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Fix/Remove Rainbow 6: Siege's Toxicity Update

Sine the update was announced on April 4, 2018, during the release of season 3's new map Villa and the new ops Alibi and Maestro, there was a drastic change to the way players can communicate and play. Players located in different countries are getting banned from everyday words or phrases, like when another player asked about his weapon skin, the Spanish man replied in chat, "hielo negro" and he got a 27-minute ban for "Toxic Behavior". This was Reddit user AftershockDesert, he replied to nessobeatz's post about how a player asked about where he was from and used a shortened word for Pakistani, he said "I'm paki" and also was banned for "Toxic Behavior." Players are abusing the system, getting users banned for jokes in the chat and asking people to spell words or what the name was of a certain item or character. "What was the name of Cartman's superhero character?" From Ubisoft's other game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, "His name is Coon." -Banned for toxic behavior- Ubisoft's intended use of the auto ban feature in the recent update is being used to troll and make the game worse, fans are going against the game, calling the game Rainbow Safe Space, or SJW Seige because of Ubisoft's strict but hidden guidelines for players to follow since this update. Players are turning chat off completely, in fear of trolls or getting banned. Some turned it off because they see no use for it since this update, and they use voice comms instead. I want to change how recent players are using this new update to ruin peoples experience, getting people banned is not funny, especially if their next ban is a week long. Team killing is fun when its casual and your mates are just goofing around, but soon it will be restricted with Ubisoft's future plans. Sign this to try to reach out to Ubisoft to either fix their auto ban system or to remove it entirely and let an M rated game be played as it is.

Quentin Victory
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Sequel to Rayman 3

Why a Sequel to Rayman 3 instead of games like Rayman Legends and Origins? Many people that played and loved Rayman 3 or even Rayman 2 are still waiting for a sequel. It's the 3D experience, the adventures, the exploration and the atmosphere that we're all waiting for.  The newer games like Legends and Origins are of course great too, but it will never be a sequel to the 3D games. The longer the time goes, more people will most likely start to forget about the 3D Version of the game, and that will of course make the demand of a 3D game less. Why I care My experience with Rayman started one day when my mother bought me breakfast cereals that included the Rayman 3 Demo disc in it. I played the demo over and over, and it was the first game I really enjoyed as a kid. One day, on my birthday I got a gift from my father, and it was the full Rayman 3 game. I was very happy, and played it for many hours, trying to complete the game. I still have nostalgic memories from this when I play the game today. A few years later, I got Rayman Raving Rabbids for my birthday, and I was really excited to continue my Rayman adventure. I quickly got disappointed when I realized that the game have turned from an adventure game to a arcade game full of minigames. I want to explore the 3D world that Rayman 2 and 3 offered once more and it doesn't seem like Ubisoft will make a Rayman 4 anytime soon. Why a petition? The reason that I start this petition is that we together can let Ubisoft know that we actually would like a sequel. The more people that raise their voice, the more likely it is that Ubisoft will be interested in making a sequel! We can make this happen, and we'll need as many people as possible, so don't hesitate!

Joakim Andersson
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Beards for the male protagonist in FAR CRY 5

The addition of character customization in FAR CRY 5 is much different than the other installments in the series. Instead of a voiced protagonist with a more elaborate backstory we get to create our own deputy and emulate ourselves or whatever we want through them. That's the beauty of custom characters. The customization system is not as immensely deep or detailed like other games, but that's perfectly fine. It's FAR CRY. Not Fallout or The Elder Scrolls. I found the addition to be a nice change for once. Though, even with the customization we have access to I feel like so much is missing. The main thing being facial hair.  NPCs in game have a large arrangement of many fantastic beard styles. They're obviously modeled very well. Most of them even have similar hair types to the ones we can use in our character customization (I'm looking at you mullet) but we lack the ability to have facial hair. Now, you can say that the facial hair is a cultist exclusive thing. It helps to distinguish them as the enemy. I'll argue that though. Many allies in the game have amazing facial hair too. I just feel that it should be available to us as well. More facial hair options, and maybe even more hair styles for both male and female deputies would be very welcome. Having several beards available in the customization tab of the menu, alongside hair and clothing, is our goal. So, if you're a beard lover, I think it'd be prudent to support our facial hair fantasies as we wingsuit through the beautiful skies of Montana. 

Jarl Kyle
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