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Mr. President: Fire Victoria Nuland!

January 2022 -- The world is now racing toward a "Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse," where Russia is faced with the existential threat of nuclear weapons and NATO forces positioned along her border. The person most responsible for this dangerous state of affairs is Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland. It was Nuland who masterminded the violent coup d'etat against an elected government in Ukraine in 2014. She proclaimed in a December 13, 2013 speech to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Conference that "We’ve invested over $5 billion to assist Ukraine", and we now know that the money was "invested" in building up an apparatus for Regime Change. In Nuland's famous intercepted phone call to US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, she detailed her plan to install a puppet regime in that country, a plan which was carried out to the letter. The consequences were severe. The putsch re-awakened the Cold War which the world had hoped had died with the Warsaw Pact in 1991. It also re-awakened and empowered the Banderist movement which had collaborated with the Nazis in World War II. News coverage only a few weeks ago called attention to a pro-Nazi march in the Ukrainian capitol of Kyiv, and an annual neo-Nazi rock concert, also held in Kyiv, was attended by Ukraine's Prime Minister two years ago. The rest of the world is worried about these developments, which is why the United Nations has passed a resolution on “Combating Glorification of Nazism". The U.S. and Ukraine were the only nations who voted to oppose this resolution, in a moment of shame for our nation. Mr. President, before this situation spirals further out of control, you must demonstrate to the rest of the world that we have come to our senses. Fire Victoria Nuland, and reverse our nation's pro-Nazi vote at the U.N.      

Oz Perch
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Earth and Space Science Community Anti-War Statement

Statement From Members of the Earth and Space Science International Community  We are Earth and space scientists, science communicators, and educators dedicated to the discovery of and solutions to societal challenges. We issue this joint statement to call on world governments and global leaders to do everything possible to expedite the end to the brutal Russian assault on Ukraine. We welcome other professional scientific communities to join our appeal. 1. The Earth and Space Community is an ecosystem of researchers working together and supporting each other. At this moment, our colleagues in Ukraine are being shelled with missiles and many have been forced to escape with their families from the war zone. We salute "Science for Ukraine" grassroots efforts and urge world governments to support Ukrainian students and science professionals.  2. We recognize that many of our Russian colleagues do not condone the actions of the Russian government and military, yet their ability to do research will soon be significantly curtailed. Many of them are also risking their freedom and life to protest the war. We call on world governments to support those who want to escape Russia and bring their talents to the democratic world. 3. We are well aware of the existential risks posed by anthropogenic climate change due to our reliance on fossil fuels. As we have just witnessed, it also threatens world security by complicating a decisive joint response by world governments to deprive Russia of its primary source of war funding. We urge world governments to intensify their efforts of transitioning to renewable energy for building a more democratic and resilient world. 4. As Russia is now indiscriminately targeting Ukrainian civilians in its war of attrition – a brutal strategy it did not hesitate to follow in the past – we cannot afford to wait for another red line to be crossed. We believe that implementing and sustaining sanctions on Russia's oil and gas revenues is a necessary action requiring immediate implementation. We believe that the heroic sacrifice of the Ukrainian people in defending their democratic values will inspire most of the democratic world to endure temporary increases in the cost of oil and gas domestically. 5. We recognize the unique threat that accompanies conflict among nuclear states, and we emphasize that the consequences of even a regional-scale nuclear war could cause a global “nuclear winter” that would kill all plant life and thus eliminate our food supply and destroy human civilization as we know it. We call on world governments to reduce the possibility of destructive nuclear war and its consequential catastrophic nuclear winter.  We call forward as a science community, together and resolute, the accountability of our governments to submit and execute these considerations. The time to act is now!

Julia Brodsky
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