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Petition to The University of California Office of the President, UCLA Chancellor, Gene D. Block

Force UCLA To Reverse Its Unjust Decision

  In forcing the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to reverse this unjust decision, you are forcing UCLA to: Comply with the UCLA Faculty Code of Conduct and the UCLA Statement of Ethical Values & Standards of Ethical Conduct; Respect facts and the conclusions of UCLA faculty members—and respect UCLA students; Make a public apology for serious violations of academic codes and ethical principles at this public university; Reinstate this former UCLA student, Tom Wilde, with no further tuition due from him; Repay his UCLA student loan and pay him for the serious harm done to him and this public university; Stop abusing UCLA students. FIRST, you need to know that after UCLA kicked me out of a Ph.D. program in the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, UCLA's own tenured faculty members made the following statements: "[N]either of us had been asked for any background information on Mr. Wilde's case. Nor apparently was much effort taken to verify the apparent facts of Mr. Wilde's academic record. Incompletes that had been cleared were listed as Fs and no enquiries about their real status or about the student's general progress were made." (Dr. Nicholas Blurton-Jones & Dr. Val Rust; UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies) "If you [re]apply for admission, the [UCLA Graduate School of Education] has to consider your case, so the faculty member you mentioned might be able to push for readmission without the [department] having to acknowledge any wrongdoing." (UCLA Distinguished Professor, Dr. Edward L. Keenan; UCLA Department of Linguistics) (my emphasis) "[A] random collection of faculty (however distinguished) has no status within the university power structure. No one would be obliged to pay any attention to us." (UCLA Distinguished Professor, Dr. Edward L. Keenan; UCLA Department of Linguistics) "The case is clear-cut: they had no basis for dismissing you as you met the formal qualifications. Moreover, they gave you no other reasons, so any further reasons they give now are beside the point. All this is obvious. I have no difficulty saying it forcefully to anyone. The difficulty will be to force them to reverse themselves due to their unjust decision." (Dr. Robert Brenner; UCLA Department of History) (my emphasis) "This [UCLA student dismissal] is a wrong to right." (Dr. Val Rust to Dr. Robert Brenner) (my emphasis) THIS PETITION releases these UCLA faculty statements to the public to show that this public university is kicking out its students by disregarding facts and violating the UCLA Faculty Code of Conduct and the UCLA Statement of Ethical Values & Standards of Ethical Conduct.  Moreover, UCLA surely knows as well as these UCLA faculty members that in dismissing a UCLA student in this manner, "the case is clear-cut," that UCLA "had no basis for dismissing you," and that "all this is obvious." (Dr. Robert Brenner) But UCLA surely also knows as well as Dr. Brenner that, in his words, "The difficulty will be to force them to reverse themselves due to their unjust decision." THEREFORE, your response to how UCLA is dismissing its students is crucial in this case.  Say nothing and UCLA will continue abusing its students by discarding facts and violating its academic codes and ethical principles.  But say something and you provide yourself an invaluable opportunity to stop this abusive student dismissal operation at one of the world's most prestigious public universities.  Perhaps even more importantly, pursuing this opportunity will lead you to a far deeper understanding of how UCLA operates, not only on its students, but also on its faculty members—because the material for this understanding comes from the real difficulty that arises when you confront a globally recognized public university that is abusing its significant power.  After all, there is a very good reason for why UCLA's Dr. Brenner says, "The difficulty will be to force them to reverse themselves": A university that is abusing its power is going to use this same power to fight off challenges to its abuse of its students.  So unless people come together to force UCLA to reverse its unjust decisions, UCLA will simply continue abusing those it perceives have the least power—UCLA students.  Moreover, because UCLA cannot operate except in the names of its faculty and administrators, your response to UCLA gives you an important opportunity to find out much more about the role of the UCLA faculty and administrators behind these names. Indeed, the UCLA faculty statements I've provided here stand as stark testaments to the level of power that UCLA has attained.  Because when UCLA faculty are making these conclusive—and damning—statements on how their own university is abusing their own students and nobody is speaking out publicly on this abuse, we've all then moved UCLA into the realm of a quasi-religious institution, where revealing how this public university abuses its students is strictly avoided (or when such revelations do surface, they are suppressed) by all those now genuflecting before this now hallowed (and now hollowed out) institution. My hope is that you respond to UCLA on this case in order to force UCLA to reverse this unjust decision—and end this public university's abuse of UCLA students.  However, I would like to emphasize this crucial point: If enough of you work together with enough power to force UCLA to reverse its unjust decision, you need to make clear that my reinstatement to UCLA is in fact only a consequence of your forcing UCLA to comply with UCLA's Faculty Code of Conduct and its Statement of Ethical Values & Standards of Ethical Conduct.  The real purpose of your collective force in this case is not only to protect UCLA students and the foundations of a truly public university, but also to publicly demonstrate that your collective efforts here are what's necessary to sustain this vital public university and ensure that it remains in the hands of the people who built the University of California—you, the public. For more important information on this student abuse at UCLA, click here.

Tom Wilde
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Petition to Gene Block, Kerri Johnson, Laura E. Goméz, Scott Waugh, Michael S. Levine, Susan Carlson, Janet Napolitano, Greg Bryant, Tim Groeling, Martie Haselton, Francis Steen, PJ Lamberson, Georgia Kernell, Jungseock Joo, Charles Goodwin, Board of Regents, Neil Malamuth, Steve Peterson, UC System Administrators, Campus Administrators, Campus Student Leaders

Open Letter to UCLA Administrators: Keep Professor Fink at UCLA!

We, the undersigned, are deeply repulsed by UCLA’s treatment (or rather, mistreatment) of Keith Fink — who was one of the most popular and influential professors on campus. In concert with other campus officials, the Department of Communication Studies’ leadership (Chair Kerri Johnson, Vice Chair Greg Bryant, and MSO Jane Bitar) and the former Dean of Social Sciences (Laura Gomez) have repeatedly taken actions against Professor Fink that thwarted his academic freedom and have resulted in his termination. Kerri Johnson and Greg Bryant took the helm of the Communication Studies Department at the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year. Prior to ever meeting or speaking with Professor Fink – let alone seeing him teach – Johnson implemented an unprecedentedly-rigid cap on his courses, reversing years’ of past precedent. Her capricious justifications for this are dubious, at best.  Campus Reform explains in detail here. The Department’s most recent actions are even more repulsive. Professor Fink was up for “Excellence Review” (an “up or out” review conducted during a lecturer’s 18th quarter teaching). Johnson and her cronies had repeatedly attempted to deprive Fink of the opportunity to submit positive material into his Excellence Review file. Such positive information would flatly contradict their mission to have Professor Fink deemed “not excellent” and thus terminated from UCLA. At the outset of his evaluation, Professor Fink identified three Academic Senate faculty (including Johnson and Bryant) in the Department as “biased,” meaning their preexisting animosity towards Fink would prevent them from being able to objectively evaluate him. Despite their obligation to go to great lengths to avoid having a “biased” faculty member evaluate his course, Johnson nevertheless chose Bryant to evaluate Fink’s teaching. Unsurprisingly, Bryant’s review was negative. On a more sinister level, it is riddled with pernicious lies, deceptively mischaracterizes his course with out-of-context examples, and casts Fink as a radical loose cannon who uses “his role as a lecturer to espouse his own personal legal views.” Nothing could be further from the truth – evidenced in part by the glowing evaluations of almost all of the thousands of students who have taken his courses.   Johnson also forcefully and incorrectly misstated the University policy governing the inclusion of positive student evaluation letters in his review file. To this day, she never acknowledged her mistake. Later, in dereliction of University policy, the Department failed to solicit student letters from a list of names provided by Professor Fink — until it was too late. When pressed on the issue and given a new list of names of students from whom letters could be solicited, the department “accidentally” omitted the single best letter from his review file. These actions are no mistake and certainly not a coincidence. They constitute a series of calculated lies, vindictive decisions, and sloppy coverups to dispose of someone they dislike. The conspicuous amount of dishonesty and injustice targeted at Professor Fink is the antithesis of “Bruin Values” – the same virtues that the administration repeatedly flaunts and exhorts its students to adhere to. UCLA has taught us to fight injustice whenever it rears its ugly head. We will not idly sit by as one of our beloved professors has his teaching career discarded in a politically-motivated and morally-bankrupt fashion by Chair Kerri Johnson, Laura Gomez, and other administrator-bureaucrats within the school’s ivory towers. We demand that the school treat Professor Fink fairly, which includes restoring his academic freedom, removing Johnson from her position of power, and, most importantly, reinstating Fink as a continuing lecturer. Professor Fink is by all outward measures one of UCLA’s greatest, most popular, and influential professors. If the school ignores our plea and continues to endorse the corrupt dealings in the Department of Communication Studies, they will not only permanently lose one of their most valuable and influential professors but also repel thousands of donors (current and future alike) from supporting this institution.

Keep Professor Fink at UCLA
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Petition to UCLA

Start a Think Tank for Millennial Philanthropists at UCLA

Proposed: An organisation that will promote philanthropy amongst millennials, ideally functioning as a “think tank” that utilises the diversity of its members to solve problems at UCLA and in Los Angeles My goal is to create a member body of students and possibly alumni that function with the purpose of utilising their collective interests, experiences, and abilities to find and solve problems within the UCLA community and ideally in Los Angeles. The advantage of having members that are students is that there will be new students, every quarter, from all over the world bringing in new ideas based on their unique experiences. The benefits of this kind of collaboration are twofold, firstly, members have the opportunity to discover their interest in philanthropy – primarily through the donation of their time and dedication – and get in touch with the community around them. Secondly, it will provide members with the chance to network with other students, and through the diversity of the member body learn different approaches to problems. My hope with this organisation is that it will increase diversity in philanthropy whilst allowing millennials to actively engage in the problems of today to make their tomorrow better. Additionally, I want to promote the ideology that diversity is a strength to be encouraged and celebrated, and that only by utilising our differences will we find a different outlook and consequent solution to our problems.

Paruksheen Dhunjisha
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Petition to Mothers of Color in Academia de UCLA

Support Reproductive Justice for Mothers at UCLA

On behalf of the Mothers of Color in Academia de UCLA, parenting students, allied faculty, staff, and academic community, we write this petition to voice our concerns over the lack of support for parenting students, specifically mothers on this campus. As parenting students, mothers, fathers, queer and non-gender conforming parents, we experience a hostile campus culture of neglect and marginalization. As graduate student parents, we work as TA’s, Tutors, GSR’s, RA’s, and find that UCLA is not compliant with labor laws that insure good working conditions for breastfeeding mothers. There is not enough access to UCLA’s Early Care Education (ECE) to enroll our children and we are not afforded any leverages for obtaining child care, leaving us unsupported because of 1.5 to 3 year long waitlists for subsidized daycare. As graduate students who moved to Los Angeles from other cities and states to attend UCLA, many of us lack the family support or economic resources to pay for reliable childcare. We want a university where we feel supported and visible as parent-scholars. By signing this petition you express support for us in 1) securing proposer lactation rooms on campus, 2) advancing accessible childcare for parenting students on campus, 3) developing holistic reproductive support sources on campus. Please read our entire petition on the following link or on our Facebook page for specific demands.Petition link: link:

Mothers of Color in Academia de UCLA
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