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Petition to Anne-Marie Morris


DON'T DELAY, ACT TODAY! The British Parliament has been brought into disrepute by the utterances of the Member of Parliament for Newton Abbott, Anne Marie-Morris. We call on her to do the right and honourable thing by tendering her resignation without delay and with immediate effect. TAKE ACTION TODAY! SHARE PETITION WIDELY! Stand up for what's right, call the constituency office now on 01626 368 277 and also send an email requesting same to: and Copy & Paste Email: "Dear Ms Anne Marie-Morris MP, We the people of the United Kingdom request and require your immediate resignation following your very ghastly use of racist phraseology that has no place in British Society today. We call on you to do the honourable thing and tender your resignation if you wish to have even an ounce of your already tarnished credibility. Your apology would have meaning only if it is followed by an immediate departure from the representative position to which you hold. Your utterances have rendered your capacity to do the job of a Member of Parliament paralyzed and debilitated, the views expressed by you do not represent me, the constituency or indeed the values to which we uphold in this country. Therefore, you only have one option, tender your resignation to your constituency immediately. Warm regards, [SIGNED]" LET'S START A MOVEMENTWe are asking the member politely to do the honourable thing as a result of her misbehaviour in public office. Her utterances have indeed broken the social contract of trust between her, the constituency of Newton Abbott and by extension her ability to represent the diversity that of the people of the United Kingdom.  

Pearce Robinson
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Abdullah Chief Executive & Ghani the President must resign عبدالله وغني بايد استعفا دهند

Ashraf Ghani's regime is another face of terrorism. Ghani's regime doesn't believe in democracy, human rights and like the Taliban and ISIS attack democratic gatherings and kill protesters. We call on International Community to hear the voice of people of Afghanistan and prevent brutally killing of civilians by the brutal regime of Ghani and Abdullah. The International Community fund Ghani's regime to strengthen democracy, rule of law and human rights, but the regime stands up against democracy and suppress those who believe in democracy. We are against this regime and its leaders because: 1. This government is not a result of a legal election, but a negotiated agreement under struck by the United States Foreign Secretary Mr. John Kerry. However, the leaders of the Government i.e. Ghani and Abdullah, never respected the negotiated agreement.  2. Ghani has monopolized the power in his Ghilzai tribe- shamelessly, and Abdullah has allowed this to happen. Ghani and Abdullah are both Pashtun and even of the same Ghilgi Tribe. There is no Tajik representation in this government. Uzbeks are deprived from power and a group of ethnic Pashtun chauvinists makes all political and economic decisions.  3. The country is divided on ethnic lines and the constitution rule is compromised seriously. This is because of the holes in the constitution and the ethnic agenda of the presidents together have ruined the rule of law and have divided the country. Under such a regime our next bloody war will be of ethnic nature that will be disastrous. 4- The government machinery and especially security forces,  are cleaned from real anti-terrorist forces and or these forces are neutralized under pressure and threat of losing their jobs. On the contrary, hundreds of Taliban sympathizers are planted in ranks and files of the security forces. That is why we have suicide bombers everywhere- even in the funeral ceremonies, military hospitals and army forts and garrisons. 5- It is a great mistake in part of the international community to fund, arm and support a government that has ethnic chauvinistic agenda. This government has divided the country into privileged Pashtuen and suppressed non- Pashtunes. This is so dangerous and a great disaster as the regime is doing this under the nose of the international community using the money, and opportunity the free world is providing. 6- the system is too monopolized by Ashraf Ghani. The parliament is out of date and split on the ethnic lines. The head of the states- initiated by Karzai and continued by Ghani, have used money and power patronage to corrupt the parliament. Right now, the parliament is a tool at the hands of the government and under Ghani. 7- The stated under Ghani is more in support of anti-democratic element, like Gulbudin Hekmatyar, rather than pro-democracy elements like those peaceful demonstrators asking for security and justice. Even the regime uses Hekmatyar’s hoodlums and against political dissidents. The soft corner of the regime for the Taliban has nothing other than ethnic tendencies of the regime. Taliban is a Pashtun ethno-religious fanatic and terrorist organization. 8- Afghanistan has a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society. The present system didn’t work to bring justice and fair distribution of power and wealth in country. This regime and its leaders are not able to understand and accept the need of power sharing. They are for a central strong and monoplozed state machinery that and failed. Such r regimes are doomed to failure in any multi-ethnic country like Afghanistan where even the term “Afghan” as nationality of the citizens is a matter of controversy.Therefore, The regime must go. A new government with a fair and working mechanism of check and balance and decentralized system of governance must be established. As far as the 8 stated elements and so many other issues are not discussed thoroughly and a real national consensus for the making of the system is not achieved, all efforts an resources will be wasted if given to this corrupted regime.The government is fully responsible for the killing of peace loving protesters of the "Uprising For Change Movement" on the day of protest and on the night raid of protesters tents. We demand the resignation of both President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Abdullah Abdullah Chief Executive. برادران و خواهران سلام بخاطرعدم امنيت، فقر، اختلاس، انتحار، سركوب كردن مظاهره كنندگان، بقتل رساندن اعضاي رستاخيز_تغيير، بي عدالتي وعدم حاكميت قانون.. اشرف غني و عبدالله عبدالله بايد استعفا دهند. به این  منظوراز تمام شهروندان افغانستان خواهشمندیم كه اين طومار را امضا كنند و با ديگران نيزشريك اش نمايند :اين طوماربراي سازمانهاي جهاني ارسال خواهد شد  رئيس جمهور امريكا دونالد ترامپسازمان ملل المتحدپارلمان برتانيا كبيرپارلمان اتحاديه اروپاسازمان حقوق بشر

Abdul Ali Faiq
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