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Stop DWP wasting tax-payers' money fighting court cases they always lose.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has just lost its fourth court case since December 2017. This represents a complete waste of tax-payers' money; Parliament should prevent any further spurious challenges by DWP to appeals against its inhumane, austerity-driven decisions and policies. On Thursday 28 June, minister of state for employment Alok Sharma was forced to reveal the outcome of a legal challenge to the DWP at the Court of Appeal. The court ruled that the government’s changes to regulations about Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) breached the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR): by failing to allow claimants to appeal against its decisions, the DWP is in breach of Article Six of the ECHR – the right to a fair trial. This is court defeat number four for the department since December 2017. The DWP lost one case just before Christmas, meaning it had to review the claims of thousands of people. It then lost another one on 14 June, this time about Universal Credit. And just this week, it lost a sex discrimination case at the EU Court of Justice. Meanwhile, there are at least another three outstanding court cases against the DWP. One involves its Access to Work scheme for disabled people (the claimant says it’s discriminatory). Another involves the Child Poverty Action Group and the two-child limit on tax credits and Universal Credit. And a third is to do with the Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The repeated court appearances are a damning indictment of the system. One where it seems that claimants’ only line of defence against the department is, increasingly, through legal avenues, clogging up the legal system and wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax-payers' money.It is time for Parliament to rein in the DWP.

Alex McLaren
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Help for those with severe Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Crohn's Disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which affects parts of the digestive system. It is a lifelong disease with no cure. My partner suffers with Crohn's Disease. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2014 after many tests and scans. She had to undergo an emergency 8 hour operation to remove part of the infected bowel. 4 years on she still suffers with the pains and the inflammations. She is currently taking codeine to manage the pain via a repeated prescription which we pay for. She also regularly has to take sickness medication to prevent sickness. On average she goes to the toilet 15 times per day, this can increase to over 22 times on a bad day. She is sick the majority of the times, struggles to keep food down and even fluids. Her and many other people in the same situation receive no help from the government, we are not entitled to blue badge parking after going through applications, she is unable to work because of the issues she faces on a daily basis. When she did work before her previous employer publicly shamed her for having to use the toilet so much, so she has experienced some discrimination. However it is not classed as a disability. I know Crohn's varies in everyone who has it, some have a mild case of it and some a severe case. I believe there should be some help provided to those that suffer severely with it, some form of benefits, a blue badge so we can easily park and access a toilet, the availability to get free prescriptions.  Crohn's can affect absolutely anyone and it is a debilitating long term illnesses and requires constant medical attention. It can make daily activities almost impossible to do. Some people cannot leave the house for days and looking after your children is difficult when you are in pain and constantly going to the toilet. Please take a minute to sign and share this petition.    

John Donohoe
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