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Assassin's Creed needs a lore-master like Marvel and Star Wars

Update: When Ubisoft announced that they were doing an expansion on the legendary Assassin Darius. Fans were excited, to say the least. Only to find out that this would become the prime example of everything that is going wrong with the brand right now. The first episode started decently enough. The second was met with a lot of backlash because it took away choices, conflicted with fan's past experiences, and defied the promise that players would never be forced into a romantic relationship. This is a franchise that started as a linear experience. Starting with Odyssey, Ubisoft added choices to it which was already a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people. But with the second episode, they took away said choices which even alienated the new fans they were trying to target. Which eventually resulted in very lackluster changes made to the same episode in the hope to please these new fans. (Something, we the "old" fans have never gotten) The third episode was full of retcons to our beloved franchise and has been heavily criticized by fans. Basically showing that our worst fears are true. Ubisoft is just adding story onto story without having any regard for what came before, and done so without someone overseeing these additions. Not only did the expansion retcon a lot. It also created issues with lore dating back as far as AC2. I implore everyone to make yourself heard. AC is a franchise with untapped potential that is being lost by Ubisoft's disregard for it's deep and expansive lore, and ignorance of past experiences of its player-base. Please read the following article for a more in-depth look at the problems this franchise faces. It was written by @RinoTheBouncer and published on the highly known and respected AC News and Lore site TheCodex. Original Message: A while ago there was an interview with the Narrative Director of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Some very interesting details popped up here that baffled a lot of people. In the interview with Melissa MacCoubrey, they talked about different subjects. About the hypothetical existence of a lore overseer as in Marvel movies who has a guides the series' narrative: "I'd love it (For it to happen)". "We've learned (the lore) from our own documentation, but also from the wiki that fans keep updated with all the information (...) I (have to) browse it once in a while". "It's hard to keep up with all of this (lore) (...) we tried to make an encyclopedia parallel to the development of our game but as always, was finished later" Couple this with the fact that the latest few games have some major retcons and lore issues. I think it's safe to say that Ubisoft has a lore issue. Their games are released in such quick succession, with comics, books and all the transmedia in between releases, that the devs can't even keep up with it. The fact that they lack an actual lore database of their own and use the wiki is extremely telling. There is also a big disconnect between the developers and the upper management in regards to the Modern Day sections. MacCoubrey said this about Modern Day: Answering to why the franchise isn't centered on the present day anymore: "I'm not the right person to talk about this (...) people are not always the same (...) the present day is managed by the guys at brand (office) because they're also involved in the comics, novels etcetera (...) this is out of reach from developers"." The Solution: My proposal is this. Ubisoft needs to hire someone (or a team) that are knowledgeable about the Assassin's Creed lore. Someone that has a deep understanding of what Assassin's Creed can and should be. Someone that can communicate with the brand team, developers, narrative directors, upper management on a correct way to progress the lore in a meaningful and interesting way. This franchise has a lot of potential, but current mistakes have led me to believe that Ubisoft doesn't value the lore and narrative anymore. Candidates: From my time spent on the Assassin's Creed Reddit and Wikia. I noticed 3 people who seem known with the lore. These 3 people are already part of the Mentor's Guild (A group of people chosen by Ubisoft to represent the AC Community). I think they all would make excellent additions as Lorekeepers. Master Sima Yi - Head admin of the Assassin's Creed Wikia. (Sima has a deep understanding of the Lore, he worked on the Wikia for years now. Conversations with him always amazed me how much he actually knows of the lore.) Shadow_Markuz - Head admin of Access the Animus (As Head Admin of ATA Markuz is a well-known figure in the AC community, He always brings some amazing theories and his podcast always brought some good insights) Serenika Sorrosyss - Lore analyst at Access the Animus (Everyone familiar with the AC lore will know her name, she writes some very in-depth and thorough lore speculation articles. Her knowledge of the lore is very in-depth and she has some amazing ideas on where the franchise could go.) SixKeys (A old school fan and veteran of the official AC forums. Also a member of the Mentor's guild) These are just my recommendations, I would love to hear yours. Sources:

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Petition to Ubisoft

Ubisoft must make a patch to fix the Legacy of The First Blade DLC's ending!

A few days ago, Ubisoft released the second episode of the DLC called The Legacy of The First Blade for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is the first game in the series which provides you different choices. You can choose dialog lines, you can choose between many variants of action. It was the main thing to be advertised during game's marketing campaign.We, the fair customers and game's fans, loved it. There were many talks about this feature to ruin the game's canon, but, despite this, we loved it and loved Assassin's Creed Odyssey. It is a great game. Of course, we've waited for DLC. One of them, The Legacy of The First Blade, was intended to tell us the story of the first user of the iconic series' weapon - Darius. We were exited for it, but it was not something we expected.In this DLC, not only Darius is the main character (along with protagonist, obviously). The second one is his son or daughter - depending on a sex of playable character. People felt that there is going to be a controversy about this character, and they were right.In the second episode of this DLC, players were forced to make relationships with this character and have a child with him or her.  Why it is a problem?At first, it is a false advertising. Since the announce the game was advertised as an RPG with a freedom of choice. Season Pass and Gold Edition which includes it were available for buying even before the details of the DLC were told. Obviously, even the ones who bought DLC were unaware that it will ruin the free-to-choose gameplay which has always been promoted.At second, it offends many social groups. The first one are LGBT who may played only homosexual character and now feel like their choice doesn't matter. The second one are childfree who don't want to play as a parent character. Also, there are some people who simply don't like the lack of choice in this DLC. Some time after the DLC was released, creative director Jonathan Dumont came up with his message which didn't satisfied almost anyone. This thread became the most replied in the sub-forum of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but Ubisoft still don't properly react on it. Are they ignoring us?Also, any other thread concerning this situation becomes deleted. Moderators tell like it is "preventing of consumption", but it feels just like no one wants to hear us. Many methods of changing the situation were used and this petition is one of them. What do we want from Ubisoft:1) Announce the content patch that will bring the real choice in this DLC;2) Release this patch. Ubisoft, stop being silent. We are your customers, we paid you our money and that's how you pay to us?

Sergey Velichko
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