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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Robert Iger, 20th Century Fox Television, David E. Kelley, David E. Kelley Productions, Jonnie Davis, Howard Kurtzman

Disney and 20th Century Fox TV, Please Revive The Crazy Ones

In 2013, CBS launched The Crazy Ones, a comedy about a father/daughter duo (Simon and Sydney Roberts, played by Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, respectively) running an advertising agency alongside copywriter Zach Cropper (James Wolk), art director Andrew Keanelly (Hamish Linklater), and assistant Lauren Slotsky (Amanda Setton). Along with an amazing ensemble cast that share great chemistry with one another, this charming, one-of-a-kind show also features hilarious ways and mishaps as to how the team wins over (or keeps) clients, as well as heartwarming moments and valuable life lessons. However, while gaining a loyal fanbase (myself included) thanks to these qualities, the series was sadly cancelled in 2014 after one season, without gaining a mainstream audience it richly deserved. I'm starting this petition in order to ask Disney and 20th Century Fox TV this request: Please consider and make a revival of The Crazy Ones, and continue the story of the Lewis, Roberts+Roberts team. I know it might be difficult, with Williams' passing in particular; however, I believe with great stories to tell, it can happen. I hope fans feel the same way and I encourage them to join me in helping this show get a second chance.  

Matthew Fazekas
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Petition to Nickelodeon

The tmnt 2012 tv series ( others beyond too) to lessen the romance, add more story development

The reason why, I wrote this, is not to remove the romance, or to only talk about how you would normally see fans upset because they like a character. It is asking for it to be lessened, because, besides how it may make some who don't like it feel, it'd be interesting to see how a show and its characters would be if the characters were given more development in something different, not romance, since romance is already so well known in many tales, why not give other kinds of love, like the kind between friends some more time? I'm asking,  " Why can't there be a way to please everybody?"   I don't understand how if something in a tv show or book ( like tmnt ) is offensive to some people or if the company gets sued, that's when you might see changes, but if fans complain because something in the show bothers them, they're ignored. That's sad, especially when its for the whole audience. Its good that the ones in charge care about how we feel, but not only the majority, the minority of the audience should get some time to be Iistened to as well. I know that it maybe hard to convince the companies why some things should or should not happen, but you should at least try. Even if nothing happens, keep trying because it hasn't happened yet. If you stop, you won't know if it will happen. Besides, if you keep asking, it may show that its worth the time, but if you give up, others might think you lost interest and say, " Why bother listening when they've stopped?" If its worth it, we have to show it! If enough of us REALLY want this, we have to say something. Do something. We have to repeat what it is we're talking about, because it's not fair that some people can enjoy it and others can't. Some fans like some of the characters themselves, so when love interests come along, that takes away the freedom, for some people, because the guy/ girl the fans like is now interested in someone and that can hurt some fans.  Sure they can choose not to watch or watch the other series or read the other books, but what if they want to continue? They want to watch it too, it's harder for them sometimes, since they may prefer watching action or seeing their favourite characters having adventures, not being paired with someone. When these fans complain, I don't think it should be ignored, because everybody's feelings should have the time to be listened to. You don't know all the reasons why they're protesting. It could be hurting, the characters changed too fast or too much. Its all the show is about now. Its used so often. They miss how it was, it's uncomfortable to watch and its not as entertaining. The way the turtles get treated, sometimes they get returned feelings, or it looks the look, then there's drama and the girls being involved, hurts them.  The way the crushes were handled, how suddenly some of their behaviours change, almost like, they're not acting like themselves or they like the girls almost immediately after they meet, because they're supposed to like them.  Sometimes tv characters are relatable and sometimes they mean a lot to people. That might be why some may even be thinking of not watching the show anymore and that makes me sad, because its a great show and if people don't like it as much, it doesn't look good for it. I know that not everybody likes it for the same reasons, but why can't there be a way to give everyone what makes them happy? If there was a way, no one would need to complain and everybody would have something to call their own. Sure you can have fan fiction where you're the love, but after its over, it still might not be enough when you go back to the series and are reminded of it again. Romance is okay for some stories, but aren't you tired of it being in nearly everything? There are a lot of TV shows, reboots, stories that have romance, why can't there be something new, or why aren't other kinds of love and other development explored as much? Why don't we ever get to see what it would be like if main characters stayed single or were not interested, or if they date, why not have that they yes, have their romance, but if it doesn't work out, or after a while things and feelings change, show what it'd be like if they were now friends? It could be some interesting development to see how that would be handled. It's like every character is the same: Comes into the show, meets someone, likes/loves him/her. Don't you want to see something else? Like more development of characters individually, watching them grow stronger, better and thinking about everyone else they care about like family, instead of pairing development, where they're focusing on a crush, how great they are, if they will like them back, impressing them, then if they do, how they're together and if you hear of one, the other comes to mind as well. Sure they can be strong together, but it seems like they're not that much of individuals like before and all they do is focus on each other. Not everyone or every character is the same or needs a partner. People can be happy by themselves too and the movies and series can still be as entertaining. Why can't the turtles each have a best friend who's a girl? I mean, for the people who like the couples, they could still be happy, because best friends are close. It looks more like the kind of relationship that's best known in the show is the dating kind. Yeah, they're teenagers and yes the family relationship is also there, but the romance seems to get more attention. Why can't we as the viewers, see all sorts of relationships in the show? See what it'd be like if characters had more to their personalities, instead of every time or most times the crushes are seen in the show with them, they have romantic moments? Besides, once you hear the word "relationship", some people might assume it means dating, but there's other kinds, its not for only one kind. It's okay when some things don't change, but when a story is told differently, don't you feel more excited, curious and it sparks your interest faster when it takes a new turn? There has to be more to the show, something that both people who like romance and don't like it, can enjoy. Maybe if there was a way to make it a little more personal, or had more variety, so that everybody can like it equally. Some fans probably can't say anything except by mail if they don't have computers, but there has to be some who do and can do something. Talk to your friends and family about it. Make videos, Facebook, for examples. The show is for all of us to watch and enjoy, right? So why should this be ignored? Why not give this some time to think about? If we don't enjoy it, we should speak, or it might not change. It is not just a tv show to some people. Besides the romance looks rushed, unnecessary and for money. We know it takes money to make the show, but if people enjoy it, wouldn't more money come? Its entertainment, it should be fun. Who knows, speaking out could be helpful to the people making the show, the show itself and to us, especially those of us who want to say how they feel but can't or are scared to. Do it for them, for you, for everyone, because if some people can do the examples mentioned earlier and get it in the TV shows, they had to have good reasons, so why can't this be one of the good reasons too? Why can't we ask too? We care about the show too, we want it to be more exciting to watch too. We actually all have the same thing in common, and that's, we're all asking for what we want to be put in the show, because it would make us happy. True it wouldn't be fair if we got what we wanted and those who like romance were left out. That is why, there should be a way to give everybody what it is they're asking. Please, tmnt fans reading this, if you want something to change in the 2012 show, whether its the romance, or development of characters like the ones who disappeared or were mentioned, but there was no explanation of why they were gone, all the others who have very little to no backstory and personal growth for themselves, or because its boring, say something. We need you to help make a change to get the show as fun as it was before, same for the future tmnt tv series too.    

Jo Charc
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Started 2 months ago

Petition to BYUtv

Renew Extinct 2017 TV Series

Dear BYUtv, It has just be announced that the BYUtv original scripted sci-fi series, Extinct, will not be renewed for a second season. So basically Extinct is going Extinct. Since the season finale in November, many of us have inquired about a second season of Extinct. More of us are just finding out about it for the first time and watching the episodes on your website. The series was excellent, the cast perfect and the story intriguing. Canceling a beloved show like this is a crime. I take it very personally. I loved the series to the core. So rare is it to find something this captivating with a great story, deep message, surprising twists and brilliant actors: Chad Michael Collins, Victoria Atkin, Yorke Fryer, Jaclyn Hales,  Matthew Bellows, Jack DePew and Jake Stormoen.  The premise was simple, pure and original: 400 years after the extinction of the human race, a small group of humans are revived by an alien civilization. The aliens claim they want to restore the human species, but the reborn humans uncover new dangers, hidden agendas and powerful secrets that challenge that claim and threaten to annihilate the human race all over again. What makes everything worse is that you said "We weigh the content and message of the series itself, its resonance with fans, its uniqueness in the TV landscape, and ultimately its ability to live up to our strategic aims as a content source that connects with families." This is a slap in the face to a TV series that has accomplished all of these things and more. Extinct HAS a wonderful message, it DOES have resonance with fans, IT is unique. Point to a show that is anything like it. You can't. Because there isn't one anywhere. At the very least give us a 2 hour movie to wrap up the story in a satisfying ending. This is beyond disappointing, it's disheartening to have waited this long making fans think there was a chance. There is no need to thank us for loyalty and trust as a viewer when that trust has been betrayed by this terrible decision. We don't want more world-class television. We want Extinct back. If BYUtv turns a blind eye to this and nothing comes from signing this petition to save the show, as a plan B, I encourage cast and crew alike to join the fans in continuing the story. We can ask for donations. I would be willing to contribute if others can as well. Whatever it takes to continue the story.    Extinct was more than a bold experiment, it was a beautiful accomplishment that deserves more time. Please sign this petition and pray for season 2. With the man upstairs all things are possible. Humanity's second chance deserves a second season. Please reverse your decision and renew Extinct now. Sincerely,  The Fans  More information about the series can be found on the official website: (you can also watch the entire first season here)  

Brandon Meitzler
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Started 3 months ago

Petition to Nickelodeon

Bring back and make season 3 of make it pop

I believe that Nickelodeon has cut a great series short. Make It Pop is an American musical comedy television series created by Thomas W. Lynch and Nick Cannon that premiered on Nickelodeon on March 26, 2015, and "ended" on Nickelodeon on August 20, 2016. The series stars Megan Lee, Louriza Tronco, Erika Tham, and Dale Whibley. Make it pop is about three teenage girls who don't appear to have much in common, other than going to the same school, come together to form a K-pop-inspired band in this musical comedy series. Diva Sun Hi (Megan Lee), fashionista Jodi (Louriza Tronco) and bookworm Corki (Erika Tham) are randomly selected to room together at their boarding school. They soon go from being roommates to bandmates when they -- with assistance from classmate and aspiring DJ Caleb (Dale Whibley) -- form musical group XO-IQ. The members must balance schoolwork and relationships as they continue to grow the band, eventually becoming a sensation throughout the school. Although the show's events are fictional, XO-IQ is a real band featuring the show's stars. In season 2 they also introduced another band and more characters to the show, and when season 3 was still the thoughts there was suppose to be more new character, and more drama. This show has brought me, my family, and other kids, teens, adults, and families together around the world. This show made me and my little bond and become closer as siblings for the first time really sense he was born. My family would sit around the TV every night watch it together just as many other families did across the United States and other countries around the world. This show taught kids and teens that it doesn't matter what people say about you or what you can or can't do because all that matters is what you want to do, what you want to become, and that you can do anything you put heart too. Like me for example, before this show I didn't think I could do what I really wanted to or what I dreamed about because I also had people putting me down about it saying things like I was to ugly, to skinny, to fat, to short, to tall, I was called dumb and stupid about it not just by kids that were so called my friends but by family too but now this show made me want to try to work as an actor and model both here in the United States and in South Korea and work as hard as I can to do it too, just to prove them wrong. This show also opened up a new world of music to me. Some of the actresses and actors on the show and the band itself (XO-IQ which is a Kpop band) introduced me to the genre of Kpop when the show first came out in 2015 and ever sense then I have loved the music and can't get enough of it. I have shown my friends some of the girl groups, boy groups, and solo artists that I listen to and they like it too and now listen to it. Kpop is now apart of my life and has gotten me interested in South Korea and the South Korean culture.  Nickelodeon released the "last episode(s)" of Make it pop on August 20, 2016 with the 2 part summer splash episode. The only reason they would have for cancelling this beloved TV show is because the ratings went down a little bit after season 2 but not enough to cancel it in my opinion. There are shows still on the air today with lower ratings then what Make it pop had. There is so much more they could do and lead on that there was so much that they were going to do. Please sign this petition and tell Nickelodeon that we want a season 3 and more seasons of Make It Pop. So that my family and other families around the world can enjoy this TV show series again, and so my little brother and me have something to bond over again. If we win this petition many families will be able to come together again to enjoy the series, if we lose many kids and families with have there hopes of the series returning gone and their hearts broken. I have seen many young kids, teenagers and even adults in my family and not in family already cry over this show being gone, please help me bring it it back and make them smile and laugh again.

jordan meinen
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