. We were shocked. Luckily, since then, 7 of our family members have received visa approval. However, this is incredibly rare. Only 7 Ukrainian refugees resettled in the U.S. from March 1 - 16. Appointments for Ukrainians to interview for a U.S. visa are booked out through September. Most will also not be approved. Other options such as the Family Reunification immigration process currently have a wait time of about 15 years! President Biden has made several statements over the past week stating that he would “welcome Ukrainian refugees with open arms,” but has yet to do something about it. Lawmakers have proposed solutions, such as offering Humanitarian Parole, and are waiting for action. We beg you to allow Ukrainian families to come here. We’re on our hands and knees. They’ve been through enough. They’ve lost everything. My hope is to reach 500,000 signatures in order to demonstrate the passion of the American people to help refugees to resettle here to President Biden.

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Mr. President: Fire Victoria Nuland!

The world is now racing toward a "Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse," where Russia is faced with the existential threat of nuclear weapons and NATO forces positioned along her border. The person most responsible for this dangerous state of affairs is Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland. It was Nuland who masterminded the violent coup d'etat against an elected government in Ukraine in 2014. She proclaimed in a December 13, 2013 speech to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Conference that "We’ve invested over $5 billion to assist Ukraine", and we now know that the money was "invested" in building up an apparatus for Regime Change. In Nuland's famous intercepted phone call to US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, she detailed her plan to install a puppet regime in that country, a plan which was carried out to the letter. The consequences were severe. The putsch re-awakened the Cold War which the world had hoped had died with the Warsaw Pact in 1991. It also re-awakened and empowered the Banderist movement which had collaborated with the Nazis in World War II. News coverage only a few weeks ago called attention to a pro-Nazi march in the Ukrainian capitol of Kyiv, and an annual neo-Nazi rock concert, also held in Kyiv, was attended by Ukraine's Prime Minister two years ago. The rest of the world is worried about these developments, which is why the United Nations has passed a resolution on “Combating Glorification of Nazism". The U.S. and Ukraine were the only nations who voted to oppose this resolution, in a moment of shame for our nation. Mr. President, before this situation spirals further out of control, you must demonstrate to the rest of the world that we have come to our senses. Fire Victoria Nuland, and reverse our nation's pro-Nazi vote at the U.N.      

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Let’s stop funding Putin’s war

EN | DE | CS | HU Petition to the European Council Dear President of the European Council, President of the European Commission, Presidents and Prime Ministers of the member states, After years, war has, unfortunately, returned to Europe. War is an extremely difficult test for the attacked nation, but it is also a test for us, the nations living in the EU, because our actions may significantly influence how the war turns out. We, the signatories of the petition, appreciate the united position of the member states, which together have stood up for the invaded Ukraine. Not only in words, but also in deeds. Humanitarian aid and military equipment are flowing to Ukraine. Unprecedented sanctions were imposed on the Russian Federation very quickly. Probably the strongest of these is the freezing of foreign exchange reserves, which took place so quickly that Russia did not manage to withdraw them. Also thanks to these steps, the brave Ukrainians are defending themselves more successfully than expected. However, even though Russian troops are advancing slowly, they are still advancing. Still, we may well have a way to stop their further advance completely and reverse the situation in favour of Ukraine. War is a costly affair, and we pay hundreds of millions of euros for Russian oil and natural gas every day (in 2020 it was on average € 154 million a day [1], now it is several times more due to the higher prices). By buying fossil fuels from Russia, we are actually co-financing the very thing we want to stop. At the same time, Russia is already nearly insolvent [2], and if we stop buying its oil and gas, we will significantly reduce its ability to continue the war. Besides the practical, military-economic view, there is also an ethical view. Due to Russian military failures, Vladimir Putin has resorted to attacks on civilian targets and as such has effectively become a terrorist. From this point of view, the Russian Federation under his leadership is a terrorist organization, and the EU is involved in terrorist financing by purchasing its fossil fuels. Let us add also a purely pragmatic view. Possible interruption of fossil fuel imports from Russia will of course have a negative impact on the European economy. On the other hand, if we do not take further steps to stop Putin’s aggression, it is likely that the impact will be much worse. A shadow of complicity will fall on us. There will be many millions of Ukrainian refugees in the EU. We will lose the ‘breadbasket of Europe’, as Ukraine is rightly called. Our inaction will whet dictator Putin’s appetite, and Russia will continue its expansion. Meanwhile, our weakened position could provide an incentive for the People’s Republic of China to strengthen its influence in Europe and in the world. For all the reasons given above, we call on you to stop, with immediate effect, all purchases of fossil fuels by the EU from the Russian Federation. This interruption of purchases is but a temporary measure to stop the war. As soon as Russia ceases to occupy and attack Ukraine, the purchases can resume in full. The EU has stock of natural gas and oil for at least three months [3,4], and it can thus afford a temporary suspension of purchases from Russia. During this time, Vladimir Putin may be forced by the failing Russian economy to withdraw his troops from Ukraine, or he may be overthrown by disgruntled people around him. During these three months, the EU can also prepare for the worse scenario, which is that the war continues and the resumption of oil and gas supplies from Russia is unacceptable. We are aware that mere interruption of fossil fuel imports from Russia would drive the prices of the fuels in the EU to unbearable heights. We are therefore asking you to introduce necessary regulations along with the embargo, even if it means restricting the free market. A free market can only work well in a stable and fair legal environment. Sadly, this is not the case for an environment where war is taking place. If the situation worsens and it becomes necessary to introduce a petrol rationing system, for example, we are ready to bear such measures. Nonetheless, we believe that this will not be necessary. Vladimir Putin habitually threatens to cut off our oil or gas supplies, but he has not yet done so. This indicates that he needs our money more than we need his oil and gas. We are economically stronger, and we should work this to our advantage. Glory to Ukraine! Jan Lachnitt, Physics student, Czechia Martin Svárovský, Head of Security Strategies Program at the European Values Center for Security Policy, Czechia Lucie Javůrková, Manager in a non-profit organization, Czechia Jana Plavec, Photographer, Czechia Elizabet Kovačeva, Translator, Czechia

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