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Petition to Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson, Royal Mail, United Nations, World Wildlife Fund

Put an END to the Australian Bushfires: provide aid and awareness to a critical matter.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this issue.  The bushfires have been going on for a while now and in its destructive path, it has been destroying habitats, killing masses of animals (especially the Koalas), invading peoples living spaces, causing health issues as well as causing issues with occupation and livestock; where farmers have no choice but to leave cattle to die and evacuate their families out of the area due to the rise in smoke. Not to forget death. Thus making it extremely difficult for animals and people to breath. I understand that the Australian Government is trying their best to overcome the situation but they need firm strategic advice/ assistance into tackling this issue in order to help conserve this country's beautiful landscapes and unique nature. Quite frankly, their PM is doing nothing to overcome the issue and should be replaced; for I can not nor can anyone else bare to see innocent animals perish. It's upsetting. The fires pose a serious threat to the ecosystem/ environment as well, considering that it's spread across the 6 states, hence CO2 emissions will be constantly increasing. It's a disaster. There is not much I can say other than that they need help! With donations and raised awareness from a vast majority of people, it then would help Australia overcome this travesty and restore the country by aiding fire fighters, helper organisations, those who were/are affected, veterinaries/ hospitals and general funds.  With enough signatures, significant donations can be raised. Greatly appreciated if this could be shared. Let's kill these fires and give back Australia it's wildlife and land ! 

Dulyana D
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Petition to Help my wife to join me

Help my wife to join me

Just as one of the website mentioned: “In war, the first victim is the truth; and with the rise of fake news, the truth may seem to have died. Yet there are definite truths that can’t be ignored… should not be ignored!” I would like to shed the light on the fact that millions of Syrians are now refugees and displaced. The painful fact is that today, those Syrian refugees are suffering as much as Syrians inside do. I would like to talk in specific about a Syrian young man “X”. This young man left Syria after tasting what he has tasted from the atrocities of war. He was forced to leave behind his family, friends, home, university…etc. to let go of all his previous life just for the sake of survival! It is crystal-clear that Europe nowadays is the Syrians’ Paradise! They wake and sleep dreaming of that sweet taste of Europe. This Young man was one of them and he was fortunate enough to enter the United Kingdom in 2014. After he has established himself there, he brought his ex-wife but his marriage didn’t last for a  long time! It was a bad relationship as he got divorced after a very short time. This failed marriage didn’t bring him anything except a dead fetus in the last months of pregnancy due to a medical mistake! He has been left at the threshold of helplessness, depression and misery. After one year, one of his distanced relatives comes to his mind. A lady whom he has known before the war…. From his childhood, so to speak! He was able to communicate with her only  on social media. After a short period of time, every one admits his attachment to the other and declared  their  honest love. Hopefully , they have been officially engaged in the same year. This couple has relentlessly struggled to meet in person, they tried all the possibilities but they failed! You know why? Simply because they are Syrians! Yes! One day,  your nationality will turn into a curse… They are deprived from the chance to meet simply because his wife lives in Syria and he is living in the United Kingdom. The countries that she is allowed to visit don’t match the countries he can visit because he holds a British travel document and she holds a Syrian passport. Their only glimmer of hope  was Turkey. Both of them applied for a Turkish Visa to meet in person and take photos together so that he can bring her to the UK. The result was that he got the Visa but she didn’t! again for the same reason… simply because she is Syrian! After being stranded, they applied for a Spouse Visa in the UK but ,unfortunately, the Home Office wasn’t tolerant, helpful, and prudent with their case.  Again, another tragedy! The Home Office  said that they meet the financial requirement and they meet also the English language requirement but what led them to reject the application is that this couple didn’t meet in person! Who has to be blamed in this situation? Shall we blame our homeland and nationality as being Syrians? Shall we blame the country that we resort to? Or shall we blame ourselves as being victims to all what is happening around us?   All of these painful circumstances he has gone through were adequate to kill him spiritually and to make him sink more and more in the swamp of depression. Today, Life for him is just a habit no more no less! For more information email:

Omar B
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Petition to UK Parliament, Human Rights Campaign, Women’s Rights

UNITE ME WITH MY CHILDREN , UK LAW please Recognise Nikah and BAN Triple Talak/Divorce

My name is Uzmaa Ismail Abdul Sattar  I am talking about thousands of women in UK who are facing problems because English law does not recognise Nikah ceremony as Legal marriage.Due to that many women don’t get basic right to restart their lives.Because of this some inhuman men in this country are misusing this law on women’s rights.This country cares for Human rights please pay attention to this major issue around the globe for millions of women around the world. I have been married to Chartered Account in east London coming. I was in abused relationship for 10 years . His family never liked me so all of family members always humiliated me. Time went by and we had 3 lovely boys , ages are 8 , 6 and 3, now he is in love with his office colleague and I am his third wife and he is looking to remarry, he send me to India by deception and played a dirty game , kept my 3 boys to himself. And gave me my 3 talak on what’s app.He has put false allegations on me so everyone thinks that I am wrong. He planned all of this with his entire family that includes , his father , his mother and his brother and sister in law. he said we will resolve things amicably and he has left me Homeless.He send me to India that go meet you family think with a clear mind , I will give you your rights and if required I will leave the house and you live here and I will give child maintenance. He got me stuck with false case in India so he gets the child custody.I will come back as soon as things gets resolved here, in the mean time I want support so when I am back I can fight for my rights. I have been away for more then two months and I want to come back to them.I miss my children I miss them so much, I love them every one is telling you should have not stepped out of the house I had no choice , They were disturbed and distressed , I am willing to face any challenges but by children deserve the best. I did not want them to learn it’s ok to mistreat a women, I want to raise them as a human. If this changes then a man will never think of doing such an inhuman behaviour, Please spread awareness and share.There is a method mentioned in Sharia , we need witnesses and there is a process. One should not be allowed to Divorce this way by means of deception. INDIA Bill Against Triple TalaqThe bill makes instant triple talaq (talaq-e-biddah) in any form — spoken, in writing or by electronic means such as email, SMS and WhatsApp illegal and void, with up to three years in jail for the husband. This is a third world country and this is what they did to secure the women in their country. We have to secure British Muslim Women. I have suffered a lot without my children, things at home was very distressing and I was unable to put my children with so much distress.I was asked by a family member from his side to give space so we can appreciate each other. But he had his own plans. He had numerous affairs, Girls please don’t fall for his money he is a monster his family is not what they look like.You can connect with me to authentic this story, I want my children and I want justice.  He has transferred most of his properties in his family’s names and secured a trust on the children’s names. I want my children back and I want you to help me unite with my children, he does not allow me to talk to my children, he picked me and threw me out of my Home. This country cares for Human rights please protect women’s rights. Please recognise Nikah ceremonies and give us our basis right , right to live with dignity ,I hope to all the women who are facing a devastating time at the time of divorce. Thank you for reading. You can write an email to me      

uzma m
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